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Organic Energy Farming in the Hunter Valley, Australia

By Shamini, transients.info's guest contributor

I rocked up in my friend’s little white Mazda and entered the driveway. After a long two and a half hour drive, I’ve finally arrived for my first organic farming experience at Om Shree Dham farm in the beautiful Hunter Valley, here in Australia. Beautiful scenery, crisp air and... "What’s that sound??” There was a clear buzzing noise in the air. Bees??? Well, you wanted farm life Shamini — here’s your first dose gurl. Be prepared for bee attacks!
“Shamini? Welcome love,” said Frits. That brought an instant smile to my face. THIS is going to be a great experience. I grabbed my stuff from the car and walked up the driveway to what’s set out to be an unforgettable farming experience.
This article is about my visit to on an organic farm. What I learned here are things that other conventional organic farms do not practice. Apart from growing vegetables organically, I also learned about healing the environment, increasing the atmosphere vibrations, and creating an energy biosphere with the Healing Fire.
Early this year I embarked on a little project to grow my own veggies. What started as a small interest, grew into something bigger and appreciative to me. I prefer to say grow instead of planting. I want to nurture my crops, not just plant them. I want to shower them with love and positive vibrations. I want to treat them right. I want to respect their role on this planet. I want to bow to them for the nutrition they’re feeding me. When I set out on this trip, my intention was purely to learn how to grow vegetables organically. Of course, I could have just Googled them or bought books; what I craved for was the practical experience — little did I know that I was taking my first steps into what I call the Energy Farm.
The Sun’s Energy

Image Credit: NASA

Lee and Frits have been living on this farm for over 20 years and run this place as an environmental healing and teaching centre. Homa Organic Farming principles are similar to other organic farming practices — growing crops without chemicals, no pesticides, no genetically modified substances or seeds, and keeping everything absolutely organic. What’s different about their practice is how to energetically increase the vibrations of the atmosphere; by performing the Healing Fire called ‘Agnihotra’, and harnessing the most powerful energy available to the planet — the sun.

The sun gives the very life force that supports the whole planet and the whole solar system. Agnihotra is about capturing that energy, magnifying it and sending it out into the atmosphere, allowing nature to heal itself. For a plant to grow, of course it needs organic material in soil, water and sunlight. Ancient science of Homa Therapy states that more than 75% of nutrition to plants and soil comes through the atmosphere 1. But our atmosphere is distorted due to pollution. Pollution from factories and vehicles causing acidity in the atmosphere goes down as acid rain and destroys the microorganisms in the soil. Massive high powered voltage lines and microwaves in the air disturb the natural energy field that’s in the atmosphere.  It affects any life forms — it affects us, the water, the plants and the animals in the same way. The atmosphere plays a vital role in our lives and in growing our food. Due to pollution, we don’t have an atmosphere thriving with nutrients and life force. Mankind’s industrial and technological activities have depleted the atmosphere.

By tapping into this pristine energy of the sun we can not only heal earth, but also its consciousness. All the disturbances in the atmosphere disturb the mind — stress in the atmosphere and all the pollution impacts the consciousness in a negative way, interfering with the higher will of being which results in pollution in the consciousness itself. “Prana (life force) and the mind are two sides of the same coin. If prana is disturbed, mind is disturbed. And a disturbed mind, disturbs the prana,” says Frits. We are surrounded with distorted energy that distorts your consciousness as well and your efforts to progress.  Haven’t you wondered, why we feel so amazing when we’re in nature, away from all the pollution, modernization, noise, and the crazy waves flying around in the air? The energy around you is so highly charged that it lifts you. When you bring the life force into perfect balance, automatically the mind follows. In return, your consciousness gets purified within this field of energy.

The healing fire purifies and cleanses the atmosphere, reverses pollution and restores balance. It’s about raising the consciousness of the land.  In The Cosmic Journey of Lai – Part 2 2, Lai and Laron receive information about the consciousness of the land, after a major disaster in a timeline within Earth’s future; the Grid Consciousness sent a being to remind earth that it has its own consciousness and to revert back to its former glory, thriving with high energy levels. Perhaps energy farming is our 3D method on our 3D earth to raise the consciousness of the land? Re-introducing an ancient knowledge that was bestowed to us, for the purpose of healing the earth.

