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Unspun News for the 4th December 2015

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“American policy-makers and presidential candidates must now make a fateful decision—join Moscow in an alliance against ISIS, or persist in treating the Kremlin as an enemy.“

“Only days after Turkey's fatal shoot-down of a Russian warplane, the European Union announces it is giving the Ankara government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan €3 billion in a "deal" allegedly aimed at halting the flow of refugees to the EU.”

“Russian ambassador shuts down Tories, Turkey AND Labour rebels in single tweet“  Neat tweet!!!!!!!

RON PAUL - “The War on Terror Is Creating More Terror”  Exactly.  Right under your nose.  Get the idea yet?  The opposite of love is fear…… from whence comes hate.  Ever had that ‘groomed’ feeling?

“Trump on Terrorists: You Have to Take Out Their Families“  Like I just said …..

FINIAN CUNNINGHAM - “Massacre Proves Turk, Washington Complicity in Syria Terror”

“Spoils of war: Arms giants see stocks rocket after Syrian airstrikes vote“

10 min Youtube video.  “Russia's Huge Announcement That Will Change The War”  “(…) Russia presented direct evidence of Turkey buying illegal oil from the black market supporting terrorists.”  
(AND MORE …..)
Also - 

“Why Assad Isn't "Our Son of a Bitch" - sounds about right!

“A leaflet drawn up by an inner-city child safeguarding board warns that “appearing angry about government policies, especially foreign policies” is a sign “specific to radicalisation”.  Parents and carers have also been advised by the safeguarding children board in the London Borough of Camden that “showing a mistrust of mainstream media reports and a belief in conspiracy theories” could be a sign that children are being groomed by extremists.”
Message received?  And understood?

MARY MAXWELL - “If you’re in a shopping mall, you can run and hide, but if you are disabled and in a wheelchair you can’t escape. Right away I realised “we are ALL disabled.”We all can’t escape. So I offered to write an article about that factor, rather than about San Bernardino. And here it is.“ …… “I started this article by entitling it “We Are ALL Disabled. But are we really? Maybe it’s an illusion. Maybe we only think we are powerless while really we are extremely powerful.“

“Israel buys most oil smuggled from ISIS territory - report”

“Ambush of Russian Bomber Was Guided by US Reconnaissance“  Appears logical…...

“Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that he has shared intelligence with the other G20 member states, which reveals the 40 countries from which ISIS finances the majority of their terrorist activities. The list reportedly included a number of G20 countries.”


M5.4 @ 5km, Eastern Turkey.

M5.4 @ 41km, offshore Coquimbo, Chile.

“Heaviest daily downpour in a century paralyses India's Tamil Nadu and state capital Chennai”  Violent, dangerous, unpredictable…..
And -
And - 

“Earthquakes in the Eastern Mediterranean? Much More Plentiful in Past Than Thought“

“Dragon awakens: Mount Etna dazzles with first eruption in two years“

“New Mount Merapi eruption rattles evacuees in Indonesia“

“Catastrophic’: World has lost 33% of arable land in 40yrs, study says“  Forgive them, Gaia, for they know not what they do…..

NICARAGUA - “Momotombo started its first eruption since 1905. The vigorous Strombolian eruption (see above and below) produced an impressive lava fountain along with a dark ash plume over the area near Lake Managua.”

“Forrest Gump once said, “Stupid is as stupid does.” Turns out, he was right.   New research finds that people judge actions as stupid for three primary reasons: The actions reflect a foolhardy level of risk, an absent-mindedness and lack of practicality, or an impulsive lack of control.”

The most astounding thing about the Universe.  Spectacular pix - BUT also some very profound thoughts here……  PONDER DEEPLY ……  


“Both of these sunspots are in decay, and the face of the sun is almost blank.”  BUT ….
“A vast hole in the sun's atmosphere--a "coronal hole"--has opened up in the sun's northern hemisphere, and it is spewing a broad stream of solar wind into space. …. Solar wind flowing from this coronal hole will reach Earth beginning ~Dec. 6th, and our solar wind environment will be dominated the stream for days after first contact.”

“The house of cards which is modern astronomy contains two jokers. Both lie in the foundation; both are being played; and the house is doomed to collapse.”  Interesting article!

“Lasting only a fraction of a second yet packing a phenomenal amount of energy, FRBs are brief radio flashes of unknown origin that appear to come from random directions on the sky. These brilliant eruptions of cosmic radio waves, have baffled astronomers since they were first reported nearly a decade ago.”

“Fungus and Cancer: Candida And Fungal Infections May Cause Cancer…  Eliminating These Fungal Infections Is Vital For Getting Rid Of Cancer”

“Given the highly toxic state most people find themselves in, the rapidly changing environment in which we live in, and the incredible ability that iodine has to strengthen people's health and improve their lives, I decided to write the following summary about iodine supplementation … ”  RECOMMENDED.

“A team of Argentine researchers have discovered glyphosate (Roundup by Monsanto) present in 85% of cotton containing personal care and feminine hygiene products.”  (i.e., tampons, also surgical dressings etc.)

“A study published in Anticancer Research provided us with the list for the best 25 substances which target the center of the cancerous tumors. The list includes the dietary source too: …… “


“Every good war has consisted of unspeakable crimes committed against innocent people, then all spun into tales of heroism - when really only barbarism was involved.”

~~John Kaminski

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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