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Unspun News for the 31st January 2016

UNSPUNEWS - 160131

PEPE ESCOBAR -  a very revelatory assessment of the Syrian ‘peace’ charade….

“As the West’s mainstream media portrays Russia as a crazy rogue state, Moscow’s thoughtful critiques of world affairs are ignored, not fitting the propaganda theme. Such was the case when Foreign Minister Lavrov explained why there would be no more “business as usual” with the West, as Gilbert Doctorow describes.“  Long, but worthwhile…

“Saudi Arabia, which has fuelled Islamist jihadism through its total support for the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, while in league with its allies Turkey and Israel, has also threatened the stability of a country far to its east.”  (Malaysia).  Zzzzzzzz………...

As in Ukraine, so in Syria.  “Few Americans understand the ugly history behind the Nazi-affiliated movements that have gained substantial power in today’s U.S.-backed Ukrainian regime. Western propaganda has made these right-wing extremists the “good guys” versus the Russian “bad guys,”  Looks like S.O.P…...

“Four months and more than 6,000 sorties later, Russia's counterterrorism efforts are bearing fruit – Daesh is retreating, while Damascus-led forces are on a roll.”  So far, America has not sent a ‘Thank-you’ card…..

Some very perceptive and sensible comment here -  “The Bigger Wild Card - Trump Or Putin?”  Bottom line - “A wild card like Vladimir Putin, acting in the interests of Russia, can frustrate the designs of NATO, can exterminate the proxy terrorists of ISIS. A Donald Trump can bluster, but at the end of the day the deep state will tell him what to do. The last president who tried to curb the PTB ended up in a coffin.”

“Robert Ford was US Ambassador to Syria when the revolt against Syrian president Assad was launched. He not only was a chief architect of regime change in Syria, but actively worked with rebels to aid their overthrow of the Syrian government.”  Slooowly the truths emerge….

“If Palestine has become the emblematic cause of our time, it’s not because of a new “New Anti-Semitism,” although no doubt some anti-Semites have infiltrated its ranks. It’s because the martyrdom of Palestine and the meanness of Israel are so wrong.”


Oz - “Adelaide has had its wettest January in nearly 40 years after wild weather lashed the city.” Chaotic, extreme, violent…..

Oz - “Tasmania - More rain forecast as clean up from deluge begins”

Oz - “The New South Wales State Emergency Service (SES) received more than 700 calls for help across the state on Friday evening and overnight as severe storms swept across the eastern half of the state.”

Bushfires - “'If you put it all together, we're looking at higher fire danger ratings, increases in the frontal systems that drive these extreme events and increases in the number of days of atmospheric instability conducive to fire development,' … 'The real implication is you can expect more extreme fires, which is slightly worrying.'“  Interesting and important read.

US - “Sinkhole swallows up highway in Harbor, Oregon“  Dramatic pix ….

M7.0 @ 158km, Kamchatka Pen’la, Russia.

“The first images to emerge from within Tasmania's fire-affected World Heritage Area (WHA) have illustrated the level of destruction caused by bushfire, as experts warn such incidents are signs of a changing climate.”  Sad, sad images …...

“Muscovites have been taken aback as knee-deep snow has been replaced virtually overnight with torrents of dirty water and icy swamps. Add in some biting winds, and the Russian capital has turned into one massive skating rink.”  Bizarre - and chaotic, novel, random…...

“California's Record Hailstones Look Like Spiky Grenades;  The three-inch wonders fell Saturday during a severe thunderstorm north ofSan Francisco.“  Get the message yet?

“Violent storms wreak havoc across parts of western Europe”  Nasty - also chaotic, violent, ….. You know….

“The UK’s 8 week long flood nightmare continues after heavy rain – reportedly from the remnants of Storm Jonas – caused flooding in areas of England and Scotland on 27 January, 2016. Some towns in the Scottish Borders and northern England have now been flooded as many as four times in the last 8 weeks.”

Oz - Tassy floods.  Right here today - strong SE winds, but so far so good.

Oz - WA - “Tropical Cyclone Stan: Pilbara towns brace for destructive winds as system looms off WA; red alert issued”

“With quintessential harmony, Mars, Neptune, Uranus, and all the other planets are held perfectly in place, with the harmonic ratios of each planet determining how they respond to one another, and how they affect all life on the planet earth, as well as sentient life elsewhere in the galaxy. The ancients understood that cosmic harmony is the state of enlightenment.“


VERY intriguing!  “Hidden from public view for hundred of years, this ancient and priceless manuscript contains chilling predictions of the future.   These prophecies reveal a number of catastrophic events, the arrival of the third Anti-Christ, the end of the Catholic Church and the final days of this era, a doomsday date.   Is the discovery of the book at this point in time an accident or was it destined to be found shortly before the end of this era?”

“Ancient Babylonian astronomers used calculus to find Jupiter 1,400 years before Europeans“  It’s info like this that was why the US targeted the Bagdad Museum so precisely….

“Sunspot AR2488 is crackling with C-class solar flares.” (Earth-directed)

JON RAPPOPORT - “The Zika virus, now being blamed for the birth of babies with very small heads and impaired brains, has been around for a long time—late 1940s, early 1950s—and suddenly, without warning or reason, after inducing, at best, mild illness, it’s producing horrendous damage? This is called a clue. A clue that scientific liars are lying. Furthermore, many of the women who are giving birth to deformed babies test negative for the presence of the Zika Virus.”  If you didn’t smell rats, you’re asleep - read this.

In Oz - this map is a very good summary of significant pending weather threats, with a nation-wide up-to-date warnings summary.

The Nostradamus book mentioned above …..

“They have fought fights, they have upheld strifes,they have done evil, they have created hostilities, they have made slaughter, they have caused trouble and oppression … [therefore]  I am going to blot out everything which I have made,  The Earth shall enter into the watery abyss by means of a raging flood, and will become even as it was in primeval times”

~~The Moon God Thoth, in Chapter CLXXV of ‘The Book of the Dead’

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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