Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Half Past Human Discovery | Rodin Coils, Ferrofluid and Magnetic Fields

Clif High is starting a series of videos titled, Half Past Human Discovery. (Half Past Human is the name of his website: halfpasthuman.com) Within these shows he talks about what is going on at Half Past Human, as well as the broader world, and lastly he looks specifically at certain technologies with a scientific approach and demonstration.

For the demo in this video, Clif looks at rodin coils, ferrofluid, and magnetic fields.

Clif High is the co-creator of the webbot, which is a bunch of software programs that act like internet spiders, searching the web for data with specific instructions telling them what to take notice of. This data is collected into a large database and future predictions are then calculated, and later on interpreted by Clif. The idea here is that people discuss their dreams, visions, propheices, etc, on the internet, and the webbot is able to pick this up and come out with a rather high level of accuracy in terms of future events.

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