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Unspun News for the 17th of March 2016

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“Medics in Yemen say at least 41 civilians have been killed and 75 others wounded in an air strike [on a market] by Saudi-led coalition warplanes in the north of the country.”   “The United Nations says over 6,000 people; half of them civilians have been killed since the air campaign began.“

FINIAN CUNNINGHAM - “Five years of war, five months of Russian military intervention, and now peace talks are underway. It’s as simple as that.   However, rather than acknowledging a successful Russian mission, Western media outlets immediately began speculating that President Putin’s surprise announcement to withdraw Russian forces from Syria indicates a “rift” between Moscow and Damascus.“

“Global political figures have welcomed the Russian military pullout from Syria, and while many have called the Kremlin’s decision “unexpected,” it is seen as clearing the way for dialogue while a truce in the five-year-old war is negotiated in Geneva.”

“For the first four years of the war, the Syrian Arab Army had to face up to a considerable influx of poorly-trained but well-equipped foreign mercenaries while having been unable to update its own equipment since 2005. But times have changed. Thanks to Iranian-trained militia and the supply of modern Russian material, it now has the capacity to win back the land it has lost. For the last two months, it has been progressing ceaselessly.”

RAY McGOVERN - Analysis - “As always, a modicum of skepticism is warranted the “morning after,” but the pledge to pull out the bulk of the Russian force seems genuine and, at this writing, the withdrawal is already under way. Putin’s announcement appears to mark the beginning of the end of Russia’s key but limited military intervention”

“U.S.-backed Saudi coalition responsible for two-thirds of civilian casualties in Yemen — U.N. again confirms;  As the "humanitarian catastrophe" in Yemen worsens and millions starve, Saudi forces continue to kill civilians”  Same pain - and always the same perpetrators.

Oz - “Getting Chipped for a New Caste System, Anyone?”  Bottom line - “Australia is a perfect place for the giant multinationals to roll out their plans, as Australians are complacent about their life in the lucky country.   Excuse me, we don’t have to let this happen. Pay attention to this phantasmagorical, insulting, vision of the future and say, loudly “No, thank you.”

“The Global Refugee Crisis;  Humanity's Last Call for a Culture of Sharing and Cooperation;   The real crisis is not the influx of refugees to Europe per se but a toxic combination of destabilising foreign policy agendas, economic austerity and the rise of right-wing nationalism, which is likely to push the world further into social and political chaos in the months ahead”  A voice of sanity, crying in the chaos….

“I am reluctant to write two weeks in a row about Israel’s malignant influence over the United States but as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is meeting in Washington for its annual Summit beginning next Sunday some commentary would seem desirable.”  (‘Phil Giraldi is a former CIA Case Officer and Army Intelligence Officer who spent twenty years overseas in Europe and the Middle East working terrorism cases.’  Which says a lot…)

“Europeans Staring at Total Failure in Ukraine;  Increasingly frantic diplomatic efforts by European leaders show growing desperation to settle Ukrainian crisis before failure of sanctions policy becomes obvious.“

“Reuters: Fukushima fuel melted through containment vessels and is “spewing radiation” — Nuke Expert: Fuel has “scattered all over the place” — Gov’t: Fuel may have burned out into environment — Tepco Official: Fuel could have flowed out “like lava in a volcano” 

“Many media reports tried to document the 5th anniversary of the 3-11 disaster. Some gave it superficial coverage. Others tried to grasp the situation. Some tried to erase the problems it had created. Few looked at what will happen over the next five years.“  I wonder why??

“Extreme weather will be the 'new normal', Irish scientists warn;  Ireland can expect hotter and drier summers, and stormier and wetter winters, climate researchers say”  Chaotic, random, violent, unpredictable …..  

M5.1 @ 2km, Eastern Kazakhstan

Whoa!!!!!!  “Climate variations analyzed 5 million years back in time show repeating fractal patterns“  Fractal climate?  Yup, makes sense to me ….

“The population of southern right whales in the waters off New Zealand today is just 12 per cent of its size before whaling began, according to a new study.”  Sad, sad, sad…..

“Synthetic Forests: The Enormous Risks of Genetically Engineered Trees”

“Up to 103 northern spotted owls — a species listed as threatened — may be killed in the Klamath National Forest for the sake of timber sales, thanks to federal wildlife officials.“  So who needs a damn planet anyway?

M5.5 @ 10km, Kepulauan Sangihe, Indonesia.

“A daytime tornado and an angry supercell have been filmed and photographed near Macomb, Illinois on March 15, 2016.“  Dramatic pix….

“97 percent consensus? Errrr, not exactly;  0.3 percent is more like it.”  

“Anomalous snow in Jalisco Mexico – First snow since 1997 in Guadalajara”

“Tropical Cyclone "Emeraude" formed in the Southern Indian Ocean late March 15, 2016, and ended a 17-day global tropical cyclones drought. The system will rapidly intensify over the next 24 to 36 hours.“

“Floods in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Oklahoma Leave 4 Dead, 2 Missing and 1000s of Homes Damaged”

NSW - Beware…..  “AGL is rolling out smart meters in NSW – but is avoiding the word “smart”.   While the roll-out is not ‘compulsory’, it is by default.  People will need to ring AGL to cancel the installation of a smart meter prior to the installation between 21 March and 1 April.”

“Nassim Haramein Interview From The Conscious Life Expo“  Definitely one of my heroes - and they are VERY thin on the ground!

“The staggeringly complex LHC ‘atom smasher’ at the CERN centre in Geneva, Switzerland, will be fired up to its highest energy levels ever in a bid to detect – or even create – miniature black holes.   If successful a completely new universe will be revealed – rewriting not only the physics books but the philosophy books too.“  And are we really sure this is a good idea?

Could this be the end of physics as we know it?  Strange particle behavior calls standard model into question.”  LHC again…..


“Solar activity remains very low.”
ALSO - “On March 21st, Comet 252P/LINEAR will make a close approach to Earth--only 0.036 AU (5.4 million km) away. This is the fifth closest cometary approach on record”

“New Comet: C/2016 E2 (Kowalski)”

Big increase in meteors / fireballs - “A fireball is defined as a meteor that is brighter than the planet Venus and usually has a bright trailing tail.   The reason for the increase in fireball activity is “still unknown,” NASA says, “

Comet Lovejoy…. “The recent activity of comet Lovejoy puts another dent in conventional comet theory. The “dirty snowball” hypothesis should be discarded in favor of electrical activity.”

“Rare and less-common forms of cancer are the number-one killer of Australian children, claiming one life every four days, a report says  The figures are even worse among middle-aged adults, with 10 people dying every day, double the number of deaths from heart disease.”  Paging Monsanto, are you there?

“The diagnosis for ADHD is notoriously subjective, and has in many cases become a tool for teachers and school authorities to drug a child into “proper” behavior.
The most powerful symptom of ADHD in the psychiatric handbook, ICD-10 Classification of Mental and Behavioral Disorders, is when a child “often fidgets with hands and feet or squirms in seat.”  Ye Gods……..  We’re ALL ADHD…..

“Goodyear's spherical 3-D tires look like they're straight out of 'Blade Runner'“


“The stream of knowledge is heading toward a non-mechanical reality; the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter, we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter. Get over it, and accept the inarguable conclusion. The universe is immaterial—mental and spiritual.”

~~Sir James Jeans

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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