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Questions on Meditation | Focus Sessions

By Lynn via Focus Sessions, 2 January 2015

In light of our recent meditation, I saw this question and thought it would be a good way to start out the new year (discussing meditation practices).

Q. Could we have a detailed reading on the effects of meditation?  Does meditation on emptiness slow down the process of aging?

A.  As I focus on this and mentally define "emptiness" as I go, I see "emptiness" as a term used to explain the ability to quiet your mind and have a good connection with your subconscious while meditating.  During this process I do see something happening to the body. I first see it as if the world is moving around a person meditating (kids playing outside, clocks ticking, etc) but the person is in a "slow motion" state of being.  It looks like our linear timeline (which we are all statically tied to in our physical, conscious form) keeps it's pace, but while in a meditative state our system is slowed (to maybe half of the normal speed of time).  Once we come out of that meditation, we readjust to the current time frame and our system speeds back up to the the speed of the environment, but it happens in a mini "time slip" sort of event.

Aging looks to indirectly slow, but it works in a different way.  The best way I am shown to explain this is if, for example, a heart beats at 75 beats per minute during normal activities.  During a meditation the heart may slow to a resting pace of 50 beats per minute.  For every minute in that meditative state your heart gains 25 seconds (less trauma, less stress, less impact causing age).  I also hear that the heart is just one small example of this very complex human body.

Q. Do we need to concentrate on each chakra to open it or it will automatically open up through emptiness meditation?
A.  They do automatically open, but if there is a blockage, trauma, karmatic influence or imbalance, you will find yourself gravitating toward that chakra in your meditation.  You may see this as a color tied to the chakra, event your subconscious needs to process or an event you need to experience.  Once you open up and allow what ever needs to happen just happen, then you can drift back to your emptiness meditation.

Q. What are the main factors involved in opening up the brow and crown chakra? 
A. If your goal is to have a meditation in which your are wanting to open the brow and crown chakra, it is essential to go into the meditation surrounded with protection (I advise this with any meditation).  It can be a mental thought in which you call on your guides, or you can visualize different lights (white and yellow are effective).  The intent of protection is the goal, and the process you use (guides, mantras, crystals or light) to feel secure is really up to the person.

When you have any chakra open, you may even get physical sensations.  It can range from heat, coldness or even tingles.  All are normal reactions.  The strength of the connection can also vary.  Once you have completed your meditation you will want to drink lots of water.  You may even notice that you are super energized, or really relaxed and just want a nap.  It is all good, and unique to the person.

Q. Why are some people's chakra more open than others?
A.  I get that some chakras aren't more open, but rather easier to access by the individual.  Chakras (for protection) try to stay closed during our conscious moments.  This prevents easy attacks by lower vibrational beings. They open when they are called upon and allowed by our subconscious.  Attacks can occur, but many are blocked, and our guides are also always working for us.

Opening your chakra can be made easier with practice.  We all have the ability to do it, but for some it is easier than others.  Keep trying and work at it.  It really will get easier.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

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