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Kubrick's Confession (Moon landing being faked) | Focus Sessions

By Lynn via Focus Sessions, 17 December 2015

[I have had a lot of questions on this topic, so I combined a few and added some links that were shared with me.]
Q. Hi Lynn,  I wanted to ask you if the moon landing by the USA was faked.  There is a video out where Stanley Kubrick reveals that he created a video for the USA government on the moon landing that was faked.

Kubrick created a confessional video to be released 15 years after his death confessing that he faked the moon landing and that the astronauts lived with this deceit for a long time. This video was released lately. Could you comment on this and reveal if he spoke the truth on the matter...thanks!

Stanley Kubrick's video confession ...

hi Lynn! Can you 'get' whether this footage, supposedly of Kubrick admitting to shooting the fake moon landing video is really him?  Cheers!

A. I see this footage as real (or based on real accounts) and admitting truth.  When this moon landing was first made and released, everyone involved was forced into secrecy.  Some were forced with fear, and others were "programmed" like a mental brainwashing, but none-the-less, they were all banned from speaking of the production and an element of fear was implanted into them. 

At first, Kubrick was fine, but this wore on him as the days and years passed.  He would slip bits of the truth into his films as a way to release some of the guilt (ie The Shining and Eyes Wide Shut).  Kubrick knew that he would have to come out and tell the truth in a blatant way, so he planned this before his death.  He also felt that his death would look like an accident, but would in reality be an "intentional" accident because he knew too much and he was trying to send messages in his films.  He was warned to stop, and we he didn't, he did feel threatened.  This film was a way for him to try to absolve himself of some guilt, but also a way to let people know the real story behind what really happened.

I get the dis-info agents are working overtime trying to mitigate the damage being done (and questions coming out) as a result of this release.   As you watch the videos, keep your mind open and listen to you gut instincts. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

[After reading some comments and emails, I wanted to add a bit to the end of this....
I don't do research on the topics before I read them.  I may see a video sent or look at a photo, but I don't like to read details (it jades my opinion).  And to clarify how I felt when I tuned in, if this was not real, the message was real.  That is why i said that "it was real (or based on real accounts)."  I also see there being a real video out there (I see the video taping of it happening and Kubrick talking), so if this isn't it (??), I see one out there there floating around with a very similar message. I also see something about rumors being spread of a tape, and disinfo agents are working now to ward off the effects...]

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