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Unspun News for the 21st December 2015

UNSPUNEWS - 151221

“China slams US over 'provocative' use of B-52 bombers in the South China Sea”  That’s nothing compared to the environmental disaster that these bases are causing in the entire west Pacific…..

“‘We easily work with Assad, US & others as we don’t change our position’ – Putin in new documentary”

THE SAKER - “Week Eleven of the Russian Intervention in Syria“

“Suspected Russian warplanes kill scores of people in Syria's Idlib, rescue workers say“  Suspected??  There’s room for doubt here…  and so far, this doesn’t smell right.  

“Russian Air Defenses in Syria Keep U.S. Grounded“  …. But not the drones.

“Ceasefire in Yemen Faces Collapse as U.S. Continues Weapons Sales to Saudi Arabia, Fueling Civil War“  Yemen.  One of the poorest nations on the planet.

“8 Terrible Things About the Trans-Pacific Partnership;   It’s no wonder the Obama administration tried to keep this secret—the corporate-friendly trade agreement, decoded.“  “Like the WTO agreements or NAFTA, the TPP is an attempt to set the rules of the global economy to favor multinational corporations over everything else, trampling on democracy, national sovereignty and the public good.”  So who noticed?

“A false flag formula is becoming readily apparent in the face of so many mass shootings and bombings in the US. The phenomenon has become so commonplace in the last 3 years that it’s becoming more American than apple pie.”  15 ways to spot them...

“Pete Seeger Labelled 'Subversive' After Speaking Out Against Plan to Deport Japanese
Newly released 1,700-page FBI file shows the US government 'went to lengths' to track beloved folk icon“  Now THAT says a lot more about the USG than it does about Pete Seeger….

“Russian Air Defenses in Syria Keep U.S. Grounded“  …. But not the drones.

Overview opinion - “Why the US Pushes an Illusory Syrian Peace Process”

“I Helped Create ISIS“  Read this, and suddenly the entire M.E. Chaos becomes clearer …..  And remember that Iraq was one of the best countries to live in in the M.E.  Like, “Why do they hate us?”  This is why.

The Boston Marathon trial … a VERY different perspective.  “When Jahar Tsarnaev’s grandaunts came to Boston in April 2015 to attend his trial, they were forced to wear GPS ankle bracelets.”  Huh??????  Read on - it gets more bizarre.

“Without Rivals: German Magazine Calls Putin a 'Man of the Year'”  Hard to argue about that ...


“A judge in Brazil's state of Minas Gerais has frozen the Brazilian assets of mining giants BHP Billiton and Vale SA after determining their joint venture Samarco was unable to pay for damages caused by a burst dam at its mine last month.“  GOOD!

“Indonesian Coal Mining Boom Is Leaving Trail of Destruction“

M5.2 @ 10km, Kermadec Is

M5.2 @ 126km, Samar, Philippines.

India - “Cold Wave Sweeps Uttar Pradesh”

“Snow squall warning for parts of Ontario“

“Landslide buries 22 buildings leaving more than 40 people missing, Shenzhen, China“

M6.0 @ 12km, Kalimantan, Indonesia.

“There is abundant evidence that we are being contacted, that civilisations have been visiting us for a very long time.” – Dr Brian O’Leary, former NASA astronaut and Princeton physics professor“ ... “There are a number of extraterrestrial vehicles out there cruising around.” – Gordon Cooper, former NASA astronaut, aeronautical engineer, and test pilot; one of the seven original astronauts in Project Mercury, the first manned space program of the United States.“  You going to call THOSE guys liars?  I’m not.

3 min video, with transcript. - NASSIM HARRAMEIN - “How do your thoughts create your reality?”  WOW!!!!!!  “Everything you do, everything you think, every move you make is being recorded by this structure of spacetime.”

Over 1,000 years BC, the Egyptian astrophysicists knew things that we have only just discovered - 3000 years later.  Ponder that for a while …….

“How a Nation Self-destructs” - Definitely a must read- “If people do not care about each other, if they have a “screw you, I got mine” attitude and are not willing to help others in need, then a nation is ready to topple at the first sign of significant stress.”


“Big sunspot AR2470 poses a slight threat for M-class solar flares.” (Earth-directed)

WAL THORNHILL - “Science’s Looming ‘Tipping Point’”  Bottom line - “It is perhaps a fitting irony that the Internet, which was built for communication between scientists, now provides the means to bypass censors to reach a global audience.”  Long, but a VERY rewarding read. EXCELLENT stuff!!!!! Yes, your ‘science’ knowledge IS censored - to protect the sacred cows and egos of the status quo….

“For generations the appendix was thought to have no purpose. But now, researchers say they have discovered the true function of this organ, and it is anything but redundant.”

“How Muscle Testing Taps Into The Subconscious Mind To Reveal Hidden Secrets“

Tip - if you see something that tells of (e.g.) a UFO incident or similar, and you look at the site - lots of ads/links for mundane rubbish / sex aids, etc etc, DON’T throw the UFO baby out with the big boobs bathwater!  Where else could it be? - NOT on the MSM!!!!

How often (as a littly) did you ask “What happens when we die?”  Or how often have you been asked that as a parent?  And are you still asking that?  The huge amount of research (> 2000 NDEs) here makes this study definitive, and totally convincing for all but the most mind-numbed…..   Dozens of quoted interviews - and all of them with similar content at root -  from all over the planet.  Fascinating and re-assuring!  And HIGHLY recommended.
‘The Wonder of You: What the Near-death Experience Tells You About Yourself’, by Lynn Kathleen Russell.  

“You only forget who you are during incarnation. The object of the game is to wake up within the dream, and in effect, become a "lucid gamer", to remember who you really are during the game, and to then begin working upon the things you came here for.“

~~Hidden Hand

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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