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Unspun News for the 8th November 2015

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“Is Winnie the Pooh a girl? The real story of the bear who inspired a childhood classic”  Don’t say you don’t get the IMPORTANT things in life in Unspun!!!!!

MIKE WHITNEY - “Turkey Goes to War”  - A hard look at the last ‘surprise result’ elections, and possible outcomes from that now Erdogan is firmly in the saddle….  And what Russia may do….

MARY MAXWELL - “The Amazing Connection between Algerian ‘Terrorists’ and the Genocide of Canada’s Indigenous Children”  Has she ‘Cracked the code’ of terrorism?  Or just a facet of it?

“As Mission Creeps in Iraq and Syria, Lawmakers Ask: Will We Ever Vote on War?   A group of 35 bipartisan House Reps. issued an open letter calling for a Congressional vote on war authorization "as quickly as possible."  Are they really THAT naive??

Justin Raimondo - “Who Downed Metrojet Flight 9268?  Was it ISIS – or somebody else?”
Wide ranging analysis….

STEPHEN LENDMAN - re Syria, ‘moderates’, big lies, bigger lies, and Russia.  Concise - as ever - from Lendman.

“Corporate media and the US government first accused Russia of attacking Syrian civilians **before** the airstrikes had even begun a month ago. Now, their latest scheme is accusing Russia of bombing hospitals in Syria”

THE SAKER - with “A few thoughts about the rumours around the downing of Kogalymavia Flight 9268”

“The Pentagon is sending F-15Cs—supposedly to fight the ISIS war. But the jets only have air-to-air weapons, and ISIS has no planes. Which means the real adversary is Russia.“

TONY CARTALUCCI - “US in Syria: Stopping the “Arsonist-Firefighter”.

“Dear Fellow Americans: Do You Have Any Idea What’s Being Done In Your Name In Syria?”  A history lesson - and current affairs.

FINIAN CUNNINGHAM -  “Russia, by contrast, has conducted its policy on Syria with principle and integrity. It is standing by the sovereign right of the Syrian people, as international law obliges. In that case, Western laundering and spinning of its foul articles will simply not wash.”

“Study Finds Nearly All Scientific Papers Controlled By Six Corporations”  Can you say ‘stranglehold’?


M6.0 @ 10km, Off coast of Coquimbo, Chile.
M6.9 @ 30km, Coquimbo, Chile.

“An unexpectedly early snow fell on Beijing and other cities in North China on Friday, causing traffic dilemmas for millions of people, and prompting the capital to start providing heating for residential complexes ahead of schedule.”

US - “There is a theory about snow in Siberia during the month of October: If there is a lot, it can mean a particularly wicked winter in the northeast United States.   Last month, Siberia experienced record snowfall and the worst blizzard in a decade.”

M5.7 @ 60km, Luzon, Philippines

Bottom line here:- “Nothing about the climate movement makes sense.”  PARTICULARLY THIS:- “But lets assume for the sake of argument, that NOAA are right, and climate change is causing more extreme weather.”  My comment:- ‘Climate’, by definition, does not and cannot cause weather!!  Stable weather patterns create climates.  And changing weather - from whatever cause - changes climates on local and then on global scales…

“A new dimension to high-temperature superconductivity discovered“

“NASA’s ‘Impossible’ Warp Drive Engine Actually Seems to Work”

ONYA, KIWIS!!!!  “New Zealand Now Recognizes ALL Animals As Sentient Beings!   A landmark decision …  sets a precedent that other countries should follow.”

“Spiritually Rudderless“ .. “In the face of blatant inhumanity, the world has responded with disturbing paralysis.” ….. “And the world convulses at what may be the dawn of World War III. Sixty million people have been displaced by the current wars. We reach into our souls, looking for the force that is larger than war.”  Read - and ponder deeply….


“The latest images from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft have scientists stunned – not only for their breathtaking views of Pluto’s majestic icy mountains, streams of frozen nitrogen and haunting low-lying hazes, but also for their strangely familiar, arctic look.”

“Sunspot AR2443 is decaying and poses a waning threat for M-class solar flares.”  2448 might bear watching?
Also - “Arriving almost a full day earlier than expected, a CME struck Earth's magnetic field on Nov. 6th at 18:00 UT.”

Magnesium… a MUST!  “Magnesium deficiency is often misdiagnosed because it does not show up in blood tests – only 1% of the body’s magnesium is stored in the blood.”

“New research is revealing that many cases of depression are caused by an allergic reaction to inflammation.” … “By treating the inflammatory symptoms of depression — rather than the neurological ones — researchers and doctors are opening up an exciting new dimension in the fight against what has become a global epidemic.”

“ProtonMail, the Geneva-based encrypted email service that was developed by CERN scientists, was taken off line on Tuesday 3 November by what the company describes as an "extremely powerful DDoS attack".  (On Twitter, it said there that their PayPal account was shut down, too, because PayPal was asking if they had government approval to encrypt mail - duh…  Guess they must be doing something right and stepped on the toes of the wrong ppl.)

Apology - these 2 items from yesterday are of highly questionable content pedigree, I am advised from a reliable source in India.  (Kashmir did not have Islam but a hybrid variety of Sufism) (Greenpeace apparently profiteering -  “invested in currency and stock market. Not investing for the objectives they were created.”)

“I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.”

~~ Groucho Marx

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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