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Unspun News for the 4th February 2015

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“ABC Fact check: Do the world's 62 richest people hold the same wealth as the poorest 50 per cent?“  Verdict - YES, the Oxfam claim is “in the ballpark”.  Weeeel…. I don’t see a fair re-distribution looming, do you?  So how about culling the cattle?  (And I do not resile from my ‘money is a transactable form of exchanged energy’ thesis, either….)

Beware the l├╝genpresse……  “In the “free and democratic system” being pushed upon all other states in the world by the United States and its Western allies, journalists are increasingly unhappy about the repressions they’ve been facing over the last decade, along with constant surveillance and the demand to cooperate with intelligence services.”

“Homs destroyed: Drone vision shows completely abandoned ruins of Syrian city“

THE SAKER - “A US Invasion of Syria Next?  Week Sixteen of the Russian Intervention in Syria”  (He feels that a “US Invasion” is over-hyped…..)

“Obama Plans Massive Military Escalation and the Media Barely Seem to Care;  U.S. troops are going back into Iraq, our presence in Libya is escalating, and Obama has widened the war in Afghanistan—all without much of a public debate.”

Ron Paul - “Is Congress Declaring War on ISIS…or on You?“

“Global Financial Turmoil: A Severe Worldwide Economic Recession in 2016-17”

STEPHEN LENDMAN - “Turkey is a fascist police state, Erdogan a hoodlum, an international outlaw, a tyrannical regional scourge.   His aggression against Turkish and Syrian Kurds, downing a Russian SU-24 bomber in Syrian airspace, committing other provocative acts against the Russian Federation, and now cross-border shelling of targets in Syria following permission from or complicity with Washington.   Erdogan would never launch attacks outside his territory otherwise.“

“A Darwin paediatrician says children held in the city's immigration detention centre have the worst mental health problems he has ever seen.“  And so yet another generation blooms with mass PTSD.  Proudly inflicted by Australia, this time.
ALSO -“Asylum seeker mother voices fears about being returned Nauru immigration detention centre“

“Israeli Settlements, American Money. What's Next?”  Good question, ugly future….


This is SERIOUSLY BAD…. “A rapid loss of phytoplankton threatens to turn the western Indian Ocean into an “ecological desert,” a new study warns. The research reveals that phytoplankton populations in the region fell an alarming 30 percent over the last 16 years.”

Stunning cloudscapes over SE Qld recently…...

“Remote area firefighters have been working in Tasmania's World Heritage-listed wilderness since fires ignited several weeks ago.  They are deep within the south west wilderness area fighting to protect pristine rainforests.“  Good (?) aerial pic of the burned areas….

“Orangutans in Melbourne Zoo playing interactive videogames using Xbox technology“  the mind boggles …. D’ya laugh or cry for them?

“Consistency of Earth's magnetic field history surprises scientists“

“LARGE areas of the globe are set to cool over the next five years, according to weather forecasters.“  The B/S getting too hard to maintain?

“India's monsoons: A change in the rain”  Weather change in India….

“Mexico – Coldest winter in history”

“Heavy snow has disrupted public transport in southern China, stranding tens of thousands of people outside a rail station, police say.  The crowd outside Guangzhou station swelled to nearly 100,000 at its peak on Monday night,“

“Tanzania – Floods in 3 Regions, 6 People Dead, More Rain Forecast”

Geeee- just when I thought society couldn’t get any sicker….

“On the Down Side of Institutionalized Religion – An Analysis“  A sober, intelligent and realistic analysis of the part religions (ALL religions!) play in the world today.  Should be read from every pulpit, everywhere…...

“A look into the origins of the pledge of allegiance – mandatory regurgitation for school children – “ … “In turn, this social ritual creates cohesion and unity in the mind of the public with the federal government.“  Yes - it’s called brainwashing….



“Okay, we’re just going to say it: From its mysterious glowing patches to its two-faced mountain, dwarf-planet Ceres is plain weird. And with the latest fly-over look at its surface from NASA, things are getting even stranger.”

“China posts hundreds of never-before-seen HD colour photos of the moon”

“Solar activity is low.”
ALSO - “ Clouds in the stratosphere are very rare. Yet for the past week they have been seen every day.”

“Stars in galaxies are affected by electromagnetic fields.“ … “Electric Universe theory postulates that currents of electric charge flow through a galaxy along its polar axis and then out through the spiral arms. A circuit across the galactic disk divides into upward and downward currents that flow back into the poles. This circuit is driven by Birkeland currents that connect the galaxy with the rest of the Universe.”

“An investigation was launched into vaccines used at a UK school for boys after several students fell ill from receiving the jabs.  As many as 15 students at the Northampton School for Boys collapsed onto the floor Tuesday following a series of vaccines which resulted in severe adverse side effects.”

“According to a study published by Life Sciences, artemisinin, a derivate of the wormwood plant can kill 98 per cent of breast cancer cells in just 16 hours when paired with iron. On its own, the herb managed to reduce the breast cancer cells by 28 per cent, but when it joined forces with iron, normal cells were not affected by the treatment and had a better outcome.”

“As we seek to upgrade our understanding of the outer world around us, it would be wise to similarly update our notions about our inner world. Research groups attempting to generate better models of the mammalian brain have found many surprises, such as the staggering diversity of neuron types. Among this frontier of science, studies of the electrophysics, behaviors, and molecular interactions of microtubules have revealed paradigm-changing facts.”

“Well, I wanted to know more about this USDA certification of imported organics. It took quite a bit of digging but what I eventually found was more disturbing than any of those copycat articles.   I found frightening information about all food from China, frightening lack of regulation concerning organic food from China …….”

BE WARNED - “Run Windows 7 or 8.1? Windows 10 will now try to install for you”  Whether you want it or not.  You WILL obey……..


 “It is not more surprising to be born twice than once.”

~~ Voltaire

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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