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Torque in Tectonic Plates | TimeStar Earth

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The surface of the Earth is shifting towards the east with magnetic core changes, after a previous movement towards the west indicated with alignment of Adam’s Calendar south of the Great Pyramid.  Megaquakes and new islands that have risen since 2004 as well as changing water tables in areas tending to subside result in larger numbers of sink holes, collapsing hills, and landfalls with the planet’s surface shifting and torque in the crust and tectonic plates.  Washington D.C. is definitely sinking and farmers already have problems with water levels. The sequence goes like this:  Magnetic core changes shown in the Kennewick crop circle result in shift on axis that generates torque, unexplained sounds, sinkholes, and rising/sinking lands seeking new isostatic balance. The Earth’s surface periodically shifts to several positions, as if it remembers previous positions.

Earth’s Crustal and Tectonic Torque:
Axis of Planet Shifting with Magnetic Core Changes:

Prediction: These conditions will escalate as the surface of the Earth shifts back to its previous position held when Adam’s Calendar south of the Great Pyramid was last aligned, most likely between 13,000 and 10,000 years ago at the time of the Gothenburg magnetic excursion.  In that magnetic excursion, north and south magnetic poles reversed for fifty years and then flipped back to their present positions.  Magnetic north was located near Gothenburg, Sweden at that time, but shifted to the Hudson Bay area after the magnetic pole flip reversed to their former polarities.  I suggest that the Gothenburg excursion 12,400 years ago was the first sign of an extreme condition in the magnetic core resulting from the meteor impact in the Yucatan 65 million years ago, which caused the east-west equatorial axis to align exactly between the impact crater in the Yucatan (89 West longitude) and its antipode (91 East longitude).

The Kennewick crop circle diagram (below) was measured and drawn by a professional draftsman, and is precisely scaled.  He made a point of letting me know the crop circle bulged exactly where he showed bulges and was oriented to polar north.  Moreover, the strongest magnetic region on the Earth is at the crop circle’s antipode off the coast of Africa.  William Levengood tested the formation and gave his seal of approval for its authenticity.  I have a few more questions to answer about the crop circle, but I suspect the marker for angular momentum may indicate a magnetic pole reversal as well as the shifting of the surface on the axis.

People who look at the crop circle sometimes comment that they cannot figure out how I got all the information from it.  The short answer is that when I stepped into the crop circle in 1993, it was like walking into a hologram.  I saw lines of energy extending to the south and instantly knew it was about the earth grid.  I subsequently found that the formation was 2,160 miles from Teotihuacan, and recognized the importance of that number.  Then I researched everything I could find about the pyramids at Teotihuacan and the mystery of why the avenue was oriented 15.25 degrees east of polar north, towards an older site of magnetic north.  I compared Teotihuacan’s position in the earth grid with the Great Pyramid’s location and measures for rotation (57.2°) in the Stone Sages map.  I put together data piece-by-piece until my confidence in the planetary mechanics these ancient systems offer was high enough to make this prediction.

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