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Higherselves talk about 'The Game' | David Topi

Here is some new information from David Topi, translated by José. The information is from David's higherself, from what I understand, and is talking about why the higherselves decide to split into individual conscious beings and come to the Earth School. This information matches my own understandings and I find it very accurate. 

Simple visualisation of the Game of Life, where living cells are placed as spheres in a spacetime diagram. The color depends on the time the cell has been alive and the number of neighbours. Photo by Anders Sandberg.

By guest contributor David Topi (Translation & thanks to José)
All the “Higher Selves” which are incarnating in the Earth in these moments or in other ones, knows about 'the game' we are playing in. It is designed that way in order to make the board in which we experience our life be as efficient as possible. What you perceive like control, negativity, crisis, problems, are opportunities from our point of view. As far as the linear time goes on and “graduation opportunities” arise, we require the difficulty level to be increased, for a lot of us. That is shown, for a lot of us, in tougher realities. The negative part of the game is performed in other characters by other entities like us, which evolve by other polarity, so we make a favor each other. Their learning it is based on what we call a negative way; our learning is based on a positive way and we need each other in order to gain our knowledge. From our point of view, all is a “stage”, incredibly complicated, multilevel and multidimensional, where we get all we need to be able to transcend this cycle.
It is perfectly valid to try to change the system; we allow a lot of our incarnations became fierce fighters against everything that goes “wrong”, but at the same time we allow other incarnations from the “Higher Selves” that deal with the “negative” role to do the same too. We can’t allow the rules of the game to be changed, because that rules are the ones which allow us evolve extremely faster.

Precisely, the fact that the world in which we incarnate be controlled by media, financial, politics, secret and extraterrestrial powers is what allows us to obtain our lessons about solidarity, fellowship, unconditional help, tolerance, love, comprehension,  serenity, patience , empathy, etc.  Otherwise, it would be impossible to assert this knowledge if there weren’t any pieces in the “board”, in all the levels, in order to create the circumstances to make that lessons and learning we need to occur.
Even so, we give you full freedom to create the reality you desire. The “board of the game” has its own rules, but the one who desire not to be affected by them is not affected, and whatever manipulation he faces can’t influence him, or create any disruptions if that incarnation is able to transcend after have knowledge of his purpose in life.  It all depends on the consciousness and comprehension level the incarnation has.
The rules can’t be changed all at once and just install an utopic and idyllic system . We already had that kind of systems in our origin places, and that was the real cause leaving them because the evolution path was very slow in that kind of system. New times of change are approaching and we need to increase our rhythm to get our last experiences, for that matter, the “game board” in which we incarnate must provide them. We know that from “down there” this is not always understood but is something that the Higher Selves, “the good” and “the bad” ones know perfectly.

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