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Unspun News for the 21st February 2016

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THE SAKER - “Did Russia Just Threaten Turkey With Nuclear Weapons?”  NB - “[Note by the Saker: I do not believe that Russia has made such a threat and I will post my reasons for this in the next 24 hours.  However, I might be wrong and Mercouris and Perry right, I therefore feel like I should post this analysis]”

THE SAKER - “Week Nineteen of the Russian Intervention in Syria: would Russia use nukes to defend Khmeimim?“

“US, France say Russia’s draft resolution on Syrian sovereignty has ‘no future’”  No surprises there….

“Aleppo Residents Back Assad: 'We Don’t Need Help From Turkey' (Video)“

“Coverage of the Syrian war will be remembered as one of the most shameful episodes in the history of the American press. Reporting about carnage in the ancient city of Aleppo is the latest reason why.”

MIKE WHITNEY - “Could a Bomb Blast in Ankara Change the Outcome of the War in Syria?”

“The refugee problem in Europe has been getting increasingly exacerbated, despite the attempts by Brussels to divert public attention by using the events in Syria, Ukraine and the Baltic States to whip up anti-Russian hysteria.“  Refugees as a weapon of ‘mass’ destruction….

“Inside ... the high-security Brisbane Women's [prison], prisoners and foster cats help one another towards a positive future.”   “'s calmer on the wings and there's a better environment as a by-product of that."… "It's been really good for everyone ..  staff, prisoners, RSPCA, the community ..."   So Simple - and BRILLIANT!

“Protesters have surrounded exit points at the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital in Brisbane, hoping to stop immigration officials from transferring an asylum seeker baby.”  This says all you need to know about the morality, compassion, even love, of our society and government today…..

“Russian Intelligence Report On Turkey’s Current Assistance To Daesh;  Recruitment of foreign terrorist fighters, facilitation of their cross-border movement into Syria and the supply of weapons to the terrorist groups active there.”

“Hillary Clinton, Vows to Embrace an Extremist Agenda on Israel”  The spearpoint of the western Zionist branch….

“Kurion’s tritium removal system is inching closer to implementation. Bloomberg has some information on how the system will work. A prototype is apparently in operation at Hanford Washington.”  IMO - Much too little, much too late.

FIJI - “Disaster management officials in Fiji are assessing the damage from one of the Southern Hemisphere's most powerful storms on record, with reports of widespread devastation and one death.“  Violent, chaotic……...
M5.8 @ 575km, S of Fiji Is … plus 2 other M5+ down and bottom up…..  Fiji sandwich….

“Three more people have died in lightning strikes in KwaZulu-Natal, bringing to 10 the number of people killed in one week,”

“Snowstorm in the offing for eastern US next week as cold air funnels into region”

“Pakistan Government Warns Citizens to Prepare for Global Cooling – Video;  “This is the second country to now come out and tell its citizens to prepare,” says David DuByne. “Russia was first, now Pakistan.”  The cluey ones are breaking ranks….

“The Guardian has published a hilariously confused post, which seems to claim that climate change is important, vital, and big, but we should focus on other issues, and kind of let climate take care of itself.“  Ponder that for a couple of minutes - With “Why?” in mind…..

Darius Foroux - “We might learn things quickly, but we often forget things at the same rate—and sometimes we need to remind ourselves of the things we’ve learned.   Here are 25 of those reminders that others taught me.”  EXCELLENT thoughts here ….

“Some researchers and neurocardiologists are pushing the idea that the heart can actually act like another brain, helping to guide us with a different form of intelligence.”  Lotsa fascinating info here!

“Qumran: The Dead Sea Scrolls And Their Connection To Enigmatic Essenes”   And today, their content is still being hidden by the System…..  Many questions remain.

“Skeptics May Deny Existence of Paranormal Experiences, but Psychological Effects Are Real“  “In several studies, nearly all NDErs reported a strong decrease or complete loss of the fear of death as the result of their NDEs. … Nearly all experiencers (up to 98 percent) acquired a certainty of life after death.”  FASCINATING read - highly recommended.  (Good links, too)

Brad Austen - “Living Libraries — The Future of Humanity“ He’s new to me, and I like what he says …. And I love his bottom line:-  "if you don't go within, you go without".

“Earth is slowly exiting a solar wind stream that has sparked bright auroras around the Arctic Circle for the past three days.”  Impressive aurora pic...

WTK, and Mercola - could you wish for better sources?  "In the U.S., approximately 25,000 infants are diagnosed with microcephaly each year. Brazil has about 70 percent of the population the U.S. has, and now reports just over 400 cases, 17 of which tested positive for the Zika virus. So is this really the global emergency it's being made out to be?"  Wake up and smell the BS.

“Increasing Rates In Diabetes and Obesity Linked To Emulsifiers and Additives In Processed Foods“

Seven ways to combat gout….

“The Rise and Fall of Wikipedia;  First in Internet Searches; Last in Reliability“

“Building A $500 Cabin Without A Permit: “Simple Offers Freedom” …. NB - the building regs will vary between countries….  But this (minimalist) idea is good!

Monaco, EAT YA HEART OUT!  “Crowds have lined the streets in Evandale in Tasmania's north for the 33rd National Penny Farthing Championships.“


"Real compassion kicks butt and takes names and is not pleasant on certain days. If you are not ready for this FIRE, then find a new-age, sweetness and light, perpetually smiling teacher and learn to relabel your ego with spiritual sounding terms. But, stay away from those who practice REAL COMPASSION, because they will fry your ass, my friend." 

~~Ken Wilber

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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