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Individual Temporal Lines, Global Temporal Lines and World Events (Part 2) | David Topi

This is part two of a two part series by David Topi, based on information received from his guides. It focuses on the topic of individual, group, and global timelines. This part also touches on the process of the new earth and how that interrelates to multiple timelines and the false flag and other controlling events that occur in the world. (Part 1 is here)
Much thanks to Jose, who always translates this information for me, as David Topi is Spanish speaking. I have gone through and re-worded a few things to also help with that translation, as I am familiar with the information so have a high level of confidence around what is being said.
Some of you may notice similar concepts and understandings in this information when comparing it to Dolores Cannon’s info that she has shared at times, especially in her book, The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth.
By guest contributor David Topi (Translation & thanks to José)

The Situation
As you know, we are talking about the radical separation that has taken place in these moments for months, at a macro-planetary level (in a frequency and vibration type of way, so to speak), among different levels of “reality”; the macro temporal lines which cover the whole of humanity are seen in a different way, like the following image:

In one hand, we have a lot of people connected because their own evolutionary level of consciousness, vibration, etc., to a temporal line which directly carries them to the matrix, change the next level of the game — the next conscious density.
Let’s imagine that we are the ones who belong to the left wire in the image, the smallest. Now it is the temporal line with a lesser amount of people attached to it currently. Then we have a lot of people delimited in an intermediate temporal line that makes the role of the separation between the new evolutionary and consciousness reality and the current one, the 3D ship or the ”old Earth”. This intermediate line, represented in the image above by the white wire in the middle, grows and grows as more people move their personal reality — by their internal growth and development — towards the intermediate line from the most dense and complex line, where all the games, events, situations and problems that have existed, always in the lowest and negative reality in the planet, are still underway.
This intermediate line has been growing (more single wires in its interior) as they told us in the last session: 
             David: You meant that there are a lot of people inside that intermediate line, don’t you?
Guide: Yes, “there are a lot between both worlds”. That is the reason why it is needed that you are very present, very concentrated in what you are doing now. Remember what I told you in 2014, you have to change in all the levels in order to be able to jump to the “other ship”, in a physical, emotional, spiritual level. There must be transmutation, that death and resurrection of oneself, which deprives you from the ancient that joins you with the old reality, and let you to be anchored to the new one. The last flapping is to arrive soon, when the wings get unfolded… and the butterfly flies free. 
For the rest of the 2014 year and probably 2015, external events are going to be intensified and increased dramatically; that was the message they gave us, and the desperate attempt of the ones that are looking for the way to trap us as “wires” will be tremendous.
I think it is not necessary to make a review about the attempts from our “elites”, by the indications of the groups and races as always, about everything they are trying to manifest in the planet in order to affect to the main common reality which includes the greater number of people. (The black sleeve, and because its proximity the middle line too): desperate attempts to create a world conflict, through Ukraine & Gaze, that drags all the humanity to a reality in which only a few ones were able to escape from, the “Ebola” pandemic underway, the creation of new terrorist threats like ISIS, that justifies armed interventions in a great extent, etc. All of that, if it wasn’t controlled and counteracted by the intervention of other groups and external races, through the China and Russia mainly, in order to stop this desperate Americans, Zionist and European attempts to go to a world conflict, we would have a lot of problems in order to be anchored to this new lines which mark the change of the evolutionary way.
In the last session I asked too:
David: These races, the ones which have always controlled us, must feel very upset, because they don’t have any control about the process of evolutionary change, that can’t be stopped.
Guide: Yes, a lot, but it is part of their own processes too…
David: Well, perhaps this is so simple but it would be much easier for them just take their things and move to another planet, because the party is already finished here.
Guide: Right, from your point of view, but it is not the same from the point of view of these groups that have spent a lot of time here. It is what I explained to you before with the example about the injured animal whose anger makes him cling to what it has, because don’t want to lose it.
David: If it was a race with a unique group mind, I would understand it, but here are so many fighting for a piece of cake; none of them seem to have valid attitudes to understand that they have nothing to do.
Guide: In other levels, they already have that attitudes, but not in the present one from where they are controlling and manipulating the planet, since time ago. It’s similar to your concept of ego, pride, etc. — which is in charge at these moments.
David: That’s the reason why the other races that assist us, are keeping them controlled in order to not disturb in the last flight of the butterfly, is that correct?
Guide: Totally.
David: Do whatever they want in the shell, but in the butterfly don’t even touch a single wing, right?
Guide: Sure. They are already trying it, don’t you think the opposite. But they don’t know how to cling and keep everything they have. It is the most accurate simile that I can get. You have to think that they are so destructive on other levels that they don’t care at all about doing anything in order to get their aims, which leads them to their own destruction, because they can destroy what they crave and destroy themselves. Their behavior makes no sense except at a much higher level, not understandable by you, has a reason for being…
David: At a “BEING” level of each of them?
Guide: Yes, because doesn’t it matter what happens, or what they do, absolutely all of them have paths and opportunities to return back to the Source. That’s for sure, because is this way as that is the rules of the Creation.
David: Without that, this would not make sense at all then, right?
Guide: Absolutely.
David: So it seems we live in a supermarket of fear. What do you want in order to get worried about today? A healthcare epidemic? A new armed intervention? A world conflict? A financial crash?
Guide: Correct. Now you know that they are more interested in creating a world conflict, the law of fear is more powerful there. We will see how the events get developed, but remember what I said before, you have to avoid to be dragged in by them.
 So it seems, with regard to the macro temporal lines, that this is the present situation. Even though these three wires seems to run in parallel at different frequency levels, in the near future what we are going to see is a more radical divergence with two polarities only, white and black, once the butterfly process forms into the New Earth and separates completely, because the intermediate temporal line will be absorbed by the other two macro-realities, a priori, if nothing changes, by the one that leads to the change of the evolutionary level and the new Earth.
A time will come which anybody who is not present in your “sleeve” (White or Black) will no longer have any contact with the persons in the opposed line, and it is not clear how the events will move in each line in order to place each person in their corresponding global line. If there have been external changes that have affected our line of events so far, the ones which are coming soon will be much more intense, because the time in order to change from the old ship to the new one will come to an end soon. So remember, don’t allow anything to get in your way.

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Article edited by Laron and translated by José

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