Laron - "What do you do next?"
Lai - "What I have to do is remind the Earth... I mean the ground... the land here, I have to remind the land that it used to be how before. Like it has no memory and if I remind it, if I give it to it, it will start acting like that. (Does it have a consciousness?) Yes. The land and the water have a separate... memory, like a consciousness. Another way to explain it is that I remind it. I have a square box with me. I open the box. It’s a perfect square like a cube. It’s brown. (How do you open it Do you just tell it to open?) Yes. When I want to open it, it opens. There are memories inside, these are only for the Earth. The land is so big... to do things quickly, I am using this box because the consciousness of the land is far away now. I have to go very far because it’s in another place. Before that, I wanted to start doing some work here so that is why I am here."

Laron - "Do you know why it is in another place? Did it leave?"
Lai - "Yes. It is in an off mode. (Did it try and save itself) It’s like... the consciousness is far away inland, and now there is only a rocky area there, like a desert. (Is it like an energy centre there?) Yes, it’s like a light that is spinning. (You can sense it?) Yes. I can see it also. (Is it above the ground?) Yes, it touches the ground too, there is something connected to the ground. (Does it go inside?) Yes. It’s like a spinning top that children play with. It’s like a round thing on a pole and the pole is connected to the Earth, but the pole is light. It’s spinning from my left to the right. There are different lights coming off of it, yellow, green, red. Its spinning so fast that it’s transparent because of the speed."

Laron - "Do you think the energy pulled back in on itself to that far away location? (Yes)
Lai - "I have to tell the energy that it’s safe now, the energy of the land. The energy is masculine. In the location before, the land near the water, I reminded it but didn't give the box to the land. In this larger energy centre, I give the box to the land. It took it all. There are commands in the box."

Laron - "What did the energy of the water feel like? Was is feminine?"
Lai - "The water energy was very sensitive. The Earth was very defensive. The land got hurt... it was waiting to be activated. (How long was it waiting?) Two years. (Do you feel the land was more impacted and damaged) The land was more damaged. Things changed. Even after this it still... me and others have to grow everywhere, now the land has its consciousness back, the land will respond everywhere and people have to activate it."
An excerpt from The Cosmic Journey of Lai – Part 2

In simple words, we are tapping into this gift of pure energy the universe has given us to heal our atmosphere. Lee reflects, “Our planet is disturbed. How to heal our Mother Earth? Even our best efforts are thwarted by the massive levels of pollution. How do we do it when everything is disturbed and polluted? However with the gift of Agnihotra from ancient knowledge we can neutralise the disturbances in consciousness and in physical matter; in the water, in the soil, in the atmosphere. We simply provide nature with the life-force and micro nutrients required to come back into balance.”

The Healing Fire

In Sanskrit language, Agni means fire and Hotra means healing. It’s an ancient ritual derived from the Veda. The Vedas is not religion — it is knowledge, it is science. Vedic Sciences include both subtle or occult sciences like astrology and the inner science of self-knowledge through Yoga and Vedanta. Yet it sees all sciences as related. All knowledge is ultimately self-knowledge. Our true self is not merely the human or psychological self but the universal Self. Each one of us is a unique manifestation of the universal consciousness, a human embodiment of it, but our true being is one with the entire universe, with all beings, and ultimately with the Absolute beyond all time and space (Parabrahman). The key even to understanding medicine or physics is to look at the forces of the universe as existing both within and around us as powers of consciousness — to our true being in the universe and the entire universe within ourselves.” says Frawley3. The Vedas understand the subtle science, the science of consciousness, the science of spiritual development. It is purely a practice and can be performed by anyone, from any religious background or culture.

Frits and Lee performing the sunrise Agnihotra

The healing fire is performed twice a day — at sunrise and sunset; at a specific time based on the energetic rising of the sun, calculated using the coordinates (Longitude & Latitude) of your location. Frits says, “The standard timings given for sunrise and sunset in the media is incorrect for Agnihotra because that’s based upon the physical rising and setting of the sun. Because of refraction the lights gets deflected the atmosphere, what we see is an optical illusion. For correct timing for Agnihotra one needs to perform the Fire exactly when the floodwave from sunrise hits that location. The timings given in the newspaper or digital media are at approx. 2 to 3 minutes out.” Hence, the sunrise and sunset timings at my location will differ from yours. What is vital here is the exact energetic timing of the sunrise and sunset.

