Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Months Top Ten Viewed Facebook Posts for

Pretty much every day I am posting links and images on the Facebook page for the site here. Martin also helps me out by posting a few as well. A lot of links I post are supplied by Connie—she sends them in on a daily basis and has been doing this for a few years now. Sometimes it’s interesting for me to look at what gets people’s attention; the ten most popular posts which have been posted on’s Facebook Page this month are below. 

While the Facebook page has over 2,800 likes, because of Facebook’s advertising software algorithms, only about 5-20% of those that like the page will see a post on average. An individual post can be ‘boosted’, which means paying Facebook so that more people see the post (I don’t boost posts). The posts here have been 'naturally' viewed. I have included a link to each one so that you can find it and access the attached URL, if you wish to. (If you do follow the FB page for and are wondering how to see all of them, then you can by visiting the page directly.

Number one, seen by 258,527 people and with 2,359 shares.

Number two, which reached 7,614 people. (Thanks to Michael for sending the link along)

Number three with 4,243 views.

In fourth place we have this one, with 4,165 views.

Fifth spot, with 3,365 views.

In sixth place, 2,704 have seen this one.

Number seven with 2,700 views.

Number eight has been seen by 1,806 people.

Nine has 1,001 views so far.

And in tenth place is a photo I took and uploaded which has 937 views.

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