Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The New X-Files | A Focus Sessions Reading

By Lynn via Focus Sessions, 13 February 2016

Q. Hi Lynn! I'm finally getting to watching the new X-Files. Needless to say a long time favorite. Episode one just brought up a lot of things we discuss here. What is your take on it. I'm amazed to see all this brought up on prime time tv. Who is allowing it and why?
A. When I tune into this I hear that it is partly tied to "spell casting" and partly tied to "the need for desensitization."

I get that for the PTB to work agendas they must be honest with the people.  It is as if they must tell people the truth in order to be allowed to continue on their path.  The thought is if they reveal the truth and people allow it to happen, then essentially the people permitted it.  Where things are tricky is that the PTB have crafted their delivery in such a way that the truth is in plain sight for those that want to see and accept it, but they are good at discrediting the truth or making it difficult to find.  It is as if the PTB are working the system based on technicalities.  This entire process looks like a magic trick on the mind..

The threat of disclosure is on the horizon, so by revealing things (UFOs, truth behind conspiracy events, etc) it takes some of the shock factor away for when the real truth comes out.  The time frame for disclosure has long past, and our ET friends out there are becoming impatient.  They want an opportunity to come here and full on help humans.  These glimpses of truth in the media also help to appease these ETs (sort of soothe things over and buy time) until the truth can become part of our reality.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

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