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Unspun News for the 24th March 2016

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JOHN PILGER - “A world war has begun. Break the silence”   “In the last eighteen months, the greatest build-up of military forces since World War Two – led by the United States – is taking place along Russia's western frontier. Not since Hitler invaded the Soviet Union have foreign troops presented such a demonstrable threat to Russia.“

“The free, online book Lifting the Veil is far and above the best summary I've ever seen of all that is going on in our world. Author Timothy Silver masterfully takes us behind the scenes to learn about the hidden forces which dramatically shape world politics and ultimately affect the lives of every one of us.“

“A Metropolitan Police inquiry into claims a Westminster pedophile ring abused and murdered children in the 1970s and 80s has closed without a single arrest.”  Gosh, what and amazing result!!!!

“The European Union called on March 18 for more countries to impose sanctions on Russia over Crimea joining the Russian Federation two years ago.”

“Indonesia accuses China of encroaching on its territory“  Racheting up…...

“SYRIA: Aleppo’s Black Box is Found Under the Rubble of Propaganda“  Lies and propaganda exposed….

“The transformation of various groups comprising the Islamic State (IS) into a quasi-state ruled from one decision making center shows that international terrorism has entered a new phase. The phenomenon is getting transformed into a process. Terrorist activities previously conducted by a network of individual cells are replaced by strategic planning.“

From 2001 - “A year after Stalin died in 1953 and a year before the Warsaw Pact was established in 1955, the Kremlin asked to join NATO, according to a secret file which President Vladimir Putin unveiled last night.”

From 1992 - “Operation Gladio is undisputed historical fact. Gladio was part of a post-World War II program set up by the CIA and NATO supposedly to thwart future Soviet/communist invasions or influence in Italy and Western Europe. In fact, it became a state-sponsored right-wing terrorist network, involved in false flag operations and the subversion of democracy. “

“Three serious incidents came to light in recently that show a disturbing level of risk to the public from nuclear power plants around the world.”

“Lake Gordon is the jewel in the crown of Tasmania's hydroelectric scheme and, when combined with nearby Lake Pedder, is the largest storage Hydro Tasmania has.   But the state-owned company has confirmed to ABC News that Gordon is now at a record low of 6.7 per cent capacity, a staggering 45 metres from full.“

Russia - “The moment a woman and child escaped with their lives as hurricane-force winds blow the roof off a building just behind them has been caught on camera.“  1 min video...

A blizzard is on pace to bring significant travel problems to the central United States. The heaviest snow will fall from eastern Colorado into Nebraska on Wednesday, including in Denver. The snow will then shift eastward (…) Strong winds will accompany this storm and could lead to whiteout conditions at times from Colorado to Wisconsin. Over a foot of snow could fall in some locations.”

“South China – Floods, Hail and Landslides Leave 5 Dead, 17,000 Evacuated and 1,100 Homes Destroyed”  Violent, chaotic, random WEATHER.

“Indonesia – Floods Leave Hundreds Stranded in Padang – 1 Dead After Floods in Magelang”




“Astronomers have identified 53 “super spirals” — spiral galaxies that are huge and incredibly luminous — as part of a project exploring archived observations.”

“Lately, the sun has been so quiet that even a minor solar flare would attract attention. On March 23rd, such a flare occured.”
ALSO - “This is the largest bright spot on Ceres, located at the center of Occator Crater. Dawn took the picture at point-blank range, just 240 miles (385 kilometers) above the crater's floor. By far the best photo ever taken of a bright spot on Ceres, it reveals a dome criss-crossed by numerous linear features and fractures.  It does not, however, solve the mystery.“

“Electric Universe theory does not adhere to the idea of galaxies condensing out of cold, inert hydrogen and specks of zircon no bigger than a molecule. Galaxies move within filamentary circuits of electricity through the cosmos. The resulting electromagnetic fields organize masses of plasma sometimes larger than galaxy clusters.”

“‘More effective than other drugs’: Russian company says it has revolutionized cancer treatment“ … “The new drug activates inner powers to fight cancer, the company’s press release said.”

“Zeolite is a natural volcanic mineral which, like hemp, is known for its ability to absorb radioactive and heavy metals like cesium and strontium-90 in environments affected by nuclear disaster. Although people in Asia have been taking it as a health remedy for more than 800 years, modern science is only beginning to catch up to its health benefits as a dietary supplement.“



"The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes."

~~Binyamin Disraeli, twice PM of England.  (And that was in the 1800’s … Victorian England … Think about that…)

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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