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Unspun News for the 18th February 2016

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“Syria: The Final Act Begins“ … “Moscow not Washington is calling the shots in the region now, announcing the birth of a multipolar world and marking an astonishing recovery given the parlous state of Russia throughout the 1990s ...”  Interesting perspectives here ….

“China deploys surface-to-air missiles in South China Sea, Taiwan confirms”

“Dubbed «Queen of Europe», German Chancellor Stands on Shaky Ground Before Crucial EU Summit“

“Collapse of Iraqi Kurdistan”  A sad tale of “Profit over people.” …. On a HUGE scale.  Story is like looking at a cancerous tumour under a microscope - at a macroscopic scale.

“U.S. Foreign Policy Flies Under Banner ‘American Exceptionalism’”  … “The mindless human lust for power and domination that crushes everything in its path, including reason, justice, and moderation alike.”

“Libya had shown the international community that there were alternatives to capitalism as a path of development, even after the collapse of the Soviet Union. This model of development that [was] based on the principles of social justice was unacceptable to the West and was a primary cause of the outbreak of war in 2011.“  So its destruction as a society continues - on, and on, and still on ...

"Bombing Hospitals" in Syria: Turkey Launched an Information Barrage at Russia”  - did they forget that Russia has excellent drones too?

“Russian Diplomat Drops a Bombshell: US Expected ISIS to Seize Damascus by October   In an article in a British newspaper Russia's ambassador to the UK reveals the Russians were told by the Western powers that after the US proclaimed a no-fly zone ISIS would capture Damascus”

DMITRY ORLOV - “So far I have mostly tried to ignore the US presidential race.” …. “all lizard-brained miscreants who have left a slimy trail through the White House.”  Interesting choice of epithet there …. And I thoroughly agree….

“Christian lobby seeks anti-discrimination 'override' for plebiscite campaign”  Oh, very Christian!  The two little cartoons here say it all…….  along with the expression on Lyle Shelton’s face.  Read it …..  What does it say?

Remember David Hicks?  Guess we wuz jus doin what massa said...

“The NSA Has Been Using An Algorithm To Decide Who Gets Killed With Drone Strikes”  If you don’t understand that statement, you need to.  Or maybe you’re better off not knowing?

“The UN will launch a humanitarian drive to raise some $1.8 billion required to save millions of people from humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen, where over 6,000 people have been killed since the Saudi-led coalition intervention in March 2015.“  But what about stopping the Saudis???  (Duh…)

“Official Report: West Coast hit with 220,000,000 atoms per liter of Iodine-129 in rain after Fukushima — 15 Million year half-life — Detected in aquifer that supplies drinking water to large number of people — “Transported rapidly” to Canada and US — Elevated levels continued for many months“

“About 180 firefighters have arrived at a specially erected base camp, in what the Tasmania Fire Service has said is the biggest mobilisation of interstate firefighters in the state's history.“

Whale sharks - the biggest, gentlest creatures in the seas….  GET RID of that bloody trawler…….

M5.1 @ 10km, Kermadec Is, NZ …. The Kiwis have been bracketed …..

“The plant life of Australia's outback may have "given up", according to satellite-based maps tracking the impact of changing climatic conditions, such as rainfall and temperature, on the world's ecosystems.”

M6.1 @ 10km, Halmahera, Indonesia.

“DNA evidence shows that salmon hatcheries cause substantial, rapid genetic changes”

“Ottawa sets snowfall record as storm snarls commute”

8 min video - “A Day in Pompeii” - incredible animation...

“Heavy rainfall and strong winds battered the city of Córdoba, Argentina on the night of February 15, 2016. Flooding has been reported across the affected areas, and 4 deaths resulted from extreme weather related incidents.“

“The "Pineapple Express" storm system lashed the Pacific Northwest with an abundant amount of rain over the last few days. Several high precipitation records were broken, and this winter is set to become one of the wettest winters on record.“

“A highly decorated former Army officer who led soldiers in Iraq is suspected by police of being a senior figure in one of Australia's most notorious bikie gangs.”  Read on - this is perfectly logical…. In a sad way ...

OZ - “There is no absolute freedom of speech in Australia, and many of those who demand greater freedom are the very same people who ignore draconian laws that prevent others from speaking out.“  A revealing, sobering and thought-provoking article ….

“Scientists have been given the go-ahead to create genetically modified humans, it has been revealed.   The fertility regulator known as the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) have allowed scientists to create a DNA-altering technique in embryos.“

“Around the world, many people—perhaps the majority overall—accept a belief in reincarnation as part of their religion.   Not many people in the West believe in it, though.”

“Atheist Doctor Witnesses Telepathy, Now Aims to Merge Science and Spirituality“


“Hubble studies 'super-Earth' atmosphere for first time“

“A solar wind stream hit Earth's magnetic field on Feb. 16th, sparking more than 24 hours of G1-class geomagnetic storms. Around the Arctic Circle, the light show was fantastic.”

“Electric Sun theory presupposes that the Sun is a positive terminal, or anode, in a complex interstellar circuit. The Sun’s negative pole, or cathode, is known as the heliosphere, a shell of charged particles surrounding the Sun’s electric discharge billions of kilometers away.”  How it REALLY works!

“Ayurvedic Natural Cure Recognized for Hepatitis C”

“New study finds clear differences between organic and non-organic milk and meat“

“Raw Honey Garlic Lemon Shots: A Simple Recipe To Supercharge Your Immune System”



“If a situation can be improved by your action - take action, lovingly and positively.  If a situation is beyond your capabilities to alter - do nothing, lovingly and positively.”

~~ Sheik Zaġāyah

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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