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Unspun News for the 15th December 2015

UNSPUNEWS - 151215

“The recent attack on the internet's core servers is even more severe than previously thought according to cybersecurity expert John McAfee, who believes it was brought about by a so-called "zombie army" botnet unwittingly installed on hundreds of millions of smartphones through an as yet unidentified app.”  I DO hope you are paying attention and reading carefully….

Peter Koenig - “Turkey’s Role in Iraq – Precursor to War?”  Looks self-evident from this end …..

“Turkey’s role in the economic security of ISIS(also known as ISIL, DAESH), which has been for the first time officially acknowledged by President Putin, is well known to everyone in Turkey, and in America and in Europe, and now it is just visible to the naked eye from the cockpit of Russian bomber.“

“Russia has a number of advantages that can ensure the country’s military forces will succeed in a hypothetical armed conflict, if it ever happens, American columnist Loren Thompson claims.”

“Israel asks for another squadron of US F-35 fighter jets”  I guess that’s what the term ‘It’s a given’ means …?

“While the International Coalition planes bombed a camp of the Syrian Arab Army, December 6, Ukrainian Cyber-Berkut have made public new documents. They show that Qatar has bought Russian-made bombs in Ukraine so as to accuse Russia.”  “The Qatari military want to buy 2 thousand High Explosive Fragmentation bombs OFAB 250-270.”  The birth of another false flag?

WHOA… “Human caused climate change is a theory in which the basic mechanism is well understood, but whose magnitude is highly uncertain.”…. “However there is considerable uncertainty and disagreement about the most consequential issues: whether the warming has been dominated by human causes versus natural variability, how much the planet will warm in the 21st century, and whether warming is ‘dangerous’.”  A Climatologist with the guts to stand up and question intelligently……  5 min video and transcript.

"Everything that happened to us is a war crime in Guantánamo," says freed detainee held for 14 years without charge“  I wish him luck.
And to complete that picture - “As we’re about to enter 2016, our ultraviolent country will be killing other human beings somewhere on this planet for 223 out of the last 240 total years the US has been in existence. That’s 93% of our time as a nation-turned-Empire we’ve been destroying human life. (…)  Another fact that Americans can’t be proud of is knowing that the most warring nation on earth just since World War II alone has murdered up to 30 million people around the globe with an estimated 90% of them being civilians.”  Wonderful, the power of Fear, eh?
Yes - and there’s plenty to go around….

FINIAN CUNNINGHAM - “Mission Imperative: Why the West and Kiev Regime Must Kill the Truth“ ... “That is why Russian and other independent journalists must be – at all costs – killed, abducted, intimidated or deported from Ukraine by this Western-backed regime. The West cannot afford – absolutely cannot afford – to let the facts get in the way of their «story» that seeks to criminalise Russia.”

“The yuan will be the third most powerful currency in the IMF basket“

JON RAPPOPORT  - Re Trump.  An interesting perspective….. Watch this space ...

“Japan to consider ocean disposal of nuclear waste“  And no, that doesn’t seem to be some sort of very sick joke ….

“Adelaide is set to face six days of temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius in what the Bureau of Meteorology has described as an "unusual" and "extreme burst of heat".  Chaotic, violent, unpredictable …. 

US - “Rain, Snow, Wind Batter West While Record Warmth Lingers in East“  Chaotic, random, violent ….
Also -

“Ireland – River Shannon Floods Affect at Least 6 Counties“

“Around 7,000 families have been affected by torrential rain and flooding in Tabasco state, Mexico, since 08 December 2015.“

“Democratic Republic of Congo – Dozens Killed as More Floods Hit“

“Australia's plankton population, a vital key in the human food chain, has moved 300 kilometres south in 30 years, new research has found.”  Ooops….

“Kunbarrasaurus: New Armoured Dinosaur Revealed“  in Queensland.



“New sunspot AR2470 poses a slight threat for M-class solar flares.”
Also Geminid meteor shower under way….

GEMINIDS - “Stargazers around the world have begun sharing photos of the Geminids meteor shower on social media, describing the display as "magical".

Interesting - re Martian dunes.  “The reason for the confusion is the problem of reverse application. Earth should not be used to explain the Solar System. The geological patterns found elsewhere deserve alternative viewpoints. The entire issue of Martian ripples is a case in point.“  That seems SO obvious ….. I guess egocentricity roolz!

“Big Sunspots, Big Weather | S0 News Dec.14.2015“  WELL worth watching - 5 minutes.  As ever, time will tell!

“GMOs, glyphosate and mitochondrial dysfunction“

“Solar-Powered Tram Network Proposed In Melbourne (World’s Largest)“  Should be more of it!!

“Small minds talk about people; 
Mediocre minds talk about things; 
Great minds talk about ideas; 
Spiritual minds are silent and observe…"


There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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