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A look back at January on | Tom Campbell, Webbot, QHHT, David Topi, CE, Brad Austen

I thought it would be a good idea to go through all the posts on for the month of January, and choose the one’s I thought were most important for those that may have missed them. To find the posts only for the month of January, I scrolled down the page (desktop version, not mobile), and on the left side clicked on the drop down under the heading, ‘Post Archive’, and picked January. There was a total of 103 posts that month.
I have separated the results into categories, in no specific order, and written a short description about each included article.

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2015 Webbot Reports Recap
<> John goes over some of the webbot predictions for 2015 and includes a few links to show the hits for the year. While I don’t follow the webbot as closely as I once did, I know it to be a very reliable future forecasting system, and one of the most accurate I have ran into. 
Clif High Interview: Life After Death, 2016 Year of Chaos, Nuclear Fallout, Megaquakes, Epidemics, Weather Wars
<> This interview with Clif High, by the Leak Project, discusses a number of events that the webbot has picked up for 2016. 
The nature of what it is to be human | A new Wujo from the webbot’s Clif High
<> Clif High has some deeper understandings on the nature of our existence as a human. Within this video he talks about such understandings, referring to the book, Thinking and Destiny, by Harold Percival. While Clif High is known to be the person that co-created the webbot software, he is also very wise when it comes to many theories and understandings about life, so can be a great source to learn from, especially because he knows things he doesn’t always reveal which comes up in the webbot database, and therefore confirms certain concepts he has learnt elsewhere. 
Half Past Human Discovery | Rodin Coils, Ferrofluid and Magnetic Fields
<> Here is Clif’s first video, in an ongoing series of videos, which looks at Clif’s work at Half past Human — is separate to the webbot — as well as focusing on new technologies with

Brad Austen
What Is The Meaning of Life?
<> When it comes to the purpose of our existence, answers can be quiet revealing and interesting, depending on one’s understanding. I have found Brad’s articles to be very accurate, and with this short article Brad answers the question around the meaning of life.
Collective Evolution
Researchers Predict That a “Mini Ice Age” Is Coming Very Soon
<> I am seeing Collective Evolution make a gradual change into areas where they didn’t seem to want to report on before, and this goes to show that the shift in consciousness is progressing, but also that many secrets are being revealed; in combination with the consciousness changes within, humanity is gaining the confidence to report and discuss new secrets. I find that Arjun is one of the best researchers and writers for CE, and here is his take on the upcoming mini-ice age, which has been predicted by a number of sources, including the webbot and Ben Davidson / Suspicious0bservers.
David Topi
Higherselves talk about 'The Game' | David Topi
<> José, who translates all of David’s articles from Spanish into English for, once said to me over email that David is a Spanish version of me. I find that a lot of what David comes up with are topics I am aware of, and information which I can agree based on my own understandings. Here is some information from a higher self perspective, around duality and why we are here on Earth.
Individual Temporal Lines, Global Temporal Lines and World Events (Part 1) | David Topi
Individual Temporal Lines, Global Temporal Lines and World Events (Part 2) | David Topi
<> David looks at the functioning of timelines in connection to not just individuals, but also groups, and the global consciousness that makes up all of us. It’s a fresh and fascinating perspective on the theory that each choice we make an alternative timeline gets created and played out. Tom Campbell is also a great source to look at, to understand this — his trilogy of three books, My Big TOE, includes this topic. (TOE stands for Theory of Everything)
Shift in Consciousness, Reptilian Planet, ET's & Future Earth, Earth Changes | Nikita the Creator Being — Part 3
<> This is part one of a two part series, based on Melanie’s second QHHT session with Sian Chua, in Perth Australia. Topics included can be found at the top of the article.
Affirmations Everywhere! | Healing Across Time
<> This is a blog entry by Mary M. Truitt, a QHHT practitioner, which not only talks about her experience with her clients, but focuses on three affirmations, or in other words, confirmations and validations around situations she has personally experienced. The word, ‘affirmation’, is something I use when referring to putting in intentions about accomplishing a goal, such as repeating a few sentences to manifest a future situation, so I was a bit confused with the use of the word at first, however in the end I understood what she meant. Mary is also an author and former University writing teacher — I loved the way she put this together.
A Future Earth, ET Assistance, An Ice Age & The Crystal Tower | A QHHT Session by Andy Sway
<> One of’s regular readers contacted me and wanted to share the session he had with Andy Sway. I transcribed it and prepared it for Topics are included at top of the article.
Tom Campbell / Astral Projection / Out of Body Experiences
Tom Campbell at the Monroe Institute
Tom Campbell at the Monroe Institute | Part 2
<> Tom has an interesting method of teaching; he never talks about his direct out of body experiences. He likes to push people in the direction of having their own experiences. What makes these two videos unique, in comparison to his usual workshop or Q&A focused videos that he posts on his YouTube channel, is that these are a recording of part of his programme which he teaches, at the Monroe Institute. 
He played a very important role in the creation of Robert Monroe’s Institute in Virginia, USA, and continues to hold a workshop there, alongside the other programmes (workshops/courses). Note that these videos are long, about five hours in total, but Tom is one of the best sources out there at the moment, in terms of learning about astral projection / out of body experiences, and why this is so beneficial for us.

A free Guided Meditation Album for those who contribute towards
This is an important post as it really does help me out to have a few people contribute towards my time with looking after the site and everything connected into it. This time around, those who contribute can receive a free Guided Meditation Album by meditation teacher and contributing author to, Brad Austen. 

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