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2015 Webbot Reports Recap

Written by John, edited by Laron and approved for publishing by Clif High, here is a detailed look at what the webbot predicted last year (2015), along with validating links. You can find the webbot homepage here, Clif High on Twitter here and YouTube here.

By John,’s contributing writer

My dates are the dates that I had recorded and found the event, so they may not correspond exactly to the event of the article that the date precedes; this is chronological of how I found and documented it for the year.

January started off with a wide time meme forming. The whole year would soon have this meme affect it many times. Clif High discussed Time publicly and frequently during the year in reports .Jan 9, Clif High stated that videos would appear and people would be discussing it all over the place. Remember those wild China videos of time displacement? That occurred almost 8 months after Clif said to look for them in 2015.

Photo by Jessie Hodge

A recap of January 9 report: The first beginnings and understanding of new and novel discoveries. The emergence of new electrics internationally. All kinds of new discoveries at a rapid pace worldwide. Discoveries that really rock the world and progress.

15 - 18th of July is a peak of emotional growth up to that, which would then plateau. It would be an initial step up, to progress humans for decades — its the beginning of the decade of massive discoveries and the "WOW Decade", as he is calling it now. Lots of the discoveries will be hidden by the mass chaos of the social order, chaos of markets and global population being unsettled.

Decline of empires and the rise of renaissance. Counter pushing effects. People will go back and forth between being disturbed by both forces. If you like stability, pick one and stay with it is his advice, so you won’t go crazy — good advice I would say. Focus on the renaissance.

January 15 - Update from Clif: Flying shitstorm is now airborne. Swiss central bank crash and new Greek crash has started the events.

January 18 - Clif High starts to see the crash coming into view. Data shows it as crash of dollar in March timeframe and that sheeple start to awaken from their slumber and quote, "fucked up beyond all their imaginations", then they get angry from June-August. Later in year he confirmed that this was to occur in 2016 since temporal markers fell in September. ECB rocks markets from a decision in April. Real estate starts to cut in half. Universities in US won’t be able to hold on during April and will shut down which leads to the populace chaos in summer. (Now seeing this as certain for 2016 with recent data)

The 2015 fire at the Vatican that will reveal some hidden secrets. It’s a minor fire in a hidden room. That’s a temporal foreshadowing of 2019 fire that will gut the Vatican and destroy it — they will not rebuild it nor will anyone care or want to.

He says that government will admit geoengineering around March time frame. They will admit they have been doing it for decades and in secret because they were doing it for our own good and didn’t want to get the environmental law involved but that it’s got to the point where it’s not working and they have to really increase it and go to drastic extreme geoengineering measures; so they need the people to support it and buy into it, as that will be the only thing that will save humanity or else we all die.

January 21/22: Saudi King died — major temporal marker.

January 26: Public info on his site:
‘LT data types are suggesting that [November, 2015] will have [aware (??) humanity] being [actively/dynamically] involved with [multiple species] of [space aliens]. Further data sets point to a [fundamental (knowledge) revolution] that occurs [across popular understanding] in the first [half] of 2015 as [events (dalek?)] become [too blatant] to [collectively ignore]. A curious side effect of this set has huge levels of cross links back over to the [british criminal rulers (aka self-claiming 'royals')] where [history] will be [revealed] that will [set the populace] against the [blood lines] at a [visceral/cellular] level. This [(near) xenophobic reaction] is described as [destroying] several [offshoots (of 'royals' bloodlines)] and also causing [near total breakdown] of the [BBC].’

February 16: Report: Talk of the Google Effect. JIT delivery issues. Ports jammed up. People have to come in and help straighten out the mess. New spotty diseases appear from radiation. Appears same time as hospitals start breaking down due to JIT failure.

River shifting course shuts down nuke plants. Mudslides and EQ causing some power plants to go down. Earth Expansion will start breaking power lines and people will think its terrorism.

