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Unspun News for the 28th February 2016

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THIERRY MEYSSAN - “How Turkey supports the jihadists”

ISRAEL SHAMIR - Basically - a heads up.  Russia seems to be making serious preparations for an attack …..  In a defensive sort of way.  “The Moscow clearance of access to tube stations had more to do with a danger of war with Turkey.”  AND - “You can follow the lead of your Israeli Lobby, or you can have peace and security, but you can’t have both, it is that simple.”  Now THAT bit is SO true ….

PATRICK COCKBURN - “End Times for the Caliphate?”  Trying to unravel the Iraq/Syria/Turkey tangle….

“If NATO hadn’t ruined Yugoslavia, the country would be on par with major European powers, US political analyst Phil Butler notes, adding that the dismantling of Yugoslavia was part of the West's bigger plan to convert potential rivals into Third World regions.”

“Newly Translated WikiLeaks Saudi Cable;  Overthrow the Syrian Regime, but Play Nice with Russia”  “...Saudi Arabia, along with its Gulf and Western allies, has played a direct role in fueling the fires of grinding sectarian conflict that has kept Syria burning for the past five years.” … “an internal Saudi government cable sheds new light on the kingdom’s current threats of military escalation in Syria -”

“Every production phase or society or other human invention goes through a so-called transformation process. Transitions are social transformation processes that cover at least one generation. In this article I will use one such transition to demonstrate the position of our present civilization and and that a new stock market crash is inevitable.”  So brace yourselves….

Peter Korzun - “US Considers Plan B to Undermine Syria’s Peace Process“

Could this be true???  Sadly, it could.  Is it?  I dunno….. Spain - “They’ve decided to start taxing people who have installed solar panels on their roofs. And what exactly are they taxing? Their usage of the sun. Believe it or not, they are actually taxing people’s use of the sun to generate electricity in their homes.”


“Every year there seems to be a country that is having more than its fair share of volcanic eruptions. This is the sort of thing that happens when you have a random distribution of volcanic eruptions over time (and space to some degree, along the areas that have volcanoes). This year, it is Nicaragua that seems to be the focus of eruptions—at least more so than usual.”

Oz - N.T. - “With just two days left until the end of the month, Darwin's February average daytime temperature has been 34.7 degrees Celsius, up from the 1976 record of 34.4C.“

“It’s essential that policymakers begin to seriously consider the possibility of a substantial permafrost carbon feedback to global warming. If they don’t, I suspect that down the road we’ll all be looking at the 2°C threshold in our rear-view mirror.“  And the implications ….

M5.5 @ 10km, Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

“New Report Issues Dire Warning About Global Decline in Pollinators;  'Their health is directly linked to our own well-being.' “

DO NOT OPEN THIS IF YOU HAVE ANY ABUSE-TRIGGERS.  Pell, Ridsdale, numerous nuns, and some truth coming out - from girls (now grown women) who endured the Hell on Earth of Catholic ‘children’s homes’.  “a paedophile’s paradise and a child’s nightmare.”  Makes Gitmo sound like Billy Butlin’s...

“These Objects Have Been Investigated By Several Laboratories – Who Is Putting Them Inside Of Humans?“  Excellent article.  Face it - there ARE things that  are (a) being concealed and (b) we don’t know!


“Solar activity remains low.”

“The vaccine mafia is real, and it's out to destroy the careers of all who question vaccine safety“

16 min video - “He refers to numerous studies that have proven that continuous exposure to microwave radiation is carcinogenic.  This fact was openly discussed in the Italian parliament and WiFi has been now made illegal in France and all schools have been returned their previous hard-wired state.”  And do you think the System doesn’t know that??  GOOD speaker - good info.

IN the cockpit with the pilot of the US ‘Blue Angels’ formation flight.  SHEEEEESH!!!!!!!!!! 

“Video: fire in ultra slo-mo”  Intriguing….. Now you can see how a match actually works!!!


"Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter." 

~~Albert Einstein

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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