Friday, February 5, 2016

'I love being a police officer, but we need reform' | A TED Talk by Baltimore District Commander, Elvin Russell

Baltimore Police officer, Lt. Colonel Melvin Russell, talks about the need for change within the Police force. A few years ago Melvin became the district commander of one of Baltimore’s toughest neighborhoods and implemented a series of reforms to win back the trust of the community, while lowering the crime rate. He says he had to listen to his inner spirit and how that went against everything he was trained to do.

“We have surrendered so much of our responsibility… When I was a boy growing up in Baltimore, we played rough in the street, I ain’t never seen the police come and break us up. You know who came? It was the elders. It was the parental figures in the community. It was those guardians. It was that village mentality. They came and said, ‘stop that and do this and stop that.’ We had mentors throughout all of the community. So it takes all of us.”

They had to think holistically, note paramilitary, he explains.

As the shift in consciousness continues on, change has to occur, whether that is conscious, or unconscious, and situations like this really show the changes occurring in society.

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