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Unspun News for the 3rd January 2016

UNSPUNEWS - 160103

“Saudi Arabia—recently chosen to to head a key United Nations human rights panel—on Saturday executed 47 people convicted of "terrorism," including at least four convicted of offenses related to political protest.”  America’s (and Israel’s) best ally in the M.E. ‘You are judged by the company you keep’?

FINIAN CUNNINGHAM - “Turkey, Saudi Reap Machiavellian Whirlwind” …. “It’s an ill-wind indeed that blows no-one any good. And at least the whirlwind that the Turks and Saudis are reaping from their own Machiavellian plots might just bring a reprieve for parties who are genuinely interested in seeking peace in the region.”

INDIA - “After Day-Long Gun-Battle In Pathankot, 4 Terrorists Dead: 10 Developments“  The rot spreads…..

“Moscow insists Jaysh al-Islam, Ahrar ash-Sham must be on list of terrorist groups in Syria”

“The Chinese military is undergoing a gradual shift to cyber and space warfare, and the move is more visible now as a new command structure has been created.”

“Terror, coupled with the illegal trade in narcotics, particularly heroin, is enabling the orchestration, and funding, of illegal warfare which serves the interests of an international oligarch class as it destroys humanity.   The barbarity of the military operations conducted by the West is beyond the imagination of most domestic audiences, even when details are publicized. “  I’d say that that’s a very good summary of the status quo….

“The nightmare is not over for Libya. In fact, it may only have just begun.”  And a plumbing company in Texas is getting heaps of free advertising….  No, that’s not a non-sequiteur….

“Report: US Pilots in Syria Ordered to Ignore ISIS Oil Convoys” .. “Considering America’s years of experience at “precision bombing” and the vast intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities of the world’s largest military, America’s utter failure in curtailing ISIS and her dozens of “sister organizations” has been inexplicable.”

“The reputation of the Americans abroad is that of a killer nation and a danger to world society; it has practically no allies and those countries who claim to be as such take the US side only in an attempt to exercise some sort of control over their homicidal tendencies, according to the former US ambassador to a number of countries Dan Simpson.”  How’s that for a horses’ mouth comment?

“Baby whales dying along West Coast from unknown cause — Gov’t experts request rush on tissue testing — Scientist: “May have been born weak” — Carcasses washing up on beaches in US, Canada, Mexico — Highly endangered whale “died from abnormal blood clot formations in heart and lungs”  Unknown cause?  Riiiight…...

“The first tropical cyclone of 2016 in the Pacific, category three Cyclone Ula, is passing close to several islands in Tonga, bringing 150 kilometre an hour winds.“

“US flooding: Death toll rises as 'relentless deluge' continues in Midwest”

M5.7 @ 582km Heilongjiang, China.

M5.4 @ 180km Hindu Kush region, Afghanistan.

Ontario, Canada - “Record snowfall slows efforts to clear city sidewalks”

US - Oregon - “Crater Lake National Park sets new December snowfall record”

US - NM - “Roswell Honda and the Shamrock on West Second Street weren’t the only Roswell businesses to experience cave-ins from the mountains of snow violently cast down from the clouds by Winter Storm Goliath.”

“Severe Tropical Cyclone "Ula" hit Tonga kingdom in the Pacific Ocean on January 1, 2015. Hundreds of people were evacuated ahead of the system's approach. Luckily, no victims were reported so far.”

“...we've put together the 2015 Media Fail Awards highlighting the most biased, pseudo-journalistic fake news sources that publish lies meant to deceive and mislead the public.”

Now THIS is indeed an alternative.  Small wonder that the ‘west’ blocks all research into pyramids.  Stunning stuff!  Not woo-woo - THIS is 100% genuine Russian research - years of it.  
See also the links from this page - 


“Sunspot AR2473 exploded again on Jan. 1st, producing an M2-class solar flare This contradicts previous forecasts of quiet from this apparently decaying sunspot.”

“The empathy trap: therapists and counselors almost by definition are empathic, to facilitate clients' recovery - but this quality can mean those carers are targets for sociopaths, aided by what Dr Jane & Tim McGregor call "apaths". The first UK article on this cruel sport shows how to identify and thus avoid it.”  WELL worth reading ….

“A new clinical study out of the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil has tested the effects of theayahuasca healing brew on six volunteers suffering from serious depression. The treatment demonstrated that a mild dose of ayahuasca was able to alleviate symptoms of depression from within three hours to up to three weeks.”

Hilarious - 1980’s summary of the Middle East situation by Alan King.  And sweet nuttin’s changed a bit…..

David Wilcock - ‘The Source Field Investigations’  I’d forgotten how good this is until I re-read it!  A sweeping investigation into scientific findings that are quietly ignored by the mainstream - at least in the West.  The range and depth of information in here should blow you away - and it is all solid, verifiable science.  Yes, you DO have an energetic ‘phantom’;  yes, the concept of universal energy is absolutely real; yes, you are and always will be a part of the galactic energy field.  And heaps more!

“Anyone can witness another’s spiritual inauthenticity when they express their view of the world through the psychic filters of nation, religion, race and gender.”

~~Jason Gregory

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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