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ISIS & Nostradamus' Prophecies — A Future Foreseen

By John,’s contributing writer
Let’s talk about how Nostradamus would know about ISIS. This is a long running theme in our history.

The goddess ISIS is from Egypt. They celebrated her in the spring for fertility and safety of their ships at sea. The Romans — when they conquered Egypt — took this deity into their religions. Their eagle empire
banners look exactly like her many forms.
Goddess ISIS images — Google image search (Screenshot below)

Roman eagle and French eagle are the same — This looks just like the Goddess image with wings spread.

A late 19th century reproduction of the Eagle of the 1st squadron of the Horse Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard on display at the Louvre des Antiquaires in Paris — Wikipedia.
You’ll notice that there is a theme. Go and look at Babylon banners as well — it seems that symbol has been running throughout our history for millennia.

It then infected the Nazi's who really went all in on that symbology. Then that was transferred to the American Empire when the Nazi's were stopped briefly. Look at the symbols of goddess ISIS power that were moved to the key cities of Gog and Magog. New York and London. They both had Egyptian obelisks moved to those cites. Take a look at them online while you can.

That is why the name was chosen; they don’t say it’s related but it always is. The Cabal and whatever this infectious vibe is that travels through history, must always use the same symbols. Where they have brought it around they are calling ISIS the next rising of the Caliphate and combining the ancient power with the present fervour.

Here is an update from G.A. Stewart who wrote Nostradamus and the Age of Desolation — the book that I highly recommend everyone read. The update is long and very well written.
Here is the timeline of events that I have gathered from multiple Nostradamus sources, as well as my own readings of the quatrains and the general overview of what I remember what Nostradamus had to say about ISIS and surrounding events.

First and foremost he said that this would be an age of secrets revealed. That is happening so fast now it’s giving people whiplash. He said ISIS forces would sweep in from both sides of Europe and that France would fall and Eastern European countries would allow the
armies in with no resistance. I had assumed that it would be armies but it appears that the refugees are indeed what has happened now. Either Nostradamus assumed they were armies, which considering the pictures I have seen is understandable, or the timeline has diverged some.

The cabal, I believe, read Nostradamus and from that tried to force the events to go as he said in many occurrences, as they liked how that was going to go for them. So they created ISIS and the Caliphate. So far much of the pattern is going the way they want but it doesn’t mean that’s how it is going to end up unless that is what was always meant to be.

This could also be one of the times where the events must occur, and no matter what the Universe was going to make this happen one way or another.
As an aside — a few years ago I wasn’t sure any of this was going to come true. As time passed with 2013 and 2014 going by, I thought perhaps we had avoided it or things weren’t going to be the same, but then when time started to rectify itself in 2015 it was clear to me that I was wrong and that we just had to wait now and see it play out as all that was meant to come to pass was now occurring.

We can see now that the Eastern European countries did not stop the flow — that they have indeed allowed the masses to go into Europe for the most part. The only portion of Europe that will be left not conquered is
a small portion of Germany to defend Poland and Russia, to help defend the rest bordering it. It was pointed out in the Quatrains that Russia would be the only real force to deal with ISIS. As many of us have known for a while, ISIS is owned and controlled by members of NATO. This is what brings Russia and China into conflict with NATO.

Some interpretations had it that China was part of the Islamic State wave that pours over the Middle East, but I think that was fear of china and not based on what was really said. China does play a role in the region and that is coming true as well. Nostradamus said a man from the East. Back in Nostradamus’s time, Turkey and the Middle East was very much the East. That is what he saw coming from the East. Turkey has a long history of armies marching into to conquer Europe.

The Vatican will have its death in this timeframe as well. A volcano or major earthquake will break it and spill its secrets — that will destroy the church finally. Nostradamus called this the last of the church times for it had become too evil to exist; as many can see, religion has played a part in this whole conflict that is going on.

At some point Jerusalem will be destroyed. Some think he was referring to a nuclear related situation. It’s just said that it will be made into a place of sickness and death and that no one would stay anywhere near the place. That’s a key part of our moving forward in humanity. It is the place that has been the home of the problems for centuries and must be destroyed as well. I have guessed myself that either a dirty nuclear bomb is exploded there on purpose by the cabal to further their agenda and really get the war going, or that an attack on the city accidentally sets off the nukes that Israel already has there. Perhaps it’s a biological attack. That remains to be seen still but I am sure it will happen in some manner in the next few years, or sooner.

The Pope will escape to England and be protected by the Cabal. NATO will dissolve. The Great Financial Collapse will occur worldwide. After the collapse, then famine and disease will spread all over, but that’s not unexpected. England will be hit with major weather storms and space weather events.

During this European chaos there will be revolution and civil war in the US. UN troops will be used to fight for the side of the Cabal as they try to keep their power. There will be a fellow by the name of Henri that will appear as the leader of the resistance movement. He will be involved in some FEMA camp in Dayton, Ohio. Eventually, after a number of years, the civil war will end and the cabal will have been crushed and destroyed.

America will again join in the battle against ISIS/Cabal in Europe. One poignant commentary that Nostradamus makes which has remained stuck in my head, is that he said Europe would deserve the treatment it gets of 30 years under the rule of Muslim law — that’s how long it takes for ISIS/Cabal to be defeated in Europe and in Middle East.

There is also mention of many weather disasters in Europe during this time and that much of mainland Europe will be changed by the earth changes that occur at the same time as this conflict. Rain and water. Lots of Rain and water.

This is a great time of change as I have been saying for years now. You are going to be called forth to do your part for human progress. The age of comfort is going away.  Do not fear. Stay informed and ready to act.

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