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Spirits and the Afterlife | Focus Sessions

By Lynn via Focus Sessions, 16 March 2016

Q. If we have multiple lifetimes and multiple DIFFERENT parents, then when we go "Home", which set of parents do we see again? They always say that we'll see our loved ones again, but if that's the case, then we'd be meeting probably hundreds of thousands of loved ones... is that correct? Same goes for all our pets...
A. I see that when a person is close to the end of life they sort of go between our plane and the spiritual plane.  As they toggle back and forth they will see images of people, pets, locations, events, etc. that they experienced in this current life journey.  These images soothe the transition because it can be hard for the body to ultimately release the spirit (that final separation).    

I also see the transition from the current life to after life going through phases.  At the moment of release the familiar spirit guiding the transition will take on the appearance of who the person knew during this current lifetime.  After the transition has occurred, and the body has detached, the person going "home" is now is spirit form too.  There is a slight learning curve in this freeing feeling (I heard to imagine you are astral projecting x100). The spirit is now able to connect with the familiar spirit group to prepare for the next incarnation, hang around the 3D world, guide or protect.  In spirit, they don't connect as seeing each other as "mom, dad, etc", but rather a magnetic connection full of love and belonging.  Spirits don't take on defined roles, those are rules that humans define and project onto one another for the conscious mind.

I also need to explain that when we are in the spiritual plane we connect back to certain spirits that we most times incarnate with. I always hear this group of spirits being called a "soul pact."  This grouping of spirits can manifest/incarnate in the 3D world as parents, siblings, children, friends, pets, etc.  You may share the same birthmark or mannerisms from life to life, but you (personally) will rarely fill the same role (or appearance) because each lifetime presents new experiences in order to expand, learn and grow.
Having said that, rather than saying that you have had thousands of parents, siblings, etc,, in reality it may be more like 100 different spirits that get incarnated from this same familiar group.  (Your sister in this life may be your mother in the next and your son in the one after that...)  This narrows the infinite amount of spirits to a more closer group.

Q. Hi Lynn, How does a soul seek his/her future parents. Must the spiritual vibration level of the baby match the spiritual vibration level of one or both parents?

A. As the spirits within the soul pacts reunite the dynamic of the next lifetime is determined.  It has to do with the spirit's current vibration, where they are wanting to go and what lessons or karma to they need to address.  

Q. Is the baby's day and time of birth planned and determined before the soul enters the embryo?  Since astrology depends on the date of birth, does that mean that outside intervention e.g. doctors inducing early labor, causes a change in the destiny of the child?

A. I see that the universe works this out and knows the life path at the moment of conception.  If there is a c-section or induction, that is the way the universe planned the birth.  That event goes with the plan, not against it. Few people may experience adverse affects with an altered delivery, but for the most part the universe knows what it is doing..

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

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