Thursday, December 24, 2015

Season’s greetings and a short update

With Christmas day is about six hours away here, I wanted to wish all those who celebrate it a very merry one! We can get a tad distracted by the multitude of events occurring in the world, but it can be a special thing to connect into that festive energy (including the holiday period) and with those we love. It does happen to occur around a full moon, so hopefully everyone’s emotions don’t get too out of hand. =)

While this may be a random image, it is filled with color and life — a bit like Christmas. (Artwork by Margo Esse)
While I do my best to maintain and keep all aspects of this website running, this is a bit of a slow period in terms of content delivery from me, as I have been spending a lot of my time with family over these weeks and very little online. in 2016
In 2016 will have more QHHT (past life regression) focused articles coming out — from a number of different practitioners — more original content and head in a more professional and positive direction where possible, while maintaining the essence of what the site has always been about. While I keep saying it, I should have the time soon to finally upgrade the site to a new platform (design) and move to a new host.
One thing I would like to focus more on are the ‘secrets revealed’ as more and more information, which has been so very well controlled by the powers that be, becomes more publically known. This time of secrets revealed has been a long time coming, as it’s been predicted to occur from a number of future forecasting sources, such as the webbot and Nostradamus. Living in this time is a very special thing, for many reasons, but actually seeing the truth come out in such a public way is… heart warming.
As a reminder, and for those that are new to the site, there is a group spiritual plant medicine based journey planned for Sept/Oct, 2016. It will be for about 3 weeks in total. We have about 20 people interested and I am in the process of organising the trip with the Hummingbird Retreat Peru as it not only involves the experience of huachuma (San Pedro) but also visits to some sacred sites around the Sacred Valley and Cusco in Peru. For the latest article covering this journey — one which I have taken before — head here.
Thanks to the Team
I wanted to give thanks to all of those who continue, and have in the past, helped me out in some way.
Connie continues to send me many interesting links on a daily basis which I share on’s Facebook Page — some also get posted by me on the site here. Martin, John and Shannon help with keeping the Facebook Page updated, with Martin putting in the extra effort that some of you have probably noticed. Shannon and Kelly continue to moderate the Facebook Group where we have over 2800 members now. I don’t use it very often but Martin and John have been posting on’s Twitter account since we set it up, not too long ago.

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