Saturday, February 20, 2016

Two Free Guided Meditation Albums

This is a reminder that for the month of February we are giving away a free guided digital meditation album (Working with your Spirit Guides) by meditation teacher Brad Austen, to those that contribute US $10 or more. Brad has released multiple meditation albums which you can find on his website here, such as, The Yin and Yang of Meditation, Let There Be Light, Meditation Magic, Crystal Healing, A Guided Journey to Deep Sleep, as well a few others.

One of our recent contributors sent in a little bit extra so that Brad and I could give out a couple of free copies of ‘Working with yourSpirit Guides’ for those that can't afford to contribute. The first two people that comment or send in an email will receive access to this guided meditation album. (I will post a comment underneath after the first two have)

You can also find Brad’s meditations on iTunes here and his Facebook page here.

Thanks again for all your support. It has been great hearing feedback from some of you, in terms of what you have gained from the information coming through this website.

~ Laron

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