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Unspun News for the 15th March 2016

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“Putin Orders Start of Russian Forces Withdrawal from Syria” … “"The effective work of our military created the conditions for the start of the peace process," Putin said.

“According to FAO (…) the globe’s current agricultural potential could feed at least 12 billion people, if only the food would not be subject to speculation and would be properly distributed. But it isn’t. Food crop speculators in the US and in Europe, command the price – they literally control who may live and who must die – by famine.”

CHRIS HEDGES - “The Mexicanization of the United States”  Poverty. Violence, hunger, drugs etc etc are merely corporate policy…..

“The Murder of Ch├ívez. The CIA and DEA Cover Their Tracks“  …”It is enough to know that one man who had for several years been one of his closest aides, who was often alone with him and brought him his food, coffee, and water, is now a protected witness in the United States.”  How the dark deals with the light…..

CRAIG MURRAY - “Cameron’s “moderate rebels” – Saudi supplied Wahhabi jihadists – have this past 48 hours been bombing civilian areas of Aleppo with yellow phosphorus. The BBC, which went to such extraordinary lengths to fake reports of chemical attacks by Assad, has not reported these genuine chemical attacks at all.”  How odd ….. NOT.

“US embassy issued warning on impending attack in Ankara 2 days before Sunday blast“  So who knew what when and said nothing to whom?

“Kerry Sought Missile Strikes to Force Syria's Assad to Step Down“   Sometimes the curtain moves and you see the Uglies ….

You BET this’ll be under-reported.  “Critics have long questioned why violent intervention was necessary in Libya. Hillary Clinton’s recently published emails confirm that it was less about protecting the people from a dictator than about money, banking, and preventing African economic sovereignty.”  A philosophy coming soon to somewhere near YOU.

CHRIS HEDGES - “The Mexicanization of the United States”  Poverty. Violence, hunger, drugs etc etc are merely corporate policy…..  A philosophy coming soon to somewhere near YOU.

“RT watched by 70mn viewers weekly, half of them daily – Ipsos survey“  Tells you a lot….

Ooops...“American ISIS fighter arrested in Iraq after ‘mistaking it for Turkish border’ – reports“

Japan - “About half of the monitoring posts around an active nuclear power plant in Kagoshima Prefecture are unable to detect the high radiation levels that would spark an immediate evacuation of residents.”

“Fukushima Radiation is Still so Bad It “Kills” Robots That Go Near It“

“Measuring the level of threat posed by severe earthquakes that could bring havoc to southern California should be reviewed, according to scientists who believe the risk could be greater than previously thought.”

“Aerial footage captured over the western Queensland town of Winton has shown the extent of the flooding brought on by the town's wettest day in more than 15 years.”

“Scientists have warned that mass coral bleaching has started killing off parts of the Great Barrier Reef.“

Oz - “Severe thunderstorms hits parts of Sydney leaving thousands of homes and businesses without power“

Oz - Tas  - “Hydro Tasmania says the state's dam levels have continued their record downward trend, as storages dip below 15 per cent for the first time.”  Random. Chaotic, unprecedented ….

M5.6 @ 114km,  S.Sandwich Is. region.

“Russia –  Unexpectedly strong winter returns;  Freezing poses a risk in the southern European territory.   In the Krasnodar region and Adygea on the nights of 13 and 14 March the ground froze and air temperatures dropped to -1, -2 degrees. The freeze poses a risk to early blossoming apricots and plums. “

“A powerful storm that hit the western US and Canada with heavy rain and strong winds over the weekend claimed the life of at least one person. The second major storm to hit the region in a week downed trees and power lines in both countries causing widespread power outages and traffic blocks.“

INDIA - “Guwahati: A team of archaeologists excavating the mysterious megalithic structures at Vangchhia in Champhai district of Mizoram was of the opinion that a city belonging to a greater lost civilization might have once existed there.” … “one of the most important archaeological finds of the present time”

“3 Subjects Schools Should Teach To Improve The World“  This is SO TRUE…..


“Far in the western hemisphere, scientists on NASA's New Horizons mission have discovered what looks like a giant "bite mark" on Pluto's surface.”

“Images have been released showing the construction of the world's largest radio telescope in China.“  Now THAT ain’t messin’ around, eh?

“Solar activity remains very low.”
ALSO - “Today, March 14th (3.14), is  day, and all around the world pi-philes are celebrating one of the most compelling and mysterious constants of Nature.Today, March 14th (3.14), is  day, and all around the world pi-philes are celebrating one of the most compelling and mysterious constants of Nature.”

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“Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe - a spirit vastly superior to  that of man, and one, in the face of which we with our modest powers must feel humble.”
~~Albert Einstein.

(Anyone wanna argue with HIM?  ~B.)

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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