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Unspun News for the 16th December 2015

UNSPUNEWS - 151216

A GOOD look at China’s Oceanic Spratly Island bases.  VERY Impressive - and I hope it doesn’t encourage the destruction of the GBR to build more ore ports in Qld…. Imagine the toll on the environment, never mind the military aspect.

Obama: “US hitting Islamic State 'harder than ever', “  But not harder than Russia….

Must Read!!!  “Russia Just Suddenly Reemerged as a World Power While the West Wasn't Looking”  Very interesting analysis of where (and why) Russia is at today.

CHRIS HEDGES - “Capitalism’s Cult of Human Sacrifice”

STEPHEN LENDMAN - “Turkey is complicit with Washington, other rogue NATO regimes, Israel, and despotic Arab states in waging war on Syria - including smuggled use of various type banned chemical weapons, Assad wrongfully blamed for their crimes.“

“Suppose a respectable opinion poll found that Bashar al-Assad has more support than the Western-backed opposition. Would that not be major news?”  Not bloody likely, in the West!

“The stability in Africa is undermined by many militant groups, including Boko Haram in Nigeria, Al-Shabaab in Somalia and Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb spreading terrorist activities to Mali, Niger and other countries. The Lord’s Resistance Army, or LRA, deserves special attention.” …. “All told, these facts lead to the conclusion that the terrorist Lord’s Resistance Army is part of global terrorist network ruled from a single center.”  The cancer is very malignant…. and very well dug in.

“A radio recording of a Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) surveillance plane conducting a freedom-of-navigation flight over the South China Sea has emerged for the first time.“  But, but, America told us to……...

“Still Leading Merchants of Death, US Arms Sales Remain Sky High;  U.S. and Western European companies together account for 80.3 percent of the arms revenue for the top 100 firms worldwide“

FINIAN CUNNINGHAM - “The Illusion of Western News” … “Western news media's self-declarations of "independence" and "integrity" are like the celebrity adverts that sponsor them. Cosmetic and illusory.”

ANDREW COCKBURN - “A Special Relationship;  The United States Is Teaming Up With Al Qaeda, Again”  (Still … )

WAYNE MADSEN - “The Failed State of Ukraine: Join Most of It to Russia“

“And it seems the same old plot devices are being reused all the time. Someone goes to the glove box, or boot of the car, and whad’ya know – the terrorist has carelessly left his passport behind!“  And again, and again, and again…..

“The Transformation of American Democracy to Oligarchy”  And don’t even THINK “Only in Amerika”….

US - “A nuclear reactor at New York's Indian Point power plant was forced to shut down Monday due to an "electrical disturbance," days after its operational license expired.”

“Journalist: “Nobody even talks about Fukushima anymore… there’s almost no more fish… the ocean is dying, it’s terrifying” — Gov’t warns public to expect alarming increase in deaths on West Coast — “Fish… are just too hard to find” — “Chaos below the surface” — Official: “We are preparing for worst”

“More US fatalities from radiation exposure than in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, McClatchy report reveals”

“Three dead, millions without power as Typhoon Melor tears through Philippines”

“Black-flanked rock wallabies with unique DNA found in Kalbarri, Western Australia”  We don’t even know what’s here and we’ve nearly trashed the planet….

M5.3 @ 30km, Vanuatu.

“As many as 50 million people across the world face potential hunger, disease, and water shortages by early 2016 if countries do not act immediately, declared Oxfam International on Monday, addressing those nations predicted to be ravaged by this year's Super El NiƱo as well as wealthy governments indebted to those most vulnerable to climate change.“

“Turkey - 827 villages inaccessible due to snow”.

US - Oklahoma - “Textbook” blizzard conditions – Where, oh where, has my global warming gone?”

Malaysia - “3,000 Evacuate After Floods in 5 States”

“Deadly typhoon "Melor" (Nona) batters Philippines in a series of landfalls“

“The illusory world, the world in which you experience life as humans, does appear to be undergoing an upsurge in violence, suffering, and conflict.  Your mainstream media are taking full advantage of these events to encourage you to engage with an increasing sense of fear.  Doing so just drags you deeper into the nightmare that is the illusion.
Focus, therefore, on the “now moment,” this actual moment in which all your needs in this moment are met.“

JON RAPPOPORT - For those who do inhabit their imaginations, the following should be clear: what you imagine raises the ceiling on what is possible, and at the same time sets a new limit.   In other words, until you imagine something wider, deeper, you’ve produced the outer boundary.”


“Astronomers have confirmed water — essential for life as we know it — is also a key ingredient for making planets.“

“Life-Friendly Chemistry Revealed Inside Saturn Moon“

“With no sunspots actively flaring, solar activity is low. One sunspot could break the quiet: AR2470 is large and has a magnetic field that harbors energy for significant explosions.”

“The stars receive their power from outside, not inside. Any nuclear reactions are taking place on the surface of the Sun and not in its core. The solar wind is an electric current connecting the Sun with its family of planets and with its galactic clan, so the 90-year-old theory of fusion firing the solar furnace needs to be reexamined.“  It is DEAD.  Unlearn it, and get real!

“Interplanetary Shockwave, Magnetic Storm | S0 News Dec.15.2015”

“The government in Taiwan recently passed legislation that would effectively prohibit any food containing genetically modified ingredients from being served to children in school meals. ”

Good tips on alkalising - “All this seems to show that potassium citrate is a better choice for alkalizing than sodium bicarbonate but which one is preferable really depends on some additional factors.”


“Twitter is a classic example of something created to make humanity look and act stupid and humanity jumps right in, putting on banality like a fashion statement and ‘tweeting’ like the creatures that naturally do but with a much smaller brain. At least the ‘natural’ creatures are not confused about what they are or in pursuit of a greater diminishment. I have no doubt that Twitter was created on purpose for the purpose it provides. Whatever the mass media trumpets and encourages, is certain to be contrary to our greater potential…..”

~~Les Vis.

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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