Thursday, January 14, 2016

Clif High Interview: Life After Death, 2016 Year of Chaos, Nuclear Fallout, Megaquakes, Epidemics, Weather Wars

Here is an interview with the webbots Clif High, by the 'Leak Project' on YouYutbe, which was posted about a day ago. It discusses a number of events that the webbot has picked up for 2016, such as Nuclear Fallout, Megaquakes, Epidemics and Weather Wars. Clif also brings up the topic of Life After Death.

Description: (An hour and 11 minutes) "I have been following clif for almost 8 years and must say, he is one of the most intellectual people I've had the opportunity to speak with. We discuss possible cataclysmic events that could take place in 2016. Then during the later part of the show we talk about life after death and what happens after physical death."

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