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Unspun News for the 11th December 2015

UNSPUNEWS - 151211

ESSENTIAL READ:-  “Fear makes people stupid.  Confound them, distract them with mindless news chatter and entertainment, pit them against one another by turning minor disagreements into major skirmishes, and tie them up in knots over matters lacking in national significance.“  (The most perfect secret weapon of the lot….)
And this goes with that ….

“[VT] has just learned that today’s air attack on the Syrian Army base near Der Ezzor, was ordered by British Prime Minister Cameron in retaliation for criticism of British efforts by Syrian President Assad in an interview published in the London Times Yesterday.  The US has denied all knowledge of the attack though American AWAC aircraft supervise and plan all “coalition” air strikes.” (Naughty child with matches in firework factory comes to mind...)

“Erdogan Sends 'Grey Wolves' to Russian Borders;  Ukrainian nationalists and activists of the so-called Crimean Tatar Mejlis recently began to receive reinforcements in the face of right-wing members of the Turkish terrorist group 'Grey Wolves'.”

“Russia says the so-called US-led coalition targeting purported Daesh positions in Iraq and Syria has failed to defeat or even contain the Takfiri terrorists.”

“Israel exported $400k in gold to N. Korea, violated UN sanctions, Knesset hearing reveals“

“Trump proposal to ban Muslims from US relies on debunked poll from pro-Israel think tank ”

“U.S. warplanes operating in the Levant War Zone conducted a bombing raid against a Syrian Arab Army compound in an attempt to kill Russian forces that uncovered a secret CIA “ratline” funnelling ISIS leaders from the battle zone to Dover, Tennessee.”

“Mainstream media has been using propaganda to influence people since time immemorial, but even terrorists appear to have perfected the practice and use social media to amass an impressive army of militants.”

“Syria is ready to deploy the fearsome S-300 air-defence system supplied by its Russian ally. The anti-aircraft surface-to-air missiles will give Syria control over its territory and the capability to shoot down any intrusive warplane or missile. NATO warplanes beware!“

“Mercenaries from the Craft International, a tactical training company for the US military, carried out last week’s false flag operation in San Bernardino, California, according to Steven D Kelley, a former NSA/CIA contractor.“  It is the killing of the innocent ‘perpetrators’ that really seals the story for the muppets ….

“Heartstopping footage shows Israeli commandos rescuing wounded men from Syrian warzone - but WHY are they risking their lives for Islamic militants?”

“‘Turkey acts like ISIS ally, should not be EU member’– Czech president“

“ It looks as if Russian President Vladimir Putin is going to get er’ done, destroying ISIS targets in the region with a hail of missile and bomb strikes over an eight-hour period.”

“How the US and Japan see India as ripe for nuclear exploitation” …...

“10 million people facing food shortages as drought grips Ethiopia“

“South-east Queensland has been lashed with more than 73,000 lightning strikes this afternoon as severe thunderstorms bear down on the region.”

Iceland storm - “The strongest recorded winds were twice the strength required to attain hurricane force status on Beaufort wind scale. The fastest recorded wind measured 261.3 km/h (162.4 mph) in Hallormssta ôah áls in East Iceland” ….. IMPRESSIVE…...

US - “Three days of heavy rain in parts of Oregon and Washington have caused widespread flooding and landslides, prompting flood rescues and forcing homes to be evacuated. Coastal areas are now also faced with the threat of flooding from storm surge and high tides.”

UK - “Further flooding has struck in the county of Cumbria, northern England, after more heavy rain fell on Wednesday 09 December.”

Oz - “Victoria (SES) in Australia said they have responded to over 100 requests for assistance after a storm brought heavy rain, floods and strong winds to northern and eastern parts of the state between 08 and 09 December 2015.”“

Oz - “TENS of thousands of properties across southeast Queensland were without power late last night after severe storms brought down powerlines.”

Apparent clear carved hieroglyphics photographed on Mars.  Well - what do you think?  The last one is pretty convincing! I think it says “Earthians go h” but I couldn’t translate the rest ….

“While the brain and consciousness are inextricably linked, groundbreaking research into the nature of consciousness is revealing that their relationship is much different than had previously been assumed and confirming what spiritual teachers have been telling us for ages: that we are simply awareness having an experience in physical form, of which the brain is intricately involved in facilitating.”  Soooooo true!!!!!!  And now it’s Official!!!!


“Strange bright spots on the dwarf planet Ceres are giant salt pans caused by the evaporation of water from a subsurface ocean, scientists have confirmed.”

“The star KIC 8462852 baffled scientists by displaying large and irregular dips in brightness, far greater than is normally seen from stars orbited by planets.“  Ok - and so?

“Solar activity is low.”  also - “NOAA forecasters estimate a 55% chance of polar geomagnetic storms on Dec. 10th when a co-rotating interaction region (CIR) is expected to hit Earth's magnetic field.”

“According to a recent press release, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) plans to launch a probe to the enigmatic Martian moons, Phobos and Deimos. It is hoped that the newly minted mission will return samples of each moon back to Earth.“

“5 Terrific Turmeric Smoothie Recipes To Spice Up Your Health” 

“12 Ways to Treat Baby's Cough & Cold That Pediatricians Won't Tell You”

“A recent study shows that traditional Big Pharma treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy may be responsible for the boosted numbers of secondary and new cancers.”

“Scientists have found a new strain of bacteria that is resistant to all antibiotics“

“Revisiting the Work of Dr. Linus Pauling“   Slowly but surely, proving him right.

“Incredible sights are sometimes just a microscope away.   A new videography competition takes a close look into the usually unseen microscopic world, with the contest looking at videos to go beyond still photographs.“

An unusual perspective on mass shootings - and the usual perpetrators.  Perhaps our culture should be looking at childhood psychological environments?  Bullying, domination, control….. And their offshoots of inferiority and macho aggro….

“Nevada state representative Michele Fiore, a Republican, posted her Christmas card to Facebook on Monday, US time, featuring her heavily-armed family smiling for the camera.”   Now that’s one helluva Christmas statement!

“What is truth anyway? The truth is the essence of something, its natural state, something as it really is. For me, it is really a quest for love, because to truly love something I must know it for what it really is. Perhaps we can sense in an unconscious way that there is a deeper truth to everything and everyone, and we are led to search for the truth about it, so that we can truly love it for what it really is.”

~~ Joe Quinn


There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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