Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Alchemy of Choice and Life Purpose

In a world where something is consistently occurring and a range of future events are prophesied as possibilities by many sources, our minds will always be occupied and entertained. The populace is presented with a multitude of topics and situations which they spend a great deal of their energy and time on; from sport events, the latest fashion including technology, new TV shows, conspiracy theories (true or false), politics, the latest fear focused main stream media reports — while they all survive with jobs which are usually about making as much money as possible, rather than providing an outlet to express one’s creativity and help people and the Earth in some way.

A bit of alchemy — two citrine crystals of mine:
'Most mineral crystals grow from molten rock deep within the Earth. As a magma cools, many crystals form simultaneously and crowd into one another, producing irregular shapes.'
Society educates us into thinking we not only have to attain high incomes, but we have to buy so many things we don’t actually need — we have the choice to live our lives in healthier and more intelligent ways that don’t require large sums of money.
Just because a greater number of people are doing something, doesn’t mean what they are doing is right.

Some folk not only work, but they also study. This can turn life into a stressful struggle to maintain, as time becomes extremely limited and only so much can fit into each day. To move beyond their situation, a person sometimes feels that they have no choice but to do such a thing.
Perhaps there is another choice?
Finding our life purpose can take a lifetime — for some they are already living it and just need confirmation. Others know they are already playing it out. A breakthrough could come at any age, where their calling is found, consciously or unconsciously. There are a number of reliable methods to find out our purpose, but usually those ways are not approachable to everyone because of people’s belief systems and understandings.
If our early education contained metaphysical teachings, as well as the techniques to have direct experiences to show the reality of such concepts, later on in life people would be more open to checking in and making sure they were on track; they would also have very likely fallen into their purpose, without having go on such a long journey to find it. The chakra system & aura, the meridians and minor energy centres, soul contracts, past life regression and reincarnation, astrology & numerology, astral projection, meditation, the emotional connection to why we get sick and the many available holistic health and healing options including herbal remedies (no more big pharma!); such topics are not only theory with strong roots in eastern teachings, but can be proven to be real through direct experience. There are many techniques one can learn to have such experiences.
The conditions in the world exist exactly as they are right now, meaning the only way that things can change is if we each consciously decide to make a change within ourselves.
I recall a comment that was posted on transients.info a few weeks ago. It was by a person who felt that all people were doing was talking about the problems in the world and not actually taking any action towards them. The right information can create necessary change within, leading to a transformation where a person will eventually take action. Sometimes the way we think needs to be adjusted before we can practically implement real change within our lives — which is what the foundation and essence of this site is based on.
I have been invited to participate in a workshop in February next year, focused around creating an organisation which helps people find their life purpose and then fund its formation. 
Information is power in terms of self and spiritual development. Not everyone is here to focus solely on their spiritual side — in fact most people aren’t — but everyone has a life purpose and that purpose does relate to their overall spiritual growth in terms of the learnings they will obtain from finding it, and completing it, as it is part of their planned soul contract. People can get stuck in life; being stuck can limit their learning experience for this lifetime, which is but one of many lifetimes for Earth’s regular incarnates.
Sometimes we need a bit of help with life’s alchemy.

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