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Raising Your Vibration and Becoming Sensitive to Energy

By Brad Austen, guest contributor for

Through practicing meditation and embracing a spiritual path, over time you raise your vibration. This is also known as ascension. Raising your vibration, or ascending while being in a physical body is a slow and gradual process. It has to be a gradual process otherwise your body wouldn't cope with the process. There are two ways to ascend; the most common way people have ascended in the past is through the death process. The new way to ascend on this planet is while being alive in a physical body. This doesn't necessarily mean you won't die in this incarnation but generally means you can have life extension and better health and wellbeing. Ascension will mostly be a generational process, with the new babies that are being born now and in the future. However anyone at any age can choose to ascend, through his or her intent and desire to do so.

From a dualistic perspective, ascending while in a physical body has some positive benefits but can also have some challenges. As you raise your vibration, your aura fills with light from your higher self so that you can carry that vibration while being human. Eventually you begin to resurrect and ascend the physical body, which in turn makes your body more youthful and healthy over a period of time.

When you begin to ascend the body you can experience a range of symptoms as old energies rise to the surface to be cleared. This process can take many months or years. It is best to treat these symptoms as naturally as you can through proper nutrition, supplements and herbs. There can also be karmic energies that you brought with you in this life to clear and heal. Some of the symptoms you may experience for a period of time are anxiety, anger and depression; these can be quite common for those on an ascension path. You also generally become much more sensitive to energies, particularly other people's energies.

Part of ascension is soul infusion, and this is why you begin to feel more, as it is our soul that feels. It can become painful or even overwhelming to be around people that are carrying around a lot of dense emotions or are choosing a different path. There are a few solutions to this. One is psychic protection and visualizing one's aura being strong and filled with light. Sometimes the best solution can be to have some time out in in solitude when things become intense or overwhelming. Busy restaurants or crowded supermarkets can be challenging to an empath or highly sensitive person. Going for walks and spending time out in nature can be very beneficial to ground, relax and recharge.

It is important to note that everyone's ascension will be unique to them, as we are all unique and diverse beings. Some people may become more emotionally sensitive while others won’t as much. Raising one's vibration can also bring many gifts from spirit to experience yourself and share with the world. These can include telepathy, channelling and inspired thought, healing abilities, increased psychic ability and intuition, and better health and wellbeing. Do your best to relax and enjoy the journey; it is after all a sacred and rewarding path we are undertaking.

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