Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The New Humans Co-Creating the New Earth | Cedar Rivers, Clarity of Life

Cedar is a regular visitor over on's Facebook Group (which is nearing three thousand members), and I thought this blog entry of hers may be interesting to share with all of you. The two videos included provide forecasts for 2016, with the second video having an astrological focus. Cedar runs the site, which has online programs such as: transforming self, exploring ones creativity and talents, maintaining gratifying relationships, and deepening spiritual awareness and connection to Source.

By Cedar Rivers, via Clarity for Life, 28 January 2016

I have been remote viewing possible events for this year and considered writing them here on my blog. However, Douglas James Cottrell and Joni Patry cover what I’m seeing and more for 2016 and 2017.

These next two years will be challenging for so very many, with obvious hardships involving drought, floods, fires, freezing climates, crop failures, shrinking markets, war, corrupt bankers, spiralling national and personal debt, changing economies, dramatic earth changes, health conditions, and disillusionment with religion.

I also see some cities and rural regions will lose electricity for extended periods of time, and you can imagine the chaos that will be caused by little or no access to lighting, heating, cooking, water, plumbing, computers, shopping, banking, fuel, entertainment, commerce and the internet. Imagine if cities the size of London, Sydney, Delhi or New York were to lose power for several weeks or months.

The Good News is that many are turning away from false realities, and a profound change in consciousness is occurring enabling willing individuals to see beyond the illusion of man-made contrivances into the Real, and the Truth of Divine Source and our place in it all. 

Also, a new human race is emerging where some children and young people are born with advanced DNA and RNA allowing them unlimited access to their multidimensionality. I’m currently writing Module 3 of my online course of those I’m calling ‘The New Earth Creatives’ which addresses the inventiveness, creativity and multi-tasking skills of these New Children and Young People. It suggests ideas to add to your own parenting and education of such ones, if they have shown up in your family or classes.   

The New Earth Creatives are the hope for the world - they will be the new leaders, inventors, and creators. They will provide solutions to our problems and create magnificent realities that we can only imagine. Module 3 will be posted on the equinox on March 20th. 

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