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Unspun News for the 12th December 2015

UNSPUNEWS - 151212

“Masters of Manipulation”: Psychopaths Rule The World”.  Forget about the personalities here - focus on the overall picture.  It tells you all you need to know about your planet…. and the sort of critters running it.

“Turkey, US Increase Involvement in Mid. East Wars: Dangers of Mission Creep“

“Yemen's army and popular forces targeted and destroyed a Saudi warship in the waters near Bab al-Mandab Strait on Friday, the eighth Saudi vessel sinking in waters offshore Yemen in the last three months.“  Was that on the news last night?  Errrr….. No.

1 hour video - 5 journalists from 5 countries debate:-  “bringing together the leading international experts to discuss these developments, exchange ideas and address the challenges facing the world today.”

“The IMF Forgives Ukraine’s Debt to Russia” ... “By doing so, it announced its new policy: “We only enforce debts owed in US dollars to US allies.” This means that what was simmering as a Cold War against Russia has now turned into a full-blown division of the world into the Dollar Bloc (with its satellite Euro and other pro-U.S. currencies) and the BRICS or other countries not in the U.S. financial and military orbit.“  This is a BIG story busy being un-noticed.

“Less than a month after a group of U.S. Air Force whistleblowers spoke out against "the devastating effects the drone program has overseas and at home," the branch announced its desire for a vast expansion of the drone war.“  Message received?

Remember Palestine?  This is an unashamed rant against world attitudes …..  But the interesting bit is what it ‘says’ about the world’s very selective attitude towards ‘rebels’ and ‘occupiers’ …...

“Child sex abuse inquiry: Cardinal George Pell unable to give evidence at royal commission due to 'heart condition'“  His god’s keeping an eye out for him …. 

“Impossible odds surrounding recent mass murders and terrorist events are being entirely ignored by the media and official sources. I will show here that the statistical odds against several key events happening the way they did are greater than seven billion to one.“  FRED BURKS analyses the incredible ‘coincidences’ behind recent ‘attacks’……  probability odds reaching 7 BILLION-to-one?  Takes a very devout muppet to ignore that!

“Latin American mercenaries are leaving the ranks of the national armies of their countries to fight in the deserts of Yemen, wearing the uniform of the United Arab Emirates. They have been contracted by private US companies and in some cases directly by the government of the Arab country,”  (Also thins out the Latin-American assorted .mils…)

Stephen Zunes - “The US and the Rise of ISIS“

“You Cannot Fight Terrorism While You Are Supporting The Terrorists;  Full Interview with President Bashar al-Assad by Czech TV - 1/12/15 “  

Wayne Madsen - “CIA-Islamic Jihadist Alliance Against Russia is 63 Years Old“

“Canada prime minister welcomes wave of Syrian refugees“  So why am I thinking of phoney bits of bunting?

“Report: “Red Alert! Sharp increase in radiation… at Fukushima” — Levels spike 400,000% under plant — Almost 1,000,000,000 becquerels per cubic meter — TV: Officials investigating cause”

“The Taboo Of Radiation Exposure In Japan: The Social Effects Of Fukushima”

M5.6 @ 60km, S’n Sumatra, Indonesia.

“Scientists have found an explanation for one of the big mysteries in climate science with the help of 12,000-year old Swedish midges.“

“South Australia hit by 140,000 lightning strikes overnight“

“NOAA weather satellite mysteriously destroyed after agency's climate data manipulation exposed”

UK - “SNOW ALERT: Severe weather warning issued for South Yorkshire”

“Tropical Cyclone "05S" forms southwest of Diego Garcia, South Indian Ocean“

“NASA's Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission in combination with other satellites have been gathering data onabundant amounts of rainfall which wreaked havoc across the Pacific Northwest over the last couple of days.“

“Paraguay – 1000s Affected by Rising River Levels in AsunciĆ³n“

US - Oregon - “Governor Declares State of Emergency as Storms and Floods Continue”

India - “The Cost of the Tamil Nadu Floods – 347 Lives, 3 Billion Dollars”

“10 Differences Between A Child Who Grew Up In The 70s Compared To Today”

“Silver fern tops New Zealand flag referendum“  Good choice, Kiwis!!!

ZG - “There’s no question about it. We’re there. And I’m not just talking about the globalist takeover bid they’re hastily and clumsily trying to execute. The awakening is erupting.“

A Grey alien, (aka a Zeta?) filmed by KGB, uploaded in 2011, filmed somewhere between 1942 - 1969.  (Plus Crashed UFO?)  Seems like the Russians broke a treaty by filming them.  This has a ‘ring of confidence’ to it …..

“According to British Astronaut Major Tim Peake, life exists elsewhere in the universe. Major Tim is confident that we are not the only intelligent species in the universe.”  You’d have to have major thinking problems to think otherwise!

“Here’s what blind prophet Baba Vanga predicted for 2016 and beyond: It’s not good“

“NASA has released some of the sharpest images ever captured of Pluto, giving new insight into the dwarf planet.”

“Solar activity remains low.”  Plus - Geminid meteors, Comet Catalina, and a CIR  hit.

“Radio waves and a range of energy curves are properties of lightning bolts. Computer simulations demonstrate that plasma phenomena are scalable over several orders of magnitude: they behave in the same way and illustrate basic premises whether in atoms or galaxies. Perhaps FRBs are really flashes of cosmic lightning erupting from electrified clouds of plasma on an immense scale.”  Makes sense!

US - “The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is set to launch a new study into how exposure to environmental toxins at a young age may affect autism, obesity, and certain other childhood disorders. A previous study failed to reach its goals.“


“What is taking place today is a world war between, on one hand, the so-called ‘West’ (the US Empire) and what I call the ‘Resistance’ i.e., Russia, China, the BRICS, the SCO countries, Latin America, etc. What is at stake here is the future of our planet: it will either be ruled by a single world Hegemon or it will be organized as a multi-polar world. The events in the Middle East are just one ‘front’ in this worldwide war, and the war in Syria just one “battle” in the Middle Eastern ‘front’.” 

~~The Saker (an anonymous top level American military analyst.)

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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