Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Unspun News for the 16th February 2016

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FINIAN CUNNINGHAM - “An end to the Syrian conflict is desperately needed. But the latest plan for a cessation of violence is unlikely to take hold, as the deal struck by international powers is based on fundamentally opposing premises.   In short, Washington and its allies want regime change, while Russia and Iran insist that President Bashar Assad and his government are the legitimate ruling authorities in Syria.”

And again - “The US-led NATO alliance is dispatching warships to the Mediterranean to allegedly help ease Europe’s refugee crisis. However, a closer look at the naval vessels in the NATO mission shows that this is no refugee rescue attempt – but rather a full-on war mobilization.“

Syria - the US “Plan B” would consist of a sharp escalation of the US military intervention in Syria, carried out under the cover of combating ISIS, but directed at toppling the Assad government.”

“European Groups Expose 'Terrifying Extent of Corporate Grab' Within TTIP; 'The ability to enact effective and fair tax systems to finance vital public services is one of the defining features of sovereignty,' says Global Justice Now—one that is threatened by corporate trade deals“  And the TTP is ditto…..

Headline from the UK Daily Express, 1933 … “Judea declares war on Germany”….. Read on ….. It seems that the world has been fed on lies beyond the wildest imaginings of the nuttiest conspiracy theorist….

ERIC ZUESSE - “Americans Accept Saudi Royals as Friends of America“  “Why does the US invade Syria to remove Assad, while arming the Saudi regime that funds jihadists?”  Now is that a good question or what?

“TEPCO and NRA have come to an agreement to being operation of the frozen wall. TEPCO wanted to freeze the land side first, NRA the seaside first. NRA’s concern was that TEPCO’s method could cause groundwater levels to drop too fast causing leaks of highly contaminated water from the reactor buildings.“  Sounds like they don’t have a clue anyway…...

“Extra firefighting resources are being brought to Tasmania as authorities brace for gale force winds today.”

“Delhi's migrant birds confused by hot-and-cold winter as hundreds stay in their homelands... and others start courting three months early”  A sign of the times, indeed…..

M6.0 @ 10km, Tonga.

M5.1 @ 5km, S’n Greece.

M6.2 @ 10km, Auckland Is, NZ region.

“Valentine's Day cold blast shatters records in northeastern US“

“Prolonged rainstorms have affected the Caribbean coast of Honduras since 12 February 2016, Flooding was reported in Islas de la Bahía Department on 13 February. Heavy rainfall is forecast until at least 15 February.”

“Papua New Guinea – 3 Days of Heavy Rain Cause Floods and Landslides – Several Dead, Bridges Destroyed”

“Portugal – 1 Dead After Weekend Storm Brings Floods and Landslides“

A marsupial lion?????  “Otherwise known as a Thylacoleo carnifex, the Australian marsupial lion weighed between 80 and 100 kilograms and was believed to have powerful jaws and large, sharp claws.”  Extinct?  Sorry - but I’d hate to meat one  anyway…..



“A CME expected to reach Earth during the late hours of Feb. 14th has not yet arrived. NOAA forecasters believe it is still coming. Estimated time of arrival: Feb. 15th.”  Also - 
“AR2497 has a 'beta-gamma-delta' magnetic field that harbors energy for strong M-class solar flares.”

“Throughout human history the planet Mars has held mankind’s rapt attention.   (Editor’s note: Frederic Bonner Jueneman May 25, 1929 – July 29, 2014. This article reflects some of Fred’s more important contributions to the development of Electric Universe theory and the catastrophic events that devastated Mars.)“

Oz - “ABC Catalyst Program - Tuesday at 8pm - A heads up that this program will be screening tomorrow night and will look at how the widespread use of WiFi and WiFi-enabled devices could be slowly making us sick.“

“Is microcephaly caused by Zika or pesticides?”  Ain’t it refreshing to see the propaganda B/S being seriously questioned!  My fur coat, it is!!!

JON RAPPOPORT - “Zika: the essence of the hoax: analysis”  Seems little doubt now that Zika is a Big Lie, in Hitlerian terms.  The question now becomes - who gains what?



“You can win more friends with your ears than you can with your mouth”


There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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