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Individual Temporal Lines, Global Temporal Lines and World Events (Part 1) | David Topi

By guest contributor David Topi (Translation & thanks to José)

Your personal temporal line
The sequence of events perceived as linear that you experience in life, is what we call your personal temporal line. It started when you were born and it will finish when you die. Your personal temporal line has multiple branches and possible detours; because the decisions you take, based on your perception of the situation in the moment of a branch, will make you go for a branch or another — to an alternative or another — and your temporal line will be adjusted inside a group of parameters, more or less restricted, depending on your evolutionary and consciousness levels, that are the ones which mark that you have more or less options, in your particular range of decisions, because you are able to perceive and understand more alternatives, or less, of the ones you have in front of you.
Your personal temporal line has an energy that drives around, for our perception, from our past towards our future, and only in certain inflection points of that energy key moments arise, where you can change the direction of your life. Not always it is possible, and this is determined by the process and the rules that operate the movement and expressions of all energy processes, the so called “octaves law”. For that reason, sometimes you advance in your life with no possibility at all to change the course you have, and sometimes you find key points and moments where the options for changing your life are shown.

Each person therefore has an inherent temporal line and all of us move through those lines, each of us showing the particular circumstances of their lives based on their actions and the “cause/effect Law”, because each action most of you perform, and because it goes inside the energetic channel which represents our own temporal line of events, we face tomorrow what we started yesterday without knowing about we really created it. (Unless you are very aware of each step you take) In general the human being lives his life through the “causality law”, allowing things to happen to them because he is not aware that he is generating causes, which could be avoided or things could be stopped, that could be helpful for him to express an effect in the future, in his same temporal line.

Only a “highly conscious person” and “self-conscious” of his acts, can manage and escape, at least partially, if not totally, from living a life under a pure causality law.
In this case, you can imagine your temporal line like a rolling wire that wandered from beginning to end, according to the way your consciousness advances by your temporal perception of how the events are coming — one behind the other.
Grouped temporal lines
Each temporal personal line has his frequency and vibratory components, because they are only “energies”, and they vibrate in a specific form. Let’s imagine that we represent these vibrations by a color, so we would have people that, based on their frequency characteristics, would be blue, other ones green, other ones brown, other ones red and so on. I’m not associating these colors with anything like auras, chakras, dimensional planes, etc — it is just an example about how we can perceive the vibration of each individual line if we could see them from the outside of our space-temporal matrix.
So because of the energy attraction law, persons that share a temporal line and vibration with a similar color would be resonating near one another, grouped by colors. On the one hand, we would see a group of blue wires (people at a similar level of consciousness, evolutionary level and resonance frequency) advance in the same direction, with their temporal lines intertwined with each other, producing the lives of that person’s interaction among them, and the things happening together for them all.
It would be something like this:

The same would occur to the red, green, yellow groups, and so on. They would be together more or less by resonance frequency, and they would share a “similar common future”, progressing to it in parallel , because all of them resonate with the same type of probable events and all of them show them, based on a greater or lesser grade, in their respective individual temporal lines.
When people with the same tastes, interests, evolutionary levels, common targets, live together, they evolve and wander by their lives in parallel; their temporal lines get intertwined and unless one of those people, in one of the own inflection points of his temporal line, decides to change the course of his life, normally will follow the same grouped temporal line which he belongs to, because his comfort zone keeps him in the manifestation of events of his life. The law of own causality, because the ones he shares evolution path with, so to speak, help each other to keep the “cattle grouped”, to avoid any sheep to be dispersed. That’s the reason why, in most of the cases, the greatest obstacles in order to perform extensive changes in our lives are the same people whom we share, because that implies — and they know about it in a subconscious level — disturbances in the common channel where they are going to be affected and sprinkled.
Global temporal lines
If we have grouped temporal lines that can be composed by one or two million people, is there a unique line for all of us? It has existed, or we could say that before the separation process in two macro-realities, {See David's previous posts below} a unique temporal line for humanity has always existed — it embrace the sum of all possible realities of each of the human beings. That global temporal line is the line which builds the limits of the individual lines; if you put a plastic sleeve around to the intertwined 7,500 million wires. Similar to this:

So now the temporal line of what is going to happen in a macro-planetary scale, is marked by the white “sleeve”, and all the range of events that are available for the individual lines can never overcome or escape from the margin of actions that are imposed by the global temporal line, which marks the delimited reality for the human race.
Manipulating the global line
For the management of the planet, the ones who managed it have kept the global line always under control, manipulating it at a macro scale and acting at determined inflections points at a planetary scale, (for example, with events that affect the whole population directly or indirectly) so none of the realities or individual temporal lines could escape this control. Since this is not an easy task because inside the white wire millions of persons fight against this control system, it is a constant “tug-of-war” between the ones with different color wires inside, which are fighting to place the direction, frequency and vibration of the white “sleeve”, which wraps around them and the ones who try (from outside or inside) to keep the same “sleeve” compressed, restricted and delimited. Sometimes one of them wins and at other times the others win. Sometimes we were able to move the humanities temporal line towards a very positive future “X” and other times it is moved again towards a not so positive future “Y” (the inside wires). That is the reason why there are polarities with this game, based on the ones that rule us, the ones that support us and the ones that act from inside.
I expect the concept of individual temporal lines vs global temporal lines is clearer now. In the next article we will discuss “about things that happens in the world” that in these moments are affecting both the white “sleeve” and the different personal lines of colors.

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Article edited by Laron and translated by José

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