Extremes of weather again. Extreme heat and extreme cold. 2016 Glaciers forming will start to become a problem. There will be so much flooding that GUS will not be able to cope with it. Many attempts at starting WW3 will be thwarted at many times. TPTB losing ability to apply mind control. Insurance is key to the entire system. Once that starts to fail you will see whole system start to fail in weird and unexpected ways. Insurance here can mean derivatives, which are a form of insurance; this especially holds true to municipalities and insurance on their areas as claims must start to be issued.


February 17: More on manipulation of weather,

March 4: Bots correct on late weather storms. Boston and other East Coast and Midwest cities were buried and had late storms that dumped near record amounts already on top of near record or record amounts of snow.

March 12: - More GlobalCoastal Event — Earth Expansion events found,

March 30: - Report, "2015 will be first year that reports all of the cancers that Fukushima has caused on west coast of the US. There will be a huge bloom of reports in the news about this. First year of a multiyear bloom of reporting about Fukushima cancers; wind brought heavy rads three years ago to the west coast. A few years out the internal US population will start to report all of the rads causing cancers. Alongside that, solar radiation will be severely intense until 2021, and burn and cause issues with humans. Severe radiation burns from sun to humans here in North America.

Bloom of cancers due to people using so many chemicals to counter all of the sun radiation. Extreme sunburns during spring and summer. Even people used to sun will have extreme sunburns. Deep and penetrating burns in early springtime weather. (I already got a partial one of these a few weeks ago even in the very early spring. My whole face got burned.)

UV rays will start to break down outdoors. Objects, like chairs, will age 50 times faster. People won’t be able to cure cement out in the sun anymore. Many processes will fail — those that relied on the old way the sun worked. Materials will fade fast and break down to UV rays."

Personally I noticed the UV rays issue. If you notice your weather application now includes the UV level out; the issue was far more pronounced in central US where I found the intensity on some days to be intolerable, even though it was nice and cool out. This really took effect in September and October, when the UV index hit levels worse than summer usually. You had to cover up or get an instant burn. It would be 40-50 degrees outside but we had to open up all the windows as our house was being heated up by the sun’s rays.

April 5: I noted that Clif High had mentioned that 2017 would be the year of the Pacific Oceans bouncing, earthquakes and tsunamis; 2017 is the major year of Earth Changes — much of Japan will go under water, the west coast of the US will break up a lot. The Pacific Northwest will be radically changed by this. Note that Clif really rushed to get his boat done this year (hint hint). This also all fits in with Edgar Cayce’s prophecies.

April 6: Clif High says at end of latest IDIR that the renaissance is really seen to be taking off by the younger generations in creating and changing the food growing world; forced out of necessity, they will create so many new ways to grow and store food. The young 20 something’s all go out and start creating these new ways and start to overcome all of the hurdles that are being thrown at us by earth changes and human caused pollution and destruction of our food base and bad practices.

He seemed quite happy by the end of the report saying the data was starting to look hopeful in that regards.

April 9: A future scientist is born.

April 15: I record that Clif states that Hillary will be President. She will be the last crazed Cabal President.

April 17: Solar spikes in Dec/Jan 2015/16; these major spikes in solar radiation will cause all of the major earthquakes in 2016, that will plague people worldwide.

Report — my cherry picked parts

.01 percenters will start to flee their desert and drought areas.
2017 +: Use of geoengineering to make a cave out of the earth to try and protect from sun rays or all of the 2017 volcanoes will create a cave like appearance to sky in any event they will want to use geoengineering to try and combat the sun’s rays
2021: Picture emerges of diaspora which has been in effect for a while. 3 streams of impacts to diaspora;

