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Unspun News for the 20th December 2015

UNSPUNEWS - 151220

“The IMF Changes its Rules to Isolate China and Russia”  That seems to define the battle-lines - also see Andre Vlitchek’s article in Under-reported.

MIKE WHITNEY - with a jaw-dropping look at Kerry’s visit to Moscow.

PCR re the rate hike - bottom line: “A different way of putting it is that the “rate hike” favors banks sitting on excess reserves over banks who are lending to businesses and consumers in their community.   In other words, the rate hike just facilitates more looting by the One Percent.“

“The first Aegis Ashore installation in Romania is nearing the Dec. 31 light off. “  So when or where does precautionary defence become potential attack, I wonder?

“Global Financial Order Could Utterly Collapse on Dec. 21”  Tomorrow may get ‘interesting’ ?  Just another weapon in the arsenal….

“The target of the neo-fascist’s hatred are Muslims. 21st-century Islamophobia just recycles the same myths of 20th-century anti-Semitism. Islamophobia is just the 21st-century repackaging of 20th-century anti-Semitism. They are two sides of the same racist, fascist coin.   How long is the American public going to remain quiet about the escalation of hatred? And how long is the media going to exacerbate it?”  Have you read ‘1984’?  Remember the compulsory ‘Hate Time’ on TV? (or whatever it was called) and the 24x7 surveillance? …. You’re living it.  Now.

“Turkish and Ukrainian media have reported that President Erdogan has met with two of the organizers of the so-called Crimean blockade. (…). Is a provocation imminent? What will Turkey's role be?”

Re-run - failed URL from 151219 - re derivatives and world money. (C&P if necessary)’s-money-and-markets-one-visualization

“A US aircraft has mistakenly carried out an air strike that killed Iraqi security forces near the city of Fallujah”  With friends like these, who needs enemas?

A very different perspective on the West vs Russia story ….  “If it were not for Russia, there would be no Planet Earth, at least as we know it. The West and its fascist Christian states would be fully in control of the world.”  I would quibble with a few words there, but in LONG term historical terms ….this is a valid comment worth reading.

Some amazing connections here….. Revealed.  “The poorest country in the Arab region is being bombed by a coalition of states that include the US, Britain and Saudi Arabia, as  well as a handful of other Persian Gulf oil-rich kingdoms. The latter include Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.” And guess who controls that news?

“19 Dec 2015 — News from David Icke's official website indicates that Youtube has removed his video cast concerning his Visa application for Australia. According to Mr. Icke, Youtube claims this is due to 'copyright issues'. The video has been re-uploaded elsewhere and I have replaced the link so people can still view it here. “  MESSAGE RECEIVED?  AND UNDERSTOOD?

O-M-G … The MOX fuel got out.  NOW, years on, they admit it…..  “Officials now say Fukushima reactor with MOX fuel “leaked directly from containment” — TV: Contamination of environment was due to “failure of vessel” — Experts: This has caused additional worries because MOX is more “radioactively aggressive” due to plutonium content “

“TEPCO has admitted a new problem with the water management and steel sea wall at Fukushima Daiichi. Salt levels in groundwater being pumped up from around the reactor buildings and sea front were found to now have more than the expected amount of salt. This appears to indicate some amount of sea water is infiltrating back into the plant grounds near the reactors.”

M6.0 @ 10km, Vanuatu.

“Heavy rains have pummelled the Philippines, threatening to aggravate flooding that has prompted the Government to declare a state of "national calamity".   The death toll after a week of devastating weather has risen to 41, according to confirmed reports from national and local disaster monitoring agencies.“

M5.6 @ 20km, Java, indonesia.

A normal stupid political spat, BUT - some interesting statistics in it!  The ‘global warming’ con is becoming unravelled….

“Surprising ‘Hot Zone’ Detected Under Antarctica” … “A line of volcanoes hints there might be a hidden mantle plume, like a blowtorch, beneath the plate,”

“Paraguay – 13,000 Families Affected by Floods in AsunciĆ³n as River Levels Top 7 Metres“

Canada - Ontario - “Rapidly accumulating snow made it difficult travel in parts of the Prairies and northwestern Ontario on Tuesday.  Some 58 cm of snow fell in the northern city of Bathurst, the most snowfall in the province, according to unofficial totals from Environment Canada.”

Oz - “Victorian bushfire threat continues with hot conditions forecast for Sunday“
Oz - “Tasmanian fire crews brace for dangerous conditions with high winds forecast”

M5.8 @ 40km, Coquimbo, Chile.

Have a bit of fun with this!

“UCLA researchers have found that space-mapping neurons -- the GPS system in the brain -- have a strong dependence on what is being looked at when triangulating location, a finding that resolves a neurological mystery that has vexed scientists for more than four decades.“



“AN ASTEROID that no one knew existed until two days ago and is on an unpredictable course is set to skim past Earth within hours.“  Perhaps the main point here to note is the recent shortening of time from discovery of asteroids to nearest proximity?

“Big sunspot AR2470 poses a slight threat for M-class solar flares.”
ALSO - Airglow in Chile - interesting…..

“NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) recently captured a unique view of Earth from the spacecraft's vantage point in orbit around the moon.  "The image is simply stunning,"  And you can get it as a desktop via a link at the small pic!

“Energy Efficient Bulbs Cause Anxiety, Migraines, and Even Cancer. Reasons to Go Back To Incandescent Bulbs“

“Glyphosate Herbicide Causes Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria, Kidney Disease, and Infertility”  That originated from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director.  As covert cullings go - this is brilliant.   In Human terms?  Very ugly.

“Children are at risk of developing short-sightedness as screen time cuts into outdoor playtime, reducing their exposure to outside light, a study has found.”

“New study builds on prior work of Dr. Hunninghake and shows that vitamin C kills colorectal cancer cells!“


The first of (I hope) many for your consideration!  ‘Strange Electro-Magnetic Dimensions’ by Louis Proud.  High-end research into the nature of electricity; stunning info re lightning & lightning strikes, and much more solid scientific information. Then he ventures into speculating why some people ‘attract’ lightning, psychic abilities ‘triggered’ by lightning strikes, artificial EM fields and their dangers, and some really REALLY weird stuff about ball lightning!  All evidence-based fact, and lay-man understandable.

“Most people gaze neither into the past nor the future; they explore neither truth nor lies. They gaze at the television.”

~~ Radiohead

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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