The healing fire is performed in a copper pyramid with dried cow dung, ghee (clarified butter) and rice (grain). Why dried cow dung, ghee and rice? “The cow is the only animal that has devic (divine) consciousness.  It has something extra that other animals don’t have. There’s a component of sacredness in its consciousness. That’s why they’re regarded as the sacred animal. It’s not only the physical nutrients that we’re releasing into the atmosphere but a certain resonance that the cow carries.” says Lee.  What we’re working with here is the vibrations and consciousness of the cow. Cow dung is just grass and it is clean. Believe it or not, cow dung was utilised as poultice to heal infected wounds in wars4. But for the healing fire, only dried organic cow dung (fed with chemical-free grass) is to be used. Just because I’m in Australia and there’s ample Koala dung, I still can’t use that. It has to be cow dung. The ghee is also considered pure as it is made from cow’s milk and also for its nutrient and therapeutic content. Rice is said to have a perfect balance of yin and yang. The grain has to be complete, not broken. When all of these are added into the healing fire, you’re not only releasing its nutrient contents, but also its energies which are magnified by the pyramid. If you put in broken pieces of grain, that can cause energetic damage. You don’t want to be releasing that into your energy biosphere.

The healing fire is performed in a copper pyramid. Why copper? Copper is an energy conductor; that is why copper wires conduct electricity. When performed at the correct timing, the copper pyramid acts as a conduit to usher in pure Energy. It brings in a vast flood of life force called prana, into the area where you perform the fire, saturating the whole environment with energy. It is tapping into that flood wave of energy that naturally occurs at that exact timing. Sunrise and sunset are major biorhythms of the planet. Nature knows it. The animals know it. The sun is always there — it never sets or rises. It is the planet that turns towards the sun and when the flood wave hits, that powerful energy is at its most pristine. The stratosphere is a nutrient storehouse. When the flood wave passes through it, it channels the stored nutrients all the way down into the physical plane. With the copper pyramid vessel acting as a conduit and the right ingredients coupled with the mantra, you attract the energy and amplify it before bouncing it back into the atmosphere.
The copper pyramid where the healing fire is performed

The big question: Why pyramid? “The very shape of the pyramid is an amplified-receiver or resonator of various kinds of energy fields, i.e. electro-magnetic waves, cosmic rays, electrical discharges, gravitational waves, etc., surrounding our planet and which are in the air around and within the pyramid.“ 5. The common pyramid as we know it, the energy focuses at a point within the centre of the pyramid — to preserve something, the pharaoh, etc. Have you heard of the apple test in pyramids? If the healing fire is performed like how we know the pyramid as, it will only focus the energy of it in the middle. If you invert the pyramid, combined with the fire, what happens is you broadcast the energy. That was a lightbulb moment for me. Something as logical as that — inverting it to broadcast the energies. (Yes, I give you permission to visualise a lightbulb lit up above my head at this moment.)

Starting the healing fire in the copper pyramid

When one starts to perform the healing fire, the energy starts gathering around the pyramid. After the healing fire has been performed, if you leave the pyramid and the ash structure undisturbed, the connection remains there between the sun and the pyramid. When the sun moves (when the planet turns), the molecules in the ash follow the remaining connection to the sun, keeping the bridge of subtle healing energy. That’s the reason the healing fire is done in a hut and free from outside influences like animals and weather, in a farm setting. Because when you disturb it or knock it over, you disturb that connection. As a result, the healing fire creates an energy biosphere, covering a diameter of 40 acres. That’s for sunrise.

The sunset session is for purification. When the last rays depart back to the sun, there’s still a bridge of energy. It is believed that at a certain time in sunset, the atmosphere becomes vulnerable and susceptible to bacteria — a ‘good’ time to catch diseases, etc. But when the healing fire is done during this time, the whole area is strapped clean, like a cleaning session, to maintain that clean energy biosphere. Each healing fire session is not more than 10 mins; the effects last until the next sunrise or sunset.

