Thursday, February 4, 2016

Freedom to Create Your Own God | Sadhguru

By Laron, editor of

Here is a short talk by Sadhguru about how we create our own gods, from the perspective of the Indian culture, and how this relates to our daily life, such as religious based wars. Sadhguru tends to remind me of areas of life that can easily be forgotten, in terms of the spiritual perspective.

My intuitive based understand now is that there is one source, and each of us are that source — we are our own gods. Humanity has created, and manifested through the power of thought forms, religions and beliefs which are either true, partly true, false or simply are outdated based on changes in reality; this creates an energetic component of its own that empowers such creations and is is why realms (locations) exist outside of this realm and dimension, to continue on such beliefs for those that die — as those those who are very conditioned and stuck in such understandings tend to be attracted to such realms. Of course, there have been instances of ET involvement in the past, and involvement from spiritual beings that are not incarnated on Earth, who appear here, which has been tied into various religious based understandings.

Video Description: (7 minutes) Indian culture affords each individual the ultimate freedom to create their own god in whatever form they can best relate to: an Ishta Devata, or god of your choice. However, Sadhguru explains, due to Western influence and irresponsible handling over generations, the significance and accompanying science and technology of godmaking has lost its vibrance.

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