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With my recent absence of monitoring the sources I use on a regular basis, and with my return which brings with it a more regular presence online, I have decided to include the relevant articles which I would usually re-post separately, in the one post here. So below are an accumulation of interesting – and what I perceive as important – articles.

Collective Evolution

Bombshell Study Exposes Frightening Facts About Anti-Depressant Drugs & Pharmaceutical Companies (February 12)
“The study showed that pharmaceutical companies were not disclosing all information regarding the results of their drug trials. Researchers looked at documents from 70 different double-blind, placebo-controlled trials of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) and serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRI) and found that the full extent of serious harm in clinical study reports went unreported. These are the reports sent to major health authorities like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.”

Gravitational Waves Detected For The Very First Time – Einstein Was Right (February 12)
“After 100 years of searching, physicists have finally confirmed the existence of Einstein’s gravitational waves. It is easily one of the biggest discoveries in astrophysics within the last century, and will no doubt help us to better understand the universe and the true nature of reality.”

With the above event, author of Earth Under Fire, Dr. Paul LaViolette has recently posted this article below on his website discussing the situation. I quote from Paul, ‘First, one may note that if our own Galactic center were ever to launch a killer gravity wave heralding a coming superwave, don’t expect to hear about it from LIGO.  They will likely sit on the data for months and then you would never hear about it because all global communication systems would be down two days later after the gamma ray/cosmic ray pulse arrived.”

( First Discovery of Quadrupole Gravity Waves Still Does Not Prove Existence of Black Holes

In connection to the shift in consciousness, gravity waves are an important factor when looking at the influence of far off celestial events and how they connect into the cycles that are part of the astrological age, Earth’s history, and future.

Nuts are a very important part of our diet. Above is an article by Alanna over on CE talking about them.

The founder of CE talks about the reasons behind Marijuana being outlawed from a US perspective.

Stars, My Placenta, & Ego-Less Existence: What I Learned In A Float Tank

I have been meaning to try one of these. Here is a look at the experience that Mark Guay had from the use of a float tank.

The Watchers

Cliff collapse and large sinkhole in response to Christchurch earthquake, New Zealand

Around the time of this earthquake I was laying on a bed resting after a bit of a draining day, and I felt my body vibrate for about 30 seconds, in addition to what I thought must have been the bed shake; but I wasn’t too sure what was going on, as I looked around the room trying to find evidence of an earthquake - I couldn't find that evidence. There was no earthquake where I was in Texas, but back in New Zealand one was occurring. I believe I picked up on this event, as 30 minutes later I found out about it, and the timing was around the moment I experienced those sensations. You can find another article over on the Watchers which covered the quake in more detail here:

Cosmic ray intensification trend continues
“An intensification trend of cosmic rays activity reported last month by continues. The latest balloon flight over California on February 5 observed the highest value yet. The gathered data shows that cosmic rays in the mid-latitude stratosphere are currently 10% higher than one year ago”

This information shows that the Earth is receiving regular increased energy, which ties into what I have posted in the past in terms of Lai’s last QHHT session here discussing the frequency shift, Martin’s September frequency shift article here, as well as the relation of Cloud G2 being sucked into the Galactic Centre, and many other factors.

Prevent Disease

Increasing Rates In Diabetes and Obesity Linked To Emulsifiers and Additives In Processed Foods
“Studies on the human gut have added further evidence that emulsifiers and additives found in most processed foods are linked to obesity, diabetes and inflammatory bowel disorders”

12 Plants That Naturally Remove Toxins and Purify Your Air

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