1. Alteration of southwest and California as its drought is making it uninhabitable. Only the harder people could remain. Drought will extend from California all the way to Portland and extend to Washington state to Kelso and then stop. It will also extend out to Colorado, Utah, Nevada and Wyoming. Shifting aquifers really drain it at same time as surface drought. Excessive snow and rain on North-eastern US and Southeast.
2. Unknown issue in central US starts in Texas. Pushes people north into Kansas and Colorado.
3. Shifting river thread. Southeast. People in southeast have to flee the nukes. They will flee south and north; many will go to Florida and Caribbean. Isolation of US from Mexico. Extreme drought will make it hard to get to Mexico from US — would be a very dangerous road. Also some disease state shows up that makes it so that you don’t go in the area as there is something on the dust like a disease. Don’t know if its disease but whatever it is, it forces 3-4 million people to move north to get away from Texas. This keeps Mexico safe. Pollution to Gulf of Mexico. River changes path and it pollutes the Gulf. Radical transformation of Pacific Ocean with all of the alterations and new islands. 2017 is worse with 2018 being top of worse, then calms down little till 2025.

April 18:  After the major issues force US people to move north, the same things will happen in Europe and people will be fleeing north to get away from southern Europe.

April 22: Clif confirmed today that time has indeed shifted and that what we saw in 2013 is exactly what we thought. Now in 2015 we are rapidly catching up with time and it’s why events are moving so fast and so many of them at once. Clif also mentioned that they have to move quickly now and move their belongings.

The 16 days in June discussion — this turned out to be China related and was pivotal in the events that transpired afterwards in 2015.

April 24: Major storms in Sydney. 30 + ships stranded. These ships at distress was a big meme for 2015.

April 27: State of emergency now. Clif says it’s fitting old language expected for Maryland

May 27:  — receding waters reveal at least 19 dead while 13 still missing as relentless storms parked over Texas threaten even MORE flooding.

June 6: I wrote down that Cliff High discussed online in April also that a kill shot for a region occurs. It cuts a huge path through some area but the rest of planet is safe. It’s a region or province that all of its power is knocked out for year’s maybe decades and it’s a populated modern area.

June 8: From my personal notes: Ah so I hadn’t noticed till yesterday that he explains why he is closing things up and getting the boat and vehicles ready immediately. He said that according to their analysis of data that their region in PNW is going to get very ugly due to the diaspora. There will be so many people trying to cram into that area from California that things will get very ugly fast. The populace will fight each other and things will not be pleasant. so that’s why he is changing his plans and not going with those yurts and selling them off and why he had to get that boat already faster than he had been. He also had to clear off the land around the boat so he could get it out so that’s what he has been doing for the past few months as well. He is making big moves for himself so he must see something he doesn’t like in that area soon.

Clif just posted Kerry will die from his wounds from the assassination attempt (That didn’t happen — I think that was Clif guessing and nothing to do with data.)

June 11: Report, "Rising awareness of rays becoming acute. Health issue. Antarctic will burn holes in ice; because massive ice melt in spots like a laser did it. This is what releases the flying Nazi economy. Reveals working ruins. Will show much damage to buildings in arctic and Antarctic with paint peeling and the power of the burn from the sun.

Shifting aquifers drain the water from all along Columbia River. Drought is one thread. Unnamed/unknown thread. Pushes people from Texas and Kansas to parts of Colorado to move them north. Shifting rivers disruption of river unable to supply water to nuke plants. They move north. Some move to flag trying to get to Caribbean.

Isolation of US from Mexico. Extreme drought so bad that no one can cross without death. Unnamed thread — some area is quarantined for some reason. It’s so dangerous and no way to filter or contain it, so have to quarantine the whole area. This moves 3-4 million people north. This keeps Mexico isolated from us. Water pollution emerges later from new river courses that cause damage and create pollution for Gulf of Mexico. Massive surface pollution from rivers sweeping out all land stuff out to water. Gulf becomes incredibly congested and polluted. Radical transformation of Pacific Ocean. Real alterations. Strange winds off pacific. Dust storms in California 1/3 of pop in California will figure out they have to move and start to move this year. They have enough money to be able to move and have recognized it. Employers are forced to close down and move due to issues with the water and weather. Then conditions get so bad that people start to part in haste and haul whatever they can at once. Miles of broken down empty vehicles not capable of moving the people out. Sudden group trying to flee conditions. It starts out small and then turns into a flood of people moving. Early indications already of southeast us already showing up with water issues with the boone dam sinkhole. Diaspora earlier in southwest before southeast. Early signs that the longer forecast are more accurate.”

