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Unspun News for the 26th January 2016

UNSPUNEWS - 160126

THE SAKER - “Putin’s biggest failure” … “Putin has already secured his place in history as one of the greatest Russian leaders ever. Not only did he succeed in literally resurrecting Russia as a country, but in a little over a decade he brought her back as a world power capable of successfully challenging the AngloZionist Empire.” …” when Putin came to power in 1999-2000 he inherited a system completely designed and controlled by the USA.”  and he has yet to fully expunge the 5th columnists from that ….

“Central and Eastern Europe at Bifurcation Point“  Looks like chaos rules in Europe….

FINIAN CUNNINGHAM -  “Russia to Reap While Others Weep for Misdeeds Towards Iran“   …” The Persian empire is back with a bang it seems – and Russia is poised to reap the fruits of a benign strategic relationship.”

“Israel Razes EU-Built West Bank Humanitarian Buildings, Announces Land Grab”  Today the West Bank- tomorrow TROTW.

“US Senate to Declare “International Martial Law” — Give President ‘Unlimited’ Military Powers”   “Mitch McConnell made a surprise announcement that the Senate is ready to vote for the president to become a virtual military dictator.”

“Emancipating the Military, Containing the Citizenry“  “Those who try to understand military policy often confuse themselves by focusing on minor matters such as strategy, tactics, logistics, and armament. Here they err. For years the central goal of the military, the brass ring, has been independence from control by civilians. It has been achieved.“  And NOT ‘only in America’…. This is global policy.

“The international community has welcomed Saudi Arabia’s initiative to create a coalition against terrorism. However, its “military and ideological” role has been met with confusion even among members, some of whom didn’t know they were included.”  Hallo???

“Brazilian iron ore miner Samarco Minerals SA received serious danger warnings from ground sensors in 2014 and 2015, months before a deadly and environmentally destructive burst of a tailings dam, according to local media.“  And who Cares? Really?

“Egypt, Five Years Later: A Human-rights Catastrophe of America’s Making;  After vowing to support the country's revolutionaries, the U.S. is now aiding and abetting their violent oppression“  Sounds like S.O.P. To me ….

GEORGE GALLOWAY - 7 min video - re the Litvinenko Inquiry.  Just the comments below the video are worth reading - good to know that there are un-sheeple around!

“News broke last Saturday evening that the United States is to conduct a “major investigation” into how the Kremlin is “infiltrating political parties in Europe” amid “mounting concerns” of a new Cold War.  The exclusive, which was published by the UK’s Telegraph newspaper, revealed that James Clapper, the US Director of National Intelligence has been instructed by Congress to begin the major review into Russia’s “clandestine” funding of EU parties over the last decade.”

“China’s military reforms in the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), which have sped up since Xi Jinping came to power in 2012, are making continuous progress and currently the focus seems to be on organizational reform and restructuring.”  The Dragon stirring?


“Ecuador To Sell A Third Of Its Amazon Rainforest To Chinese Oil Companies”  Gaia’s REALLY not gonna like that …...

Oz - Tas - “Former Greens leader Bob Brown has been charged over a protest at the contentious Lapoinya logging site in north-west Tasmania.”  We WILL destroy the ecology of this planet whether you like it or not ….  

Oz - Tas - “Water in high demand in Tasmania as storage levels near record lows”

M6.2 @ 10km, Mediterranean, off coast of Morocco.

UK - “Fifth dead whale found on English beach;  Experts investigate possible causes of worst stranding on the English coast since records began in 1913 ...“

Dr. Sircus - “Western government propaganda is increasing as the weather around the world defies global warming predictions. The latest publication insists that global warming is likely to disrupt a natural cycle of ice ages and contribute to delaying the onset of the next big freeze until about 100,000 years from now is utterly senseless.“  The massive (intentional) tangle of mis- and dis-information ….

“Two people died and more than 100 were injured Sunday as a cold air mass gripped Japan, with record-breaking heavy snowfall in western and central areas of the country.”

US blizzard pix.  Impressive!
Also - snow fall was WAY under-reported….. 
And lots more here - 
“Blizzard 2016 claims at least 30 lives across the US East Coast”

“Indonesia – 5 Dead, 1 Missing After Floods and Landslides in 14 Regions”

Confined, isolated, killed: Primates used for secret ‘Frankenstein-like’ studies in Sydney

“NASA's Scott Kelly snaps blizzard from space, shares 'toilet issues' with Reddit users“  Interesting little snips in here re life in space!

“Goode went on to reveal that there is a hyperdimensional mathematical model that links all the suns in our galaxy, which was given to the Solar Warden program by extraterrestrials. He said that this mathematical model uses geometrical patterns similar to the Platonic solids for navigation purposes.”  Given what we are now learning about the EU, this thesis grows more feasible by the day …. 

“Want To Know What A Real ‘UFO’ Looks Like? These 7 Astonishing Pictures Will Give You An Idea“  De-classified .mil pix …...


Solar plasma tornado video - spectacular!  Solar activity low.  ALSO - the morning planet show going until 20 Feb - spectacular.

Very interesting piece re cosmic wind, X-rays and yet another reason to scrap the idea of a gravitational universe!  Gravity just don’t make X-rays …..  Electricity does.

“Fluoride is a toxic drug linked with an array of potentially serious health problems. Most recently, research linking fluoridated water consumption to thyroid dysfunction received attention in both British and American media.   Evidence also suggests it may contribute to or exacerbate behavioral problems such as ADHD, by way of pineal gland calcification.“  And the pineal gland is your link to your spiritual aspect….

“Eugenics WMD: Zika Virus Prompts Disturbing New Call For ‘No Child Policy’“  Reasonable?  Or just another fear-ploy?

“Poisoning Our Children, Even in the Womb“

“Goal setting: How to say 'no' to others to say 'yes' to your goals“


“In a time of drastic change, it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists.”

~~ Eric Hoffer

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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