Friday, November 6, 2015

Unspun News for the 6th November 2015

UNSPUNEWS - 151106

“The long-awaited text of the landmark Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal has been released, revealing the details of a pact aimed at freeing up commerce in 40 per cent of the world's economy, but criticised for its opacity.”
[TPP] “critics concerned about environment, IP clauses in trade pact's fine print”  Surprised?  Why?
“'We now have concrete evidence that the Trans-Pacific Partnership threatens our families, our communities, and our environment.'“

“Economic growth must be top priority in tax changes, Business Council of Australia says“  And what do we call unlimited growth?  A Cancer……….

WILLIAM BLUM - “Why Does The Government Of The United States Hate Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad?“  Objective common sense here ….

“Russia sends missile defense systems to Syria“

“A source with Russian intelligence just confirmed that the Russian government will not announce its preliminary findings on the A321 crash in Sinai. However, their intelligence solidly names Saudi Arabia as responsible for the bombing which killed 244.  Egyptian intelligence was fully complicit in the terror attack. … “ … “Would the Saudis attempt something like this in Israel’s backyard without involving them somehow?” OK - Granted this is ‘a source’; But now think Islamic Zionists?  Time will tell - maybe...

“The first photographic evidence of an Iranian Air Force plane that brought Iraqi Shiite volunteer fighters to Syria to fight against ISIL terrorists has appeared on the Internet.”

Fukushima - “The extremely high radiation level admitted by TEPCO last week was given further clarification in the most recent roadmap document. The illustrations and image below from the roadmap show the highest areas.”

“Melbourne weather: Reports tornadoes spotted as severe thunderstorms develop in Victoria“

“Visit Tasmanian Wilderness, Great Barrier Reef while you can, Lonely Planet urges travellers“  Not only very sad, but very embarrassing….

M5.3 @ 40km, New Ireland region, PNG.

“Heavy rain damages roofs, causes localised flooding in Canberra“

“Supervolcanoes likely triggered externally, study finds“

“Strong earthquake hits Russia’s Kamchatka, no damage done“

US - Nevada - “First snowfall of the season …. Sets new records”

US - “Unusual Warmth Brings Risk of Severe Weather to Southern Plains“

NZ - “If you thought it was particularly cold and frosty in Canterbury first thing this morning, you were right.   Christchurch has had its coldest November temperature in more than 60 years, with a minimum of -2.8 degrees Celsius recorded at the airport.“

“Yet another study shows Antarctica gaining ice mass – snowfall accumulation ‘highest we have seen in the last 300 years’”

“3 Killed in Flash Floods in Amman, Jordan”  

“Severe weather including strong winds, heavy rainfall and flooding, affected northern Egypt between 03 and 04 November, 2015.“

“Floods Hit Kenya and Tanzania “

“Antimatter not so different after all;  Scientists help make first measurement of antiproton attraction“



“Sunspot AR2443 has a 'beta-delta' magnetic field that harbors energy for M-class solar flares.”
“There no longer any doubt. Earth is passing through a stream of gravelly debris from Comet Encke,”  Intriguing night-long photo!

“Rather than black holes, electricity should be considered.”  Makes sense!  (LOVE the Smiley in the sky!)

“Marijuana may be ‘More Effective than Adderall at Treating ADHD’

“An investigation of King Tut’s tomb to find secret chambers will begin tomorrow and will last until Friday, Egypt’s Minister of Antiquity announced on Wednesday.“

“The Amazing Powers of Seal Whiskers“  Fascinating!

“Russia and the U.S. don't have any significant ideological differences, but we do have fundamental cultural differences. Individualism lies at the core of the American identity, while Russia has been a country of collectivism. (….)  It's more about your relationship with God. We have different visions of life. That's why it's very difficult to understand each other, but it's still possible.”

~~ Vladimir Putin

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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