The healing fire is performed together with chanting of a Sanskrit mantra. When I asked what does the mantra mean and why we need them, Lee explained, “They’re vibrations. The vibration of the mantra is the quintessential music of that flood of life force available at that moment.  Sunrise has a music, a vibration and the mantra we say during sunrise is the quintessential music of that flood. So giving a translation is very relative. The most important aspect is its vibration — ‘like attracts like”. I grew up chanting Sanskrit mantras and I understand and respect the power of the mantras and how vibrationally it can calm you, improve your concentration and bring you into a deep state of meditation. When chanting in a group, it produces immense positive vibrations. 6, 7

Growing Organically 

As mentioned above, the healing fire is about raising the vibration of the land. So the healing fire is performed. The energy biosphere is created. What’s next? What can I do now to increase the quality of the soil? You still need your organic principles, your permaculture principles, whatever-principles — your composting, your mulching, your companion planting, and all the natural organic methods. That concept remains. What is added here is the ash from the healing fire — to bring the life force into the soil. The healing fire charges the environment. The soil absorbs it, the water absorbs it, and we absorb it. The seedlings are planted with the ash, the crops are watered with water charged with ash, the compost is layered with the ash; the ash is involved in all applications. 

A garden patch on the farm

“Re-planting seedlings is always a trauma for the plant. Sprinkle ash around the rootlets, and place ash at a deeper layer in the soil to encourage strong roots to go down into the earth. It gives the plant the resilience so it can survive the shock of the transplant.” says Lee.  Even if you are growing veggies on a smaller scale at home in pots or in your garden, the same applies. Just add the ash from the healing fire into the soil. If you’re transferring your seedlings into bigger pots or ground, just add a little ash in the soil where the roots will rest, set your seedling into the ground and done. If you’re preparing the soil before replanting your garden — be it growing veggies, fruits or flowers, just add a handful of the ash from the healing fire.

Another method is to spray the foliage with water charged with Agnihotra ash. Add water in a copper bin, add a handful of the ash and charge it under the sun. Spray the foliage with this water so that the leaves absorb the energy. In the end, the ash is actually burnt cow dung, grain and ghee — all of it is still organic matter, so it’s very natural. No blood and bone in here. No chemicals. The crops look really healthy. Bottom line — it’s still organic.  

But I don’t own a Farm

Let’s face it, not all of us can afford to own a farm (dang!). But we all have a home (yay!).  For busy city folk, you can still perform the healing fire in your household — to heal the atmosphere in your home and surroundings. There are no restrictions. It is totally self-empowering and it’s not dependant on anyone or any guru or teacher. You can do your part to help neutralize the pollution of our planet and at the same time purify the atmosphere of your household, and your surroundings. I have been told that even if you cannot perform the healing fire twice a day at sunrise and sunset, you can still do it once a day. If you could only make it on weekends, that’s okay too. You can perform Agnihotra as many times you can to suit your schedule — no restrictions.

I did not see the life force flooding in. I did not see the energy. But I sure did feel it. From the time I got out of the car and set foot on that farm, the buzz I heard was not from bees planning to attack me (fortunately!); it’s the vibration that the farm emits. I could feel the energy. I could feel the calmness and tranquillity. I felt energised. The air is fresh. I dived deep during my meditations after the healing fire sessions. While I knew the importance of positive vibrations and energies, as a person, and that I should emit such vibrations, it didn’t occur to me healing our atmosphere was important too. In this experience I learned that what you put into the soil is not enough, the consciousness and vibrations that we impart into the environment are as vital as the nutrients in the soil. Well, I also became a Weeding Specialist after this trip, as well as a Snail Picking Specialist. I also tried to get the title of, ‘Professional Cattle Feeder’, but I failed miserably in the test, because I stood like 3 metres away from the fence and tried to feed the cows. 

I traveled 300 km’s and spent 3 days with the soft spoken Lee and Frits. They have this innate calmness, modesty and simplicity in them. My purpose was to learn how to grow food organically. The food on our planet is not worth eating anymore, unless it’s organic. It’s polluted with chemicals and GMO. There will come a time where we will be forced to grow our own food, but no one will have the knowledge to grow our own food anymore. We’ve been uprooted from nature and put in concrete cities. Society tells us we don’t need to know these things, just walk into the supermarket and buy it. Or better, have it delivered to your doorstep! I’m guilty of that too — it’s so much easier to just walk into a supermarket and get it.

I’m happy to say that I’ve inspired a friend. She sent me a picture of the herbs she has grown, a couple days back and said that I’ve inspired her to do it. I inspired one person this time. She might inspire another. That person might inspire another, and another, and another.  Growing your own vegetables is not as hard as you might think. It can be very rewarding and therapeutic, giving you an amazing sense of accomplishment of growing your own food. All you need is to take the first step.

1.         http://www.agnihotra.com.au/
4.         Hatfield, G 2004, Encyclopaedia of Folk Medicine - Old World and New World Traditions, ABC Clio, USA.

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