Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Astrology Forecast for Wednesday the 17th of February, 2016

Via Neptune's Magic

Venus is in Aquarius now for 3 weeks or so. Venus is not quite at home in this sign as its an air sign and shes a "feeling" type of gal even though she does pretend to rule Libra, another air sign, but shes only a queen there until another more suitable ruler turns up.

And she is happy to be out of the restrictive Capricorn where she had to express love with a certain reserve and even some conditions - some rules, and not really be her true self.

So in that sense Venus is happy to be in a sign where she can be a bit outrageous and different- unique and brilliant in how she presents her love to others and the world, and how she can express that amazing creativity she has.

This is how many of us will feel - liberated and a bit crazy - and want to do something different to usual and surprise a few people with not so conservative clothes, getting into the crazier side of fashion for a change.

Some of us will even be able to use our unique and original ideas to earn extra income- focusing on different and inventive ideas.

Its a good place for groups and causes too - for voluntary work - attending or creating events for humanitarian causes or environmental matters.

I know I will quite like this phase as I am enjoying Mercury in Aquarius too, Mercury being one of my career planets...its good for astrology

Its also an extremely good position of Venus for anyone to have a makeover, although whether you stick with the results is another thing!

Aquarians get a chance to be spoilt and enjoy some luxuries with Venus in their sign and will enjoy the extra attention in the next few weeks.

Taureans and Librans can enjoy what the rest of us can, a chance to be original and different and a bit zany if we want to be and all that I wrote above.

The Sun from Aquarius quintiles Saturn in Sagittarius which is good for holding ourselves steady if things get a bit too bizarre today. It reminds us that we should trust self to know whats right for us. This is good for Capricorns and Sagittarians too.

The Gemini moon factor works well with Mercury and Venus now both in Aquarius, and brings more social life and interesting people into our auras.

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