Saturday, March 19, 2016

Clif's Webbot Wujo | 16 March, 2016

Here is Clif High's latest Wujo discussing the webbot future predictions focused around North America. Topics: Bitcoin, precious metals (silver/gold), paper/currencies/bonds/real estate, to drug shortages, transport failures and also earth changes.

In the last six minutes or so, Clif High focuses on the earth change data and mentions an increase in flooding in the US, which will cause rivers to overflow and bodies of water to end up in places that people don't expect them to be, so people with boats will be taking advantage of those situations. The extra water coming down from the skies will overwhelm nuclear power plants leading to at least one situation where one nuclear plant has some kind of failure in North America, causing people to evacuate around that area (before 2019, but could happen around august next year). Clif is still expecting a huge earthquake around mid 2017 in the US.

Rain is really one of the major earth change/weather related events that Clif touches upon, with a focus on North America. He mentions that records are constantly being broken in the US, in terms of the amount of rain coming down. Below is the video.

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