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Star Language, Earth Update & Parallel Lives | QHHT session info from Suzanne Spooner

By Suzanne Spooner via TAUK Messages, 1 February 2016

Hi Everyone!

I DO have the best job in the universe, I swear. As I sit down with a client in my office in Des Moines, Iowa, I never know exactly what their hypnosis session will present. I listen to them share their life stories, challenges, health issues, heart break and curiosity. I hear them tell me about the oddest of coincidences; especially once they have made their appointment with me. Every person I sit with has a fascinating journey to share.

So, a few weeks ago I had a session with a lovely young woman. As we started the hypnosis her High Self guided her to a life of a male mystic. She experienced a fire celebration where he went into a trance enhancing his connection to inner wisdom. He guided his nomadic group by using the visions. Much understanding about how he was deeply connected to the earth was shared. Her High Self shared this life with the client to show her, “that she has always been this grounded” and that her High Self guided her to her QHHT session to recall this knowledge.

As we began her segment of talking with her High Self a fun shift occurred. Her voice took on a robotic quality! This happens but not often. The voice does usually shift in one way or another during this part; they can speak slower, faster, firmer, lighter. It is the vibration, frequency & tone of their High Self.

So we began with her questions and her High Self shared information so expansively and deeply. I’ve created a clip, with the client’s permission to share with all of you! You’ll hear her talk about:
~Her home planet where she gives the name; demonstrates and translates the language! We check in with the great Dolores Cannon; the late and wondrous creator of QHHT.

~Gives explanation as to why the voice sounds so different than the clients.

~Her High Self scans her physical body and talks about how her (and many of us) two brain hemispheres are merging to create Unity Consciousness.

~I interview her High Self to learn more about its experience as the High Self.

I also asked her High Self about the experience of parallel lives and she had this to share:

(Suz- From your perspective what happens when souls decide to have parallel lives?)

It is the richness of the experience. It is that we are all one right now. We are able to split and archive this because we are all energy; it is all One. It is really beyond explanation that you can understand. It is an infinate variety of possibilities and experiences that all happen at the same time. And even now with all that is going on (with earth now), all is effected by each choice and there is a dimension in which this happens. (The parallel lives?) Yes. (This doesn’t happen in every dimension?) Right. (Are her parallel selves ever aware of each other?) Not in their conscious, waking mind. There might be moments of lucid awareness such as that or a bleed through familiarity.

This YouTube clip also marks the beginning of a new YouTube channel where I’ll be combing my QHHT session clips in one place. That will happen over the next few days, I hope!

Thank you to my client for allowing me to share her lovely session with you! Thank you for listening! We are all so much bigger and grander than we usually give ourselves credit for. YOU carry all answers within and can access them easily through the experience of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.

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