June 22: Jsnip in webbot report,

August 4: Report, "Australia and New Zealand  both are showing in the data sets as being 'damaged' as well as 'benefiting' from the twin symptoms of planetary expansions, ‘new lands'  and 'ocean current changes'. In the case of the former, coastal communities with developed infrastructure are shown as being damaged by new storm patterns, rising sea levels, and earthquake related slides, and undersea contour changes. In some very tall areas will be liquefied by temblor to the point that long run-out landslides into the oceans occur which produce new coastal contours and new coastal currents. By the 2020's. Most likely around 2017 to 2018 when he expects the events for earth to really ramp up but could go out as far as 2028.

August 8: — the QA that went along with this report.

August 12: China market issues.

Sept 4: Last paragraph of webbot ALTA report, 

"So much of human life is spent in some other time, in our minds, than the experience of this moment. We live mainly in the fantasies of the past, and the fantastic projections of the future. It is so rare that we live here, in this now, that our thoughts reflect this in such language as 'live in the now', and other encouragements to centre the mind here, in this instant of time. Indeed, whole schools of philosophy and human endeavour such as Zen and Yoga and Taoism have emerged over the centuries to aid those seeking to do just that, live in this now. Our data is forecasting Change at such levels globally over these next few years that all of humanity will be provided ample opportunity to experience the Now. Most will be NOT seeking it, so the encounter with this ever present Now is going to be a shock, brought up by crises, needed by so many souls apparently that universe had no other choice and has taken the expedient approach of a collectively grand, total humanity, experience of Change.

While humanity's experience of great, planet wide change is frequent, it is unusual and rare in any individual's life. These very rare, to the individual, planet wide, humanity affective periods of change, are what the TPTB/Illuminati are trying to engineer with their 9/11 and other false flags. Those humans now alive will be very soon able to easily ascertain the difference within their own mind and bodies as we, humanity, reach yet another one of these great shifts brought about by universe JUST so that YOU, along with 7/seven billion of your brothers, sisters, and cousins, will feel it as your body is pushed into the Ever Present NOW through the real Hard Edge of Time."

Sept 18: Noticed Anger rising everywhere. Leading up to the Tipping point. This was period of massive rising energies across the board.

Oct 11: Clif tweeted to watch the days of crisis — Nov 12 to Dec 15. We now know those were days of political crisis here in US about the election. There were also lots of events around ISIS and revealing of Turkey and so many other things but you all were there right?

Oct 21: Evidence of UV rads becoming an issue:

Nov 10: How can we forget the actual manifestation of Space Goat Farts —

Nov 12: I found this video that shows you all of the GCE events ongoing.

Dec 27: MSM open admission of chemtrails. Have you seen how chemtrails are openly admitted now and they are just as Clif High said they would be presented; that they are out of money and that it’s for solar radiation management. This is from last year, not sure how I missed it,

Main Stream Media feeding the populace. Smithsonian mag has quite a few articles on it actually, when I went scrolling through the list. Now I go looking and find that it’s been a thing for a while under this name, Operating out in plain sight but now they are losing funding so had to come out in the light. Googling solar radiation management gives you all of the hits.

December was a busy month for updates from Clif. Go check out all of his new YouTube videos,

There are new stories he has written on his site as well,

The most recent is about the Break Away Civilization and how we can make do with them.

If you want to catch up on all of the free info he gave away on Twitter this year you can use and enter his username of @clif_high. It’s a lot. I didn’t even go through it all because this year alone he tweeted 24 pages worth of tweets.

I will end with this. Here is his first tweet of the year, Jan 1 2015:

"@aikinjm much more secrets revealed leading to devastation in re-ins 'industry'. And bad news for derivatives upcoming. @Supermasonic13 'redemption' does not cover the complexity involved. But at some point of stubborn refusal 2 learn, universe ends it with u."

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