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Total Solar Eclipse on March 8-9 | Neptunes Magic

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When the Pisces total solar eclipse occurs on the 9th March (also perigee so a supermoon) it will be naturally stronger for people born between about the 7th and 11th March, and for Virgos born from the 8th to the 12th Sept, also it all depends on where it falls in your birth chart - which house, as to how it will manifest for each person and perhaps more importantly, what aspects it forms to other planets in your chart.
It could be a long term effect of something that has already begun in your life that is quite life changing. As well as this there may well be something quite unexpected in your life that shifts an impasse situation totally and breaks down previous blocks to an ongoing and unsatisfactory situation.
Pisces ascending signs also will feel this a LOT if near the 18 degree mark.
For the globe it means changes for world’s leaders- unexpected events in politics in more than one country that will change the status quo for many.
It could also mean a world disaster such as large earthquake or tsunami or volcanic eruption - cyclone etc. in a specific part of the world. As the moon will be Perigee-closest to the earth - this is highly possible.
But eclipses are impossible to predict totally as the whole point is that they ARE the unknown. So astrologers can only research into the past to see what they have done in various years. You can find the dates in an ephemeris and research the years on the net. It’s an interesting subject to look into.
One can also get clues to how they affect the individual by looking at other planetary transits for the person at that time.
This eclipse coming has 5 planets in Pisces as well as Chiron, Ceres and the moons south node. Opposite will be Jupiter and the north node. Both Saturn and Mars will be challenging the Piscean planets so this will make for an active eclipse as the fire will stir up the water a lot!
It’s all about endings and new beginnings for many of us
As eclipses close off energy and then suddenly release it, many of us right now - especially energy sensitive people will be feeling quite drained and tired and want to sleep more than usual. It will take more effort to get things done or feel motivated.
This is normal for this period before an eclipse for a lot of us. We should technically get a burst of energy just afterwards!
But things will be starting to happen nevertheless so it’s a bit exciting, even if it also feels disruptive.
Today Juno is at a station point before retrograding in Scorpio. This should be a turning point for many Scorpio types of people as they have their own little breakthroughs, and decide to go deeper into their past to find the answers to long term family issues that might have influenced their attitudes and lifestyles a bit too much at times.

It's interesting for many and should bring some good results with this approaching eclipse trining Juno in Scorpio bringing a real rebirth effect for many.
For others of us this Juno Rx, could manifest in wanting to do family research or go down a path we have avoided in areas of family life before, or something else we have avoided expressing to the world for that matter.
And as mentioned yesterday, Mars in Sag coming up is going to bring an urge to explore new territory and the courage to do so.

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