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Unspun News for the 2nd November 2015

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“Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Russian Plane Crash in Egypt“  Given the conflicting opinions, I think that this claim should be viewed very carefully, and from all angles.  Especially from a ‘cui bono’ viewpoint.

“Israeli military tells Palestinian refugee camp, ‘We will gas you until you die’ ”  Now where have we heard that before?

“Turkey's long-dominant Justice and Development Party (AKP) has scored a stunning electoral comeback, regaining its parliamentary majority in a poll seen as crucial for the future of the troubled country

“France bans BDS  (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement) because it is “anti-semitic” - protesting against Israeli war crimes in Palestine.  See how the pendulum is swinging ever further?

STEPHEN LENDMAN - “Daily Israeli atrocities continue,  Palestinians are being murdered daily – the latest victim an 8-month-old baby boy. The PA health ministry said Ramadan Mohammad Faisal Thawabta died from toxic tear gas inhalation – another victim of Israeli state terror.“

MEXICO [and elsewhere?]  “Nearly 20 per cent of the country’s income is linked to the narcos, and the traffickers are developing closer links to increasingly senior politicians.   With the world’s biggest consumer of drugs just over the border, Mexico is in dire need of a miracle.”  With neighbours like that …...

“Port Melville has been under a cloud since May, when it emerged it had been built under the Federal government’s nose with no consideration of how it’ll impact the pristine Tiwi Islands.”
Ahhhh - problem solved?  “Locals Fear Mysterious Tiwi Islands Port Is Being Eyed Off By The United States Military“  Now THAT would explain ‘Port Melville’, wouldn’t it?  The implications here are HUGE.


“It has poured in drought-stricken outback Queensland, with some towns recording more than 100 millimetres of rain.   Storms rolled through the interior again on Sunday, and the wet conditions will last well into next week, the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) said.“

M5.4 @ 55km, North Is., NZ.

Oz - “Severe thunderstorms, destructive winds tear roofs off houses in New South Wales, Victoria”  Violent, chaotic, random…….  Weather.

M5.9 @ 100km, Antofagasta, Chile.

Good pix of the crack in the Earth that opened up in US - Bighorn Mts, Wyoming.

“Super Storms Keep Coming as Yemen and Oman Brace for Cyclone Chapala;  Expected to make landfall on Monday, storm is already creating waves taller than 30 feet and could unleash more rain in two days than these areas usually see over several years”  My little list remains unchanged - Violent, random, unpredictable, etc…...

“Residents at Strathmerton in Victoria's north are mopping up after storms blew roofs off a number of properties yesterday.  The [SES] responded to 235 calls for help, (…)  The storms also brought down powerlines and caused localised flooding.”

“.. a study by led by Nottingham Trent University has found that the average person is checking their smart phone a whopping 85 times a day. And many of them don’t even realize how often they are doing it. (….) Average time spent on the phone now is five hours.”  AND THEY VOTE??????

“New satellite images from NASA have revealed unusual, massive patterns on the Earth’s surface. The geometric shapes are located in Kazakhstan, and are estimated to be up to 8,000 years old.”  Those paying attention should be very VERY intrigued by this.  Kazakhstan, eh?  Now how about that….?

“A video of the UFO sighting in the skies over the Kentucky and Ohio borders in the US shows a strange butterfly-like object floating in air.”


READ THIS.  Potential here for major solar activity.
“Growing sunspot AR2443 has a 'beta-gamma-delta' magnetic field that harbors energy for X-class solar flares.”  
ALSO - “NOAA forecasters estimate a 90% chance of geomagnetic storms on Nov. 2nd-3rd when a fast-moving stream of solar wind is expected to hit Earth's magnetic field.”

“Astronomers have found a disk of young stars across the center of the Milky Way, a feature previously unknown to scientists.“

Three links here to the latest Cassini exploit - the low pass over Enceladus pole.

“Meet the family - these amazing images of our solar system have been captured by many space missions over the past few decades.”

Chlorpyrifos has been in use since 1965 as an insecticide for oranges, apples, cherries, grapes, broccoli, and asparagus. Dozens of farmworkers have been sickened by chlorpyrifos is recent years. In September 2014, a coalition of environmental health groups sued the EPA, asking the agency to ban the toxic chemical.”  Gosh, what a good idea!!!

“There are calls to increase public awareness about the dangers of crushing up medication tablets and injecting them, which can cause severe problems with blood flow and lead to death.”  Sorry, but the term ‘survival of the fittest’ comes to mind.

“A Pregnant Woman Eating Organic Vs. Eating Conventional: It’s Time To Think About Your Baby“

I’ve been looking at this ‘SurfEasy’ security app - anyone know anything about it?  Would appreciate input if so.  ~~B

OK you tinkerers - get tinkering!  Apparently, full blueprints of the Magrav Power Unit.

“Domestic cats and African lions may share three core personality traits — neuroticism, dominance and impulsiveness — but researchers say it is unlikely your four-legged friend is out to get you.”  A comforting thought!

“The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.”

~~ Robertson Davies

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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