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Unspun News for the 23rd March 2016

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A look at the complex tangle that is / are the Kurds.  “What is exacerbating the Kurdish “problem” in particular is the huge number of Kurds if compared to other ethnicities, their presence in a few states (Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran), the lack of ideologies that embrace them and provide them with security, and last but not least, discrimination and persecution.”

“Moscow may unilaterally use force on Syrian ceasefire violators from March 22 – General Staff“

“A string of explosions has rocked Brussels Airport and a city metro station, reportedly killing at least 13 people and prompting Belgium to raise its terror threat to the maximum level.”

“Revelation of Secret Iraq Base Belies Claim of 'No Boots on the Ground';  A marine's death forced the Pentagon to acknowledge a secret marine base in Northern Iraq—and it also announced plans to quietly deploy another detachment“  No boots on the ground, eh?

HIGHLY recommended read -  “The last time a wave of bomb attacks were carried out against European civilian targets, 'leftist' or 'communist' groups were blamed. Eventually the truth came out that those groups were deliberately framed and the real perpetrators were 'commando' type groups working directly under the imperial aegis of NATO, which is to say, the USA, its agents and ideological sympathizers in Europe.” 

“US accelerating military encirclement of China”

THIERRY MEYSSAN - “By signing an agreement with Turkey to slow the influx of refugees – which happens to be illegal in international law – the leaders of the European Union have taken a step further in their pact with the devil. A large part of the 3 billion Euros annually allotted to Ankara will serve to finance support for the jihadists, and as a result will increase the number of migrants who are fleeing the war.”

“For over a decade the US military has spent $1.5 trillion dollars to create an all-purpose fighter jet that would replace their diverse fleet of warplanes.”  “Now officials with the Pentagon are admitting that this massive boondoggle is a total bust. “
And now remember this, Aussies …. “PM Tony Abbott sat in the pilot seat of a F-35 Joint Strike Fighter at the time he announced his government will buy an additional 58 planes at a cost of at least A$12.4 billion.”  (“This massive boondoggle is a total bust”)

“Australia’s decision to join the United States bombing campaign in Syria was mired in deceit, disinformation and obfuscation from the outset.  When the Australian government announced in August 2015 that they were going to consider the legal ramifications involved before committing to a decision, they omitted two crucial facts.“  Phoney Tony ...

“UK super-rich seize 26 percent of all new wealth since 2000“  Now remember my thesis that ‘money’ = transact-able ENERGY.

“Fukushima: Tokyo was on the brink of nuclear catastrophe, admits former prime minister; 
Five years on from the tsunami, the former Japanese prime minister says the country came within a “paper-thin margin” of a nuclear disaster“  Matter of definition I guess…..

“100% death rate of baby seals on California coast — “None have survived” — “Many are starving, suffering from shortage of food in Pacific Ocean” — “Extremely thin… all sorts of illnesses, infections” — “Milkless moms immediately abandoning pups” — TV: “The problem is getting worse” 

Thunderstorms, and more - “Massive electric weather phenomena.”  Interesting!!!

“Oklahoma used to be a seismic afterthought, a place with so few earthquakes that in the 1990s it was one of three locations where the Soviets were allowed to monitor American nuclear testing. Today, however, Oklahoma is one of the most seismic places on the planet.”

M5 @ 126km, Molucca Sea.

S Africa - “ Residents of Durban dealt with a deluge on Wednesday night, with many areas reporting cases of flash flooding.”

“100% death rate of baby seals on California coast — “None have survived” — “Many are starving, suffering from shortage of food in Pacific Ocean” — “Extremely thin… all sorts of illnesses, infections” — “Milkless moms immediately abandoning pups” — TV: “The problem is getting worse” 

“NOAA Radiosonde Data Shows No Warming For 58 Years”  More B/S exposed - it is everywhere you look.  Ever wondered WHY?

“A tornado formed in Fort Lauderdale, southeastern Florida on March 19, 2016, and soon turned into a large multiple-vortex waterspout. The rare event was filmed by several observers.“

“Large landslide and egg-sized hailstones hit Hunan, China“

“Indonesia – Floods Leave Hundreds Stranded in Padang – 1 Dead After Floods in Magelang“

“Pakistan – 2 Weeks of Heavy Rain and Floods – Officials Say More Than 100 Killed”


Us …….. A rather sobering little ponder ……  about us.  And you.  And me…..


“Solar activity remains low.”
Also - big coronal hole - wind likely to mosyly miss Earth.

“A new map of Mars' gravity made with three NASA spacecraft is the most detailed to date, providing a revealing glimpse into the hidden interior of the Red Planet.“

About those flu shots …. “Two clinical trials were conducted before Fluzone received approval.  In the first study 2,573 adults ages 65 and older received the Fluzone high-dose and 1,260 received regular Fluzone shots. Out of those a surprising number of seniors, 156 high-dose and 93 regular-dose recipients, had a severe adverse event (SAE) within 6 months post-vaccination.”  Trust me - I’m a doctor …. Riiiiiiight….

“There’s no better example of the deceptive world we live in than the manufacture of a fake disease. Epidemic or pandemic, whether it’s the Zika virus or others such as Ebola, swine flu, bird flu, SARS, HIV/AIDS … all these diseases share a number of common repetitive patterns throughout their deceptive histories.   So, here are 10 common repetitive patterns making up the anatomy of a false flag disease.”

“You may not have tried essential oils yet, but have heard a lot about their amazing uses. Your interest has been piqued, but you’re not sure where to get started. (…) In fact, you can even replace over 15 over the counter medications with just three basic, essential oils.“

“Uluru transformed by Field of Light exhibition with 15 tonnes of solar-powered LED lights”  Spectacular…..


“Because we are taught to think of our minds as being inside our brains, we rarely think in terms of fields of consciousness. In reality, the brain is inside the mind. The mind is a field of consciousness. The brain is the hardware and the mind is the software that enters it and makes it work. Even though your brain started its existence in this life with no physical memories, your mind existed long before it inhabited your physical body.” 

~~Owen Waters

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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