Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Touching Short Christmas Film About An Endless Friendship

By Joe Martino via Collective Evolution, 26 December 2015

During a season filled with good times, good food, and plenty of family, we have the precious opportunity to think about life and reflect a little… or a lot. It’s times like these when we often remember that we may not have connected with people we love as much over the past while. Maybe we’ve been really busy at work, or maybe we were just focused so much on other things that we forgot about certain activities we love doing or people we miss. In many cases, we get caught up in ‘adult life’ and forget what it even means to be alive! What does ‘adult life’ even mean, anyway?
When we are children we have this amazing imagination and energy. We care for the people around us while not caring much about work or responsibilities. We appreciate the simple things in life and really live in the moment. But as we age and enter ‘the real world,’ as it’s called, we begin to lose much of that excitement and wonder and start to focus on the minute details of life just to keep the gears of our lives spinning. We begin to worry, compare, and judge everything in our lives, and these habits take us away from ourselves. We work so hard to pay the bills and feed ourselves, to buy a car and then, perhaps, a home, that half the time we forget about including what we love into that mix.
I’m guilty of it too at times! Here I am running an organization called Collective Evolution, assisting people to open their minds and hearts, helping them to better understand themselves, so that together we can change the world. Part of that process is uncovering the things we love and doing them! Yet I can get just as lost in my work as anyone else. Sure, my work is a huge part of what I love to do in life and it drives me, so doing it for MANY hours is actually great, but what about when I forget about other things? Important things! The great lesson in these lapses, I’ve realized, is that these experiences teach me and add richness to my perspective so I can better help those around me working through the same challenges.
When I watched this film a tear came to my eye, and not just because of how touching the story is. It made me realize how often I forget about the people and things I love, and it’s time for me to shift that — not to mention the fact that I struggle with the idea of people being ‘left out,’ so this pretty much got me right in the gut.
As you watch this film, remember, make time for things you love! We often don’t have to take life as seriously as we do.

Make Time For